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  Lieutenant Commander Desiree Thibodeaux & LtJG Dean Spearhorse, SD
Against Medical Advice (Updated) Dr. T., Ens. Franklin (Played by LtJg Spearhorse)

DL: Against Medical Advice (Updated)

Dr. Desiree Thibodeaux, Ens. Ben E. Franklin (Played by LtJg Spearhorse) with a cameo by Nurse Grace Drew

Nurse Ben Franklin, had been suffering from a slight cold but he had not thought it was worth alerting the boss about. When the quarantine was ordered, he found himself working closely with a steady stream incoming patients. He assumed that between his immune system being weakened by the cold and doing his job was how he got sick.  The realization came to him as a wave of nausea flooded over him and shortly thereafter he found himself bowled over with abdominal pain.

He rushed to the head where he discharged the contents of his stomach. When he came out, Nurse Drew was waiting for him.  She had observed his decline and didn't hesitate to immediately order him to bed and to start an IV.

As the afternoon progressed, Ben saw that sickbay was rapidly filling up. While Grace, "the Enforcer" Drew was busy elsewhere, Ben got up, sanitized his bed and offered it to an incoming patient. After making the new arrival as comfortable as possible, he dragged his IV pole to the nearest lab station, dialed up his own blood sample and began a study.    

Ben had his head down looking into the microscope and was so involved in his investigation that he didn't notice that he'd been spotted and was startled when he felt two firm taps on his shoulder.  He turned, expecting to see Nurse Drew but instead it was Dr. T. standing behind him with her arms crossed. She looked perturbed with him.

“Ben.” She said in a surprisingly soft, understanding voice.  “Why aren't you in bed, where you belong?

He pointed to the beds. "They're all full," he retorted. Then he continued, "Besides, I can do better service for the ship if I continue these studies." Turning back to his microscope, he observed, "This virus looks a lot like West Nile Virus on Earth. Are we sure that its origin was Vulcan?"

Desiree sighed audibly.  “I appreciate your dedication, but you belong on bed rest.”  She slid a chair over and sat next to him. “But before I assign someone to escort you to your quarters, show me what you've found.”.

Ben switched the wall setting to show what he was evaluating and pulled up several bugs that had similar microscopic qualities. He pointed to several likely candidates and named each one. “I am not sure my bug is the crisis bug ma'am.” he noted.

“I really think my illness is unrelated, sometimes one virus can be used to attack another. We might test this bug on the crisis virus samples and see if it has the effect needed to cure the crew.”

Desiree considered the scenario the nurse had postulated.  It was different from the avenues of research which she and Dr. K'Threvala had been pursuing so far.  This could represent a huge breakthrough or it might be yet another huge dead end.  She thought.  In any  case, we have to find the answer, and soon.

Desiree nodded.  “I'm impressed with your innovative deduction, but I can't let you sit out here and possibly spread yet another virus among those already sick.” She handed him a PADD.  Load this up with your research so far and then head into my office. Make yourself comfortable on my couch. I'll have Grace check on you in a bit.”

The CMO watched him as he put the info he needed onto the PADD and collected what he believed he might need.  He then slowly, but steadily slid himself and the IV pole into her office.

"You trust him to work from your couch?" Grace said skeptically.

"As a matter of fact I do.  Just like I expect you to check on him in a little while with a smile on your face and some peach jello."  The CMO smiled slyly. 

Grace wrinkled her nose slightly.  She didn't have to "peek" to know that Dr. T. was serious.  "Peach jello? But that's MY favorite!?"

"Exactly." Agreed the doctor.  "That's while you'll bring two servings and observe him as you slurp it down.  I'll be in Lab 1 when you've eaten your fill."

Grace's sour mood dissolved away when she saw the twinkle in the CMO's eyes and she actually smiled back.  "You know boss, you've got a strange take on bedside manner sometimes." She blew a large pink bubble with her gum and bobbled away on her glittery blue heels.


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