USS Darmok Mission Brief
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Mission Status Update, SD 201806.23



The Darmok has spent the last couple of days streaking towards Vulcan and expect to arrive within hailing distance in the next few minutes. Captain Winford of Starfleet Intelligence will be on hand, expecting the delivery of the soul spheres and their associated weapon.


Lt. Cmdr. Relok made contact with his mother, Dame T'Pen, Priestess of the Order of the Sehlat in the province of Chetzoplan in the rainforests of the southern hemisphere of the planet. She has made contact with several other Vulcan Priests and they expect to receive the soul spheres themselves to secure and study the objects that resemble primitive katric arks.


Dr. K'Trevala has made a complete recovery, at least physically, from his possession by the entity known as Inzari Jostumal, an inhabitant of one of the spheres. He has been released to regular duty.


Dr. Thibodeaux had very little physical damage from Inzari's assault and seems none the worse for the encounter. She is back to regular duty.


LtCmdr. Relok has also fully recovered from the psychic battle and is on regular duty.


Gunnery Sgt. Price is recovering in Sickbay. He is showing good progress but has not yet been released to duty.


We conducted the funeral service for Sgt. Higgins while in transit to Vulcan (this scene was played out Memorial Day weekend).


We have heard nothing regarding the whereabouts or disposition of Mr. David Bonali, the assassin for the Orion Syndicate, but this is to be expected. (Remember that no-one but Capt. Taylor and Maj. Patterson are aware of his affiliation with Starfleet Intelligence, that is Classified information.)


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STATUS: Condition Green (normal operations); En route to Vulcan

The Darmok is en route to Vulcan to turn over the spheres and the weapon.



All personnel are present and accounted for aboard the Darmok.



We should be within sensor range of Vulcan's outer defenses shortly. We have already begun to detect the thickening traffic of the star lanes in the vicinity.



Command: Captain Winford of Starfleet Intelligence is not yet aware of Captain Taylor's intent to deliver the spheres to the Vulcan Priests. He may not be happy with that plan.

Security/Tactical: There are a large number of ships of various sizes and configuration on long-range sensors and we can expect many more as we enter the heavily travelled shipping lanes near Vulcan. Most should be friendly, but any that are not will be well hidden.

Science: There have been no further experiences with the entities in the soul spheres since the holographic interface was shut down and the spheres were placed in containment in Sickbay. All our observations and experimental data should be prepared for delivery to the Vulcan Priests and Starfleet Intelligence.

Medical: Gunny Sgt. Price is the only patient remaining in Sickbay and he is improving well (and itching to get back to work). Everything else is running smoothly. However, it should be considered that the tropical rainforests of Chetzoplan are home to a number of exotic animals and insects and toxic plants, so any personnel expected to disembark might need immunization or precautionary measures taken.

Operations/Engineering/Other: The recent power fluctuations have not reoccurred and may have been just a "fluke" of the holographic interface with the spheres. The ship has been running at a reasonably high warp for two long days and could use a break. We will likely be docking with a Vulcan orbital station soon and taking the systems offline for diagnostics and refurbishing. It might also be a good time to replenish any supplies.


General Instructions:

The Darmok should be receiving their new mission in due time. It may be possible that some R&R on the Vulcan Station or even on the planet could be in order.


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