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  Captain Zachary Taylor, SD
Sim Summary SD 201806.15 By Location: Sickbay


.  Dr. Shadow Wind K'Trevala was in stasis in a comatose state after the attack by the entity known as Inzari Jostumal, a forced mind-meld by the Vulcan, Lt. Cmdr. Relok, and the sudden withdrawal of Inzari's consciousness by being transported out of range of the entity's influence.

.  Inzari had used Shadow's body to assault Dr. Desiree Thibodeaux, and she too was mildly injured, physically, and probably a bit more emotionally. But now, Dr. Thibodeaux was in treatment mode, dealing with her colleague in Sickbay while Relok stood nearby, helping to hold on to Shadow's psyche through the new bond they shared.

.  Dr. T completed another scan of Shadow's nearly lifeless body and announced, "I believe it's safe to bring Shadow out of stasis. I'm going to administer the drugs. Please keep an eye on his vitals for me."

.  Relok announced softly, "He's ready."

.  Dr. T rechecked the dosage, adjusted the hypospray, then pressed it to Shadow's skin where it hissed softly. She said, "Should take effect fairly quickly." As predicted, Shadow's vitals began to improve rapidly.

.  Nurse Grace Drew, standing nearby and watching the vital signs, said, "He's waking up, Doctor."

.  The Doctor nodded, "Give him a bit, that was some ordeal he's been through."

.  Relok added, "He's just tired …… and mentally sore."

.  Dr. T smiled weakly, "I'm thankful you were here for him, Commander."

.  In their mental link, Shadow sent what can only be described as a "mental hug" to Relok.

.  The stoic Vulcan tried to suppress a smile, but the corners of his lips twitched in spite of his efforts.

.  Shadow's eyelids flutter and a hand weakly and shakily reaches up to shield his eyes.

.  Dr. T commanded, "Lights fifty percent, please." Immediately the room darkened and she said, "Take it easy, Doctor."

.  A call came over the comm system, it was Lt. Kelly Xiva at Ops, "Sickbay, I sent a request to have a containment field set up for the spheres to be transported back to Sickbay. Is it ready?"

.  Dr. T tapped her commbadge, "It's ready, Lt." She glanced over at Relok, who was standing near the containment area. "Relok, the spheres are being transported back."

.  Relok cleared his throat and straightened himself, preparing to return to normal duty. He tapped his commbadge, "Ready to receive the spheres, Lt."

.  Suddenly, an insidious message came telepathically to both Relok and Shadow, and though no-one else could hear it, the two tensed as Inzari called to them, ~~I'll be with you two in a few minutes, Relok and Shadow ……~~

.  Relok stiffened and looked over at Shadow, "Shadow …… did you hear that?"

.  But just as he said this, Dr. T had asked Shadow, "Shadow, can you hear me? If you can, squeeze my hand."

.  Shadow nodded and squeezed the other Doctor's hand. She smiled and said, "That's good, glad to have you back. But if you EVER invite an unknown alien to share your body or mind …… there will be hell to pay!"

.  Shadow said softly, "Inzari says he's coming back in a few minutes to be with Relok and me." He sent a telepathic message to Relok, ~~Make sure that his sphere is sequestered from the others in several more layers of containment shields.~~

.  Relok answered aloud, "I don't think Inzari can get out without the holodeck interface, but still ……" he trailed off.

.  Dr. T cursed loudly in Creole, a language few in the Sickbay truly understood, though her meaning was clear.

.  Shadow reached slowly for the other Doctor's face, but just as he reached her, a massive power failure cascaded throughout the ship and everything went dark. A second passed before the dim lighting of the emergency power kicked in.


.  Meanwhile, down in Engineering, the Acting Chief Engineer, Lt. JG Bevin MacArdry had been working to augment shields, weaponry, and propulsion, her usual tasks. When the power failure occurred she looked up and cursed in her heavily accented Scottish brogue, "Wha tha haill?"

.  Immediately she began scurrying around Engineering busily trying to get power back on throughout the ship. Warning lights flashed and buzzers sounded while Engineering was lit only by the dim light of emergency power.


.  Back in Sickbay, Dr. T quickly pulled up the auxiliary power system dedicated to medical emergencies. Relok tapped his commbadge, "Ops, Lt. we did not receive the spheres, where are they?"

.  While everyone else was distracted by the power failure, Dr. T put a hand softly against Shadow's face and smiled, "Sorry about that." The Trayledarian pulled her down and kissed her softly on the nose. Dr. T pulled back a little and her smile broadened, "You're not cleared for that yet. You need rest." She straightened and tapped her commbadge, "Engineering, Bevin, what happened? We need power here. I've got two or more that I need to keep an eye on!"

.  MacArdry's voice came back, "I'm werkin an ait Daktir!"

.  Dr. T turned around then, startled, said, "Wait, where are the spheres?"

.  Relok did not hide his scowl. "They did not arrive."

.  Dr. T looked stunned. "That's obvious! But …… where …… did they go?"

.  Relok tapped his commbadge, "C'Syounii, are the spheres still in the holodeck?" Just as the Vulcan asked the question, the lights flickered and the power came back on.

.  C'Syounii answered, "No, sir. Did Sickbay not receive them?"

.  Shadow groaned, "Stolen?"

.  Dr. T turned to him, "By whom? How?"

.  Shadow muttered, "Don't know, just a feeling."

.  Dr. T called back to Engineering, "Bevin, thank you for getting the power back in Sickbay."

.  Bevin answered, "Nae priblim Daktir." Though she knew she hadn't managed to restore power that quickly. She hadn't even determined why they'd lost power in the first place. She was still tracing out all the circuits that could have blown, directing a whole team of engineers to track it down.

.  The Doctor turned back to Shadow. "Shadow, I hate to ask this but …… do you still sense ... him?"

.  Shadow nodded, "He's not as strong as he was. Check the pattern buffer for the transporters."

.  Relok spoke, "I concur, he's still here …… somewhere. But …… distant, even more lost than before."

.  The Doctor muttered, "This is most disturbing."

.  Shadow replied, "No kidding, Doc." He struggled to get up to return to duty.

.  Xiva called again, "The spheres were in the pattern buffer, I am transporting again."

.  Relok let out a breath in a great sigh as the spheres materialized in the containment area. Shadow also let out a sigh as the two of them could feel that Inzari was wrapped in so many layers of shields that he might as well be mummified.

.  C'Syounii's voice came over the commlink, "Sickbay, what's the status of the spheres?"

.  Shadow answered her, "They're here, and I'd like Security to put an armed guard on them till we get to Vulcan!"

.  C'Syounii responded, "Understood, I'll relay the message."

.  Shadow asked, "Relok, do you think that the Vulcans can finish severing our link to him? I don't envy them tackling him."

.  Relok answered, his face a mask of calmness now, "I am confident that someone there would have greater skill than I had."

.  Shadow responded, "Neither of us really knew what to expect, but we can relay to the Vulcans what happened so they'll know what to expect."

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