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  Ensign Aaron Riedinger, SD
Ensing Riedinger | DL: "Reflections after returning from an almost death"
SD: 201808.28
Based upon the events that occurred on the sim of the SD: 201808.24.

"Too close. Too close for me. Demasiado. Did I almost died from a mosquito bite that I never felt while I was in Vulcan? I never imagined that going a month earlier to take that Vulcan technology seminar would put my life at risk. Although the visit to the Sh'Raan was quite interesting. Valió la pena.". That was what Aaron thought as he left the Sickbay, after the vaccine finished taking effect and Dr. K'Trevala gave him the medical discharge. The doctors recommended to all those who could walk out with their own feet to take a nap, or just rest until the time comes to go to Briefing Room 2. Major Patterson had made his intentions clear to everyone. And Aaron had no plans to disobey them.

Aaron did not want to sleep, he was never a fan of such activity. The first thing he thought to pass the time until the meeting in Briefing Room 2 was to rest, maybe eat some Paella and play a little with his Spanish classical guitar. But then he remembered, he still had work to do. After he finished studying the Warp Drive, Lieutenant MacArdry had entrusted him with the task of familiarizing himself with the shields of the ship. While he went through many things on this first day aboard the Darmok, he still did not think it was time to rest. "I studied the Warp Drive, I was in an Away Team, and I almost died from a mosquito bite. What a long day it was ... but it's not over yet, I still have responsibilities as an ingeniero. And for Dios sake , I hope I will never get sick like this again."

After entering the Turbolift and saying the words "Deck 10", he recalled one of the sayings that one of his professors from the SFA used to tell him: "The shields are the umbrellas of the ship. Just as no one in their right mind will go out in a rainy area without an umbrella, no Federation ship will go out to Deep Space assignments without a shield array. Now ... the simple fact of going out with an umbrella does not guarantee that you will be dry during your journey. The umbrella MUST work well, and it MUST be healthy. It must not have any holes, it must open correctly when it is needed, and it also has to be resistant. Nobody would like to get wet by having a defective umbrella. That is our job, to ensure that does not happen.", and then he thought as he smiled: "Miles Edward O'Brien, a great man and an excellent engineer. And one of the best professors I had in the SFA. Good old days, good old days."

As he left the Turbolift and reached Lower Engineering, Aaron was surprised to find that there were fewer people than there normally should be. After recapitulating for a few seconds, it seemed normal to him, since the vast majority of the ship's members were affected by the disease transmitted by the "Vulcan mosquitoes". After grabbing an Engineering Kit that was near the Lower Engineering's main console, he headed for Deck C, with the goal of accessing the Upper Deflector Cone. When he arrived, he thought: "Bien ... where do we start? I remember that, despite its oval aspect and its integrity, in reality the shield is divided into six smaller shields, each one generated in one area of the ship, covering the six fundamental angles. They are divided into the bow shield, the aft shield, the ventral one - located in the lower part of the ship -, the dorsal one - located in the upper part -, the starboard one - located in the right part-, and the last one, in the port -located in the left part of the ship-. Each of them has an "individual" transmitter and receiver, since in reality and at the same time, the emitter of one is the receiver of the previous one. In this way, the different shields overlap, which prevents gaps from forming between them. Therefore, the calibration of the transceivers is very important to prevent holes in our umbrella. It's time to check the "seams" of the umbrella, as my friend O'Brien often says!. After checking the calibration parameters for a few minutes, he finally admitted that he hadn't the slightest idea if they were within acceptable values. "Well, me rindo. This type of design isn't the more popular in the Starfleet!". 

While he was heading towards Lower Engineering again, with the intention of looking for a PADD with technical information about the Darmok, a thought invaded his mind: "The energy of the shield is alternating, it has positive and negative phases. Therefore, if an energy wave -say a phaser, for example- hits the shield, the sinusoidal wave of the shield is the one that drags the phaser. This is because the shield forms a closed circuit, what is emitted must return, while the phaser is a wave that travels in a straight line until finding an obstacle, and whose intensity decreases significantly with distance ... that's why the the power of the shield is greater than the power of the phaser. These principles apply to all types of weapons, not just phasers. Any type of energy, whatever the source, is nothing but radiation. Ahora, in the report, it was specified that Dr. Schmitt's Weapon Control System was connected to the user through a biomimetic implant surgically inserted in the brain. Assuming no one has infiltrated into the Darmok with the intention of using the WCS, it should be operated from outside the ship. The biomimetic implant operates in brain waves, so if we could modify the shields to detect and repel these waves, we would have a protection against the Schmitt system! Although it is rumored by the corridors that Commander Relok's team already decided to use MAX as a protection measure. Bien, this could be an additional security measure." After that, he went for a brief moment again to the Upper Deflector Cone, until he remembered that he had returned to Lower Engineering in search of the PADD. Finally with the PAD secured in his hands, he returned to the main console of the Deck C.

After checking the systems in the console and reviewing the data of the PADD for more or less one hour, he concluded: "Eso es! If we calibrate the Polarity Change Protector and the Discriminator for waves of 1 to 3 Hz, 3.1 to 7 Hz, 8 to 13 Hz and 14 to 29 Hz, we will have a kind of filter against the brain waves of, at least, humans. Once detected, if we derive the energy from the Residual Conduit of the Secondary Coil to the Receiver again, we can repel these waves! In this way, while we have the shields activated, we should prevent any attempt to control the ship from the outside with the system of Dr. Schmitt. Or at least, while humans are using the system. Although, we could also add a system with a detection algorithm capable to adjusts the calibration of the Discriminator and the Polarity Change Protector to adapt to the brain waves of the main humanoid species that could use the Weapon Control System. Pan comido, tío!  I need to show this to the jefa to see if she approves." With a PADD in his hand detailing information about what he wanted to try, he went to Main Engineering with the intention of showing it to Lieutenant MacArdry. But once inside the Turbolift, he remembered that he had to go to the Major Patterson meeting. After the computer answered that there was less than 4 minutes left for the meeting, he said desperately: "Computadora, Briefing room 2. Rápido, por favor. I don't want to be late!".
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