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The duty logs, weekly status reports and sim logs of the USS Darmok.
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  LtJG Dean Spearhorse & Nurse Grace Drew, SD
crew logs

USS Darmok 201806.22
Lt Jg Dean Spearhorse    
PL - Internal Reservations.

Having the Spheres off the ship and in the hands of the Vulcan,he hoped was a good thing but that kinda troubled him as well. Vulcan Scientists were not known for compassion.    
He had felt the life in one of the units himself. It worried him that if that life were good it would somehow be destroyed by the Vulcan Techniques. As Chief of Security he justified the captain’s move as “for the good of the ship.”

USS Darmok 201806.22
Nurse Ben E Franklin
PL - A Long Awaited Shoreleave

Ben walked into his quarters, grabbed his duffel in which he had prepacked two sets of civies. He looked around his quarters he had once shared with Higgins. If he were here with the guard would be looking for the best bars with lots of girls.    
He went over to Higgins’ foot locker. Flipping it open he found the St, Christopher Medal he was given for his last birthday. He whispered, “I’ll take this and know you will be with me on the planet, my friend.”. .


USS Darmok 201806.22    
GySgt George Price
PL - Out of Sickbay

George entered the quarters he had shared with Ben who had a;ready left for the TR and his vacation, He sat down in his own bed for the first time in days, He sighed heavily. He was alone for the first time since Higgins fell and he felt the sting of the bullet searug his own temple as he reached for his fallen brother in arms.
He could see it in the blink of an eye. Why was he still here? Was it just a fluke because he reached for Higgins rater than his own    

USS Darmok 201806.22
PFC Homer Kyle
PL - Dealing with the Breakout

A breach of security, Yet they needed a cover story, a fall guy. The marine was just out of basic. A perfect target, He understood there is a time to keep your trap shut and just roll with the punches, he didn’t have to like it but he’d deal with it personally.    
He planned to talk to the captain in private even if he was fleet and not marine.

USS Darmok 201806.22
PO3 Sarah Hughes
PL = Personal Attachments

She had just served the last security detail guarding the spheres. She was relieved to see them go. The last shift had been extended by two hours while the staff debated how best to transport them to the surface. She was tired.    
As the officers left and the medical staff breathed a collective sigh of relief so did she.    

“Bet your happy to see them out of here aren’t you doc?”

Grace looked at the young petty officer. “You're talking to yourself Sarah.” She said chuckling. “Doctor T beat feet outta here as soon as the doors closed behind the away team. But yeah, I’m sure she is relieved to have them gone. I know that I sure am. Blocking the essences out of my head 24/7 was giving me a migraine.”

“You were sensitive to them and didn’t tell anyone? Why?” she asked the incognito Betazoid. “You could have held the key to their freedom.”    

Grace pouted. “Unlike some people around the ship, when I encounter dangerous creatures I prefer not to poke them. I figured if someone had gone through that much trouble to keep them locked inside the spheres, then I wouldn’t second guess them. Besides, the doc knew that I was able to sense them, but had reservations about making direct contact.”
USS Darmok 201806.22    
PO1 Martin MacIntyre
PL - Officer of the Deck

As Spearhorse stated it wasn’t every day you got to lock up your boss. The two men entered the Chief of security officers quarters. Martin pulled up a chair near the Three d chess board. His opponent took the couch ,    
The two fought on that battlefield for over an hour. “I’ve got you in three declared Martin. Spearhorse smiled for he knew the junior officer had fallen for his trap. Moving his net piece he retorted, “Not this time, Mike. Checkmate.” He stood up. Thank you for the game, Wake me in six hours.” he ordered

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