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  Captain Zachary Taylor, SD
Sim Summary SD 201806.15 By Location: Bonali's Escape


.  Marine Major Travis Patterson was in his quarters, having just had an interesting conversation with a representative of Starfleet Intelligence. He turned to leave, striding down the corridor towards the Turbolift when he received a call from Captain Taylor. "Major, please join me in my Ready Room at your earliest convenience."

.  Patterson tapped his commbadge and answered as he entered the Turbolift, "I was on my way to speak with our guest... shall I bring him with me?"

.  The Captain responded, "Actually, that's not a bad idea. But, treat him respectfully, Major ... not like Captain Winford."

.  Patterson grunted, "Understood." He rode to the Brig and exited the Turbolift, striding confidently through the door to the secure area. He found David Bonali, their Corolian prisoner, lounging on the bed, apparently contemplating his life choices. Patterson ordered the guard to lower the forcefield and addressed Bonali, "You and I need to have a talk …… the Captain will merely be present. Come with me."

.  Bonali hummed quietly and moved to stand, "You able to get a shirt for me? Don't want all the ladies grabbing at me as you parade me through the ship." He shoved the cigar the Major had given him into the pocket of his slacks. "And my other effects?"

.  Patterson turned to a locker and grabbed Bonali's belongings, and a micro-weave T-shirt which he handed over. "You'll get the rest of your items later. You're still a prisoner …… for now."

.  Bonali took the shirt and slipped it over his head, then leaned over to collect the ruined dress shirt and jacket from the floor.

.  They walked together as Patterson said, "Captain Winford contacted me. You'll be pleased to know I hung up on him. Frankly... you and I have a very similar background. As much as it pains me to know you killed one of my Marines, and wounded a second... I can't say I haven't done the same myself."

.  Bonali hummed quietly and said, "I can't say I'm sorry for what happened, but it was a shame. What does Winford want?"

.  They entered the Turbolift and Patterson directed it to the Bridge. Then he addressed Bonali, "Winford wants the spheres, the weapon that uses them, and you, naturally. I told him if he wanted it, he had to come out here and get it himself, and ended the communique."

.  Suddenly, a power failure cascaded throughout the ship. The Turbolift stopped abruptly and they were left in the dim lighting of emergency power. Patterson said, "Now's your chance. Shuttle Bay 2, there's a runabout ready."

.  Bonali blinked and stammered, "How -?" He recovered his senses and studied the Marine then nodded, "You're not as bad as you make yourself out to be." He reached to shake the man's hand, giving a small smile, "None of us are."

.  Patterson gestured with his head, "Jeffries Tube. Down three decks, second access on your right. The shuttle will be right in front of you." He paused before adding, "From one agent to another? You owe me." He handed Bonali his personal belongings, as well as his weapon. "Nice gun, by the way."

.  Bonali accepted his belongings then said, "Maybe next time I'll trade it for yours." He quickly opened the panel but paused.

.  Patterson chuckled, "Don't get your hopes up too much, David. I'll see you again at Raven's Nest one day. Get going."

.  Bonali gave a small nod, turned, and began to climb. He hurried through the Jeffries Tube, following Patterson's instructions. Sure enough, a runabout stood not far from the access panel, with no guards in sight. He hurried over, scampered inside, and had powered up, launched and exited through a cargo bay door that had conveniently been caught partially open when the power had failed. He'd gone to warp much closer to the Darmok than propriety would normally allow, headed for Bersallis III instead of back to the Outpost

.  Patterson replaced the panel and waited a minute or two in the darkened Turbolift. Finally, the power returned and the Marine smiled. "Good work, MAX."

.  MAX replied, "I still don't understand why you told me to do that."

.  Patterson answered, "I didn't. Erase all evidence to the contrary."

.  MAX stammered, "I …… understood."

.  Left alone in the Turbolift, Patterson had a sudden realization, that they'd need an excuse for how Bonali managed to escape. With little thought to his safety, Patterson pounded his head against the bulkhead several times until he felt himself lightheaded. A few moments later, the door opened onto the Bridge.

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