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The duty logs, weekly status reports and sim logs of the USS Darmok.
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  Lieutenant Kelly Xiva, SD
Duty Log: Final Report

Duty Log, Final Report

SD 71970.9

As the last half hour of her duty shift neared, Kelly could see the light at the end of the tunnel - or rather, the darkness that would be her existence for the next twelve hours.  She straightened in her chair and began documenting everything with the last of her resolve.

…€Â˜Upon confirming that MAX had been disconnected completely from the interface with the spheres, and also confirming that Sickbay had set up a containment area for the spheres, I initiated the transport.  It seemed that there were some lingering connections, because the action - first of all, didn't happen, and second of all, caused a shipwide power failure.

I was unable to contact Engineering regarding the reason and ETA on getting power back, but I was using auxiliary power to both research and get everything back online.  Less than two minutes after the failure, it suddenly came back. I started multiple diagnostics that should complete in about two hours.

I overheard that Major Patterson was attacked by the prisoner he'd brought on board and the man escaped.  The captain seemed to agree that Bonali had enough time to flee and there was no point in pursuing.'

The operations officer saved her entry and noted that her shift would be over in five minutes.  Relief washed over her and she started closing out of systems so that her replacement could take over.  Kelly counted the seconds.

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