USS Darmok Mission Brief
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Mission Status Update, SD 201806.30



The Darmok has landed on a flat space in a raging thunderstorm in the Chetzoplan Province of Vulcan, a mountainous rainforest in the southern hemisphere and birthplace of Lt. Cmdr. Relok.


Relok's mother, T'Pen, is a High Priestess (Dame) of the Order of the Sehlat, and has agreed to take the soul spheres from us and keep them with the Order's katric arks. They may (or may not) continue to investigate how to extract the life forms from the spheres, or at least make contact with them, at their discretion. They have been warned regarding Inzari Jostumal, the one that possessed Dr. K'Trevala and attacked Dr. Thibodeaux.


Captain Winford of Starfleet Intelligence is in the offices of Starfleet Intelligence on an Orbital Station. He is expecting delivery of the spheres and the weapon and is likely aware that the Darmok has entered Vulcan Space. He may already be wondering why we have not yet made contact to arrange for delivery.


Relok, Captain Taylor, Major Patterson, Lt. Spearhorse, and Dr. K'Trevala, are accompanying two Security Officers who are guiding an anti-grav sled bearing the soul spheres in a containment field through the thunderstorm towards a building they can barely see through the torrent. They expect to meet Dame T'Pen and other members of the Order of the Sehlat there.


The other Senior Officers (Dr. Thibodeaux, Lt. Xiva, Lt. C'Syounii, and Lt. MacArdry) remain at their various posts on the Darmok. While technically, Dr. Thibodeaux is the ranking officer in command, Lt. Xiva has the conn on the Bridge.


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STATUS: Condition Blue (landed on a planet's surface), Vulcan

The Darmok has landed on the surface of the planet Vulcan in the midst of a raging thunderstorm.


AWAY TEAMS: Capt. Taylor, Maj. Patterson, Lt. Spearhorse, Dr. K'Trevala

One Away Team is bringing the soul spheres to the Order of the Sehlat. They will be meeting Dame T'Pen and the other Priests shortly.


ARRIVALS/DEPARTURES: Vulcan Office of Starfleet Intelligence

We were expected to dock at the Orbital Station and meet with members of Starfleet Intelligence upon arrival at Vulcan. We have not yet done so and might be considered late.



Command: Captain Winford of Starfleet Intelligence is not aware of Captain Taylor bringing the spheres to Vulcan Priests. He may not be happy with that plan. We are late in checking in with him.


Security/Tactical: There is a team delivering the soul spheres to the Priests. The spheres are within a Level 10 Containment Field on an anti-grav sled. Security on board the Darmok is nominal, since we are on the ground in a rural province of a founding member of the Federation, so we should be reasonably safe. We were expected to deliver the weapon and its soul spheres ammunition to Starfleet Intelligence. We have not yet done so.


Science: Lt. Cmdr. Relok is about to turn over the soul spheres to a high-ranking Vulcan Priestess (who happens to be his mom). He has a PADD with all the relevant data on it. The entity known as Inzari Jostumal can still make mental contact with Relok and Shadow, but has no real power. The spheres are in a containment field.


Medical: Gunny Sgt. Price is almost fully recovered and itching to return to duty. There are no other patients in sickbay, and Dr. Thibodeaux might well need the time to decompress. However, it should be considered that the tropical rainforests of Chetzoplan are home to a number of exotic animals and insects and toxic plants, and none of the personnel that left the ship received any special immunization or took any precautionary measures.


Operations/Engineering/Other: The recent power fluctuations have not reoccurred. The ship has been running at a reasonably high warp for two long days and is beginning to show the stress. Power usage efficiency has dropped below 90% and a thunderstorm outside means there is likelihood a large metallic ship might attract a bolt of lightning to the hull. We were expecting to dock at an Orbital Station where we could take the systems offline and do some diagnostics and refurbishing, but that has yet to occur. Docking at the Station might also be a good time to replenish any supplies.


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