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  Lieutenant Commander Desiree Thibodeaux & LtJG Dean Spearhorse, SD
Controlling Chaos DL: Dr Thibodeaux and Lt. j.g. Dean Spearhorse with extras by Dean.

Controlling Chaos

DL: Dr Thibodeaux and Lt. j.g. Dean Spearhorse with extras by Dean.

Bonali had managed to escape that much was clear.

Spearhorse missed the departing shuttle by less than a minute and the aft tractor beam was mysteriously off-line. Now he decided that the best place to go before filing his report was to check in at the Sickbay and confirm the Spheres were all where they were supposed to be. In route he would make sure Bonali had not made a detour at the armory for the soul eater...That might have be a reason why he let himself be captured, reasoned the security officer.

The armory was fine, one of his best guards was on duty. He picked up a class one phaser as he checked on the other devise.

Walking into the sickbay he glanced around for Dr. T.

Desiree was running a comprehensive scan over the orbs.  She was able to measure what they had determined to be a sort of life essence was still trapped inside all of them.

Good!  She thought.  After the disturbing encounter with the sphere-being possessing Dr. Shadow, she was more than happy that none of them was out roaming the corridors and decks of the Darmok. Don't need any repeat of THAT fiasco.  Desiree shuddered.  Thank the Creator that Relok had been there to draw away some of the attention by engaging it in a battle of wills. The creature had evil intentions toward her.

Now they were safely contained in not only their spherical prisons but inside a strong level 10 containment field.  She had just heard that they were headed to Vulcan and she presumed that they were going to give the sphere to the Order which cared for the Katric Arks on Mount Selaya.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw someone approaching her.  From the subtleties of sound, she knew it was Spearhorse.

“Hello Dean.  I hope you haven't come to get more empty spheres.  All of these contains at least a vestige of humanity.”  She said sourly, “And despite what nearly happened, I will protect them.  We don't know if all of the spheres such contain unsavory characters.”

“Do we know which one was the attacker?” he asked quietly. He palmed the class one. “I think we need to have a talk in the brig where the other scum go. Problem is we just had a breakout - hell if I knew this one's character I would have personally exposed it to David and screw them both .”

The CMO appeared to be ready to go on the defensive.  “First, the answer is no. I cannot tell which essence is in which sphere.  Perhaps Shadow or Relok might be able to do so, but I would strongly advise against it.  I'm not sure that even this containment field is totally secure when we are dealing with a non-corporeal presence.  Plus, even if I could tell you which one attacked me, I wouldn't. These spheres are my patients, the good, the bad and everything in between.  Who broke out of where?” She asked actually a bit


Dean cursed. They attack you yet you defend them. He paused a moment. “The butthole that was in my brig kill Higgins unfortunately I was not able to catch him before he made it to the shuttlebay and was out of my reach…… Attempting an escape I can use lethal force if necessary and when that creep was the on who killed my man my judgment is final…… He dies.”, he  his eyes were burning red.

“Oh, I'm sorry he managed to get away.  He didn't seem like a good person either and he should have been brought to justice.  Since he is gone, can I...uh...ask you to stay here, near the spheres? No one should be allowed close to them and while I am probably being paranoid about the possibility of one of the essences escaping, I would feel better with a security guard around and on the alert.”

Dean cleared his  throat, “What level containment?” He asked.

“Level 10,” The doctor replied.

“That's good enough to deflect a phaser blast.  It should be good enough to keep them safe and others safe from them.”  He raised his hand and revealed the small phaser. “Or shall I demonstrate?”

“Absolutely NOT!”  She replied emphatically.

“If I station a guard here, he WILL be armed.”  He paused again, “I'm not sure how effective a phaser will be against a bodiless form since phasers usually target the nervous systems at low settings.”

“I know all of that Dean, I just want to dissuade any cavalier action on your part.  I do not need a demonstration. Why must you security types try to solve problems with weaponry?”

“We don't.  In fact using weapons is normally a last resort course of action, but given what that creature attempted to do, I consider it only prudent to be armed.”

Desiree heard the hard edge in Spearhorse's voice and his face clearly showed a level of tension that the doctor felt bordered on dangerous.

“Dean, I've said it already, I'm fine with having an armed guard.  But you look like you could use some down time. No, make that I'm giving you a direct order to head to your quarters and get at least six solid hours of rack time. And no, you won't talk me out of it.  It would be a shame if I had to get one of your own men down here to escort you to your quarters.” She looked at him sternly with her hands on her hips. “So, call your replacement and when he or she gets here, go.”

Dean's chest heaved and he hung his head.  “Maybe you're right, with Bonali's escape, and the death of Higgins, I should probably step back and get some rest. The attack on you also has been weighing heavily on my mind.  I don't want to see any officer hurt, just do me a favor, let's keep this informal -- so you don't have to inform the counselor and report this to the captain. I still think that we'd be better off with the spheres in the brig, it may not be exactly fair to all of them, but it may serve to mitigate the problems we have been experiencing with these orbs.”

The CMO shook her head.  “Weren't you the one who was just telling me that level 10 containment is safe?  The spheres stay here. There is no room for discussion. Send me a full security detail if that will allay your worries but I'm not willing to let them get transported again.  Now, contact whomever you need to, and report to your quarters. Keeping all of our officers safe is important to me too, and that does include you. Don't worry, I won't breathe a word of this conversation to anyone.”  She smiled. “As long as you don't give me any more lip young man.”

Little did she know that someone on her staff had already reported the conversation and just then two security guards entered Sickbay.  Dean and Desiree saw them come in and head their way.

“Looks like the cat somehow got out of  the bag already Dr. T.” Dean said as the pair reached him and the doctor.

“Welcome gentleman!” The CMO greeted them and attempted to deflect them from escorting Spearhorse away.   “That was beaucoup fast! I'm glad there are two of you, that way one of you can keep your eyes on the spheres at all times.” She said pleasantly, then addressed Dean.  “Lt Spearhorse, thank you for all your help. Now that your replacements have arrived you are free to go.” She used her eyes to say everything that she couldn't say aloud

Hughes and McIntyre looked confused at first but readily took up posts near the containment field. Susan Hughes regarded the spheres a bit warily considering what she had heard about the entity from the sphere attacking Dr. T.

Desiree picked up on her hesitancy.  “Don't worry dear, your boss here assures me that they can't escape the containment, both of us are perfectly safe.  This detail is a precaution only, to satisfy a paranoid old doctor.”

The crewman relaxed slightly but still maintained a military bearing.

Dean addressed Martin McIntyre. He knew that someone, most likely the Captain or the XO had issued the order that sent the guards to Sickbay and that he wasn't going to “hide” anything at that point. “Hey Martin, how are you at chess?” He questioned.  “I'm officially off duty, but not yet ready to go to sleep.”

She gave Dean a tough look.

“Oh don't worry doc, I'll behave. Come on Martin, escort me to my quarters so that I don't annoy the doctor even more.” Dean said as they started to go.

As they departed, Dean spoke to his friend again..  He didn't sound at all worried when he jokingly told McIntyre, to Desiree.  “Let's go, after all it's not every day that you get to put your superior officer in the hole.”

McIntyre chuckled and grinned like a Cheshire cat as they left.

Desiree started to shake her head and make a comment as the two of them exited but then Price stirred.  His legs started to slide off the edge of the bed and he tried to sit up.

“Hold on Mr. Price.”  She said flying over to his side.  “Let me check you over before you try to move around.”



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