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  Captain Zachary Taylor, SD
Sim Summary SD 201806.15 By Location: Bridge/Holodeck


.  On the Bridge of the Darmok, Lt. Kelly Xiva was manning the Operations console while various other posts were manned by Ensigns or enlisted Crewmen. The Captain was in his Ready Room and Major Patterson was elsewhere.

.  There was an open commlink between the Ops console and Holodeck One where only Lt. C'Syounii remained to monitor the holographic interface with the spheres after Doctors Thibodeaux and K'Trevala along with Lt. Cmdr. Relok were rushed to Sickbay.

.  Xiva was about to transport the spheres from the holodeck but the Reconnaissance Systems Artificial Intelligence known as MAX informed her that might not be a good thing just yet. She delayed her action until finally MAX called, "I have finished logging all relevant data to the RECONN Dome's computer. If someone would please transfer my uplink back to my room."

.  Xiva tapped on her console as she said, "Oh, excellent. Maybe we can shut down the holodeck now."

.  In the Holodeck, C'Syounii heard Xiva over the open commlink. She called, "Oh?"

.  Xiva replied, "Yes, the whole reason we couldn't is because the power fluctuation might harm MAX, but now that he's disconnected, it might work."

.  MAX, listening in, reminded them, "Keep in mind, Lieutenant, that I will need to be manually transferred back to the RECONN Dome prior to a complete shutdown."

.  Xiva asked, "From in the holodeck, right?"

.  MAX answered snarkily, "No, from the mess hall. Yes! From inside the Holodeck!"

.  Xiva muttered, "Don't you give me that attitude, you pile of circuits."

.  MAX retorted, "I prefer ORGANIZED bundle of circuits, you ridged-forehead, bronze..." the Artificial Intelligence trailed off as he realized the Half-Klingon in question still had her finger over the power button. More calmly he said, "Alright, I'll behave." Xiva cleared her throat, "Good boy."

.  While Xiva and MAX argued, C'Syounii waited, finally saying, "That is good to hear. What about sickbay are they ready to receive the spheres."

.  Xiva called Sickbay, "Sickbay, I sent a request to have a containment field set up for the spheres to be transported back to Sickbay. Is it ready?"

.  Dr. Thibodeaux's voice came over the comm, "It's ready, Lt."

.  Xiva gave a nod and addressed C'Syounii, "Okay, so we're just waiting on you there to disconnect MAX from the interface with the spheres." Then she called Relok in Sickbay, "It will be just a few moments."

.  C'Syounii answered, "Understood. We shall begin now." She cooly began disconnecting MAX from the holographic interface device.

.  MAX said, "Ooh! Don't touch me there, that tickles!"

.  C'Syounii kept working. "Please, you probably enjoy it."

.  MAX answered, "Oh, I did, I won't lie."

.  In a few minutes she completed her task and called Xiva, "MAX has been manually removed."

.  Xiva acknowledged then called Sickbay, "Sickbay, transporting the spheres in five seconds." She began the countdown until finally moving her fingers over the console to begin transport.

.  Just as she did so, a power failure cascaded throughout the ship. C'Syounii called Xiva, "Ops, what is the situation?" She noticed that the spheres had disappeared just as the power failed and wanted to know if they'd arrived safely.

.  Xiva's fingers moved frantically over her board, "I'm not seeing what caused the failure."

.  Suddenly, there is a knock from the inside of the door to the Ready Room and the Captain's voice called, "Lt. Xiva?"

.  Xiva blinked, looking up at the door. "Captain?"

.  The Captain's voice came from beyond the door, "It's kind of dark in here …… can you help me with the door?"

.  Xiva's fingers flew over her console, "I'm working on it, sir." She rerouted some backup power to the Ready Room door and the door slid open, allowing the Captain access to the Bridge.

.  "Well, then," the Captain began, "looks like we've had a little power failure."

.  Xiva answered, "It must have been the transport." She started a diagnostic on the systems, but before she could complete the diagnostic, power flickered back on throughout the ship.

.  Xiva studied her console and then asked, "MAX, did you fall asleep there for a second?"

.  MAX answered, "Beg your pardon?"

.  Relok called C'Syounii, "Lt., are the spheres still in the holodeck?"

.  C'Syounii answered, "No, sir. Did Sickbay not receive them?"

.  Xiva asked, "Are the spheres in the pattern buffers?" She tapped her console to check.

.  C'Syounii called, "Do we have an idea yet as to the location of the spheres?" She didn't wait for a response. Concerned and complete with her task in the Holodeck, she exited and hurried to a Turbolift, calling for her destination to be the Bridge.

.  It was at that moment that Patterson emerged from the Turbolift onto the Bridge. He barked out, "Report!"

.  Xiva began to slump slightly, worried that her lack of sleep might have affected her and relieved the Captain was on the Bridge to take command since she had no idea what had happened. She sighed as she gave Patterson a summary, "We disconnected MAX from the interface with the spheres, then attempted to transport the spheres to Sickbay. Something during the transport caused the power to fail and the spheres are in the pattern buffer. I just have to do some quick figuring and run the transport again to complete it."

.  The Captain gave Xiva a sideways look, "The holodeck experiment must have been more insidious than originally thought. It affected power more than we realized. Get the spheres back into containment and then take us out of this system, we've wasted enough time here."

.  Patterson grumbled and the Captain and Xiva noticed he had a few fresh bruises on his forehead. "Worse than that. Mr. Bonali has escaped."

.  C'Syounii emerged from the Turbolift onto the Bridge and hurriedly logged into the Science station as Xiva tapped Sickbay and sent notice that the spheres would be arriving from the pattern buffers. Hearing Patterson's report of Bonali's escape, she started a scan for Bonali's lifesigns, then turned the Darmok and began heading out of the asteroid field, still under cloak.

.  The Captain turned to Patterson, "Escaped? That's …… unfortunate. Major, we still need to have our little talk, but for now ... check Tactical to see if there's any sign of our escaped prisoner."

.  Patterson rubbed his jaw, "With the power outage, sir? He could be long gone by now." He checked the sensors, then said, "Nothing. But Hangar Bay 2 is reporting one of our runabouts missing."

.  The Captain still stood in the center of the Bridge. "A missing runabout? So, he's probably out of the system already."

.  Xiva asked, "Shall I put out an APB for it?"

.  Patterson still stood behind the Tactical console. He replied, "By the time we find it? He'll be long gone... besides... it'd blow our cover out here."

.  The Captain answered, "No, I don't think a local APB would make any difference in these parts. And from what little I know of this guy, he'll probably change his identity or something by the time he makes port again." He heaved a sigh then said, "I've received orders that we're to head to Vulcan next. There are some folks from Starfleet Intelligence there we're supposed to see. A Captain Winford ... you've heard of him, Major?"

.  Patterson grumbled, "You mean the Captain I just hung up on an hour ago?"

.  The Captain raised an eyebrow and said, "Yeah, that's the guy. He's pretty well connected you know. And about two pay grades above you ... and with more tenure that a fairly recently promoted Captain like myself."

.  Patterson shrugged and gave a soft chuckle, "But he's not an Admiral."

.  The Captain flopped in the Command Chair, "No, he's not. Xiva, take us out of here."

.  C'Syounii called Sickbay, "Status of the spheres?"

.  Dr. K'Trevala, recovered somewhat, answered C'Syounii, "They're here. And I'd like Security to put an armed guard on them."

.  C'Syounii acknowledged and contacted Security to send the team, though she wasn't sure what good an armed guard would do against potential body-possessing entities.

.  Xiva hummed her acknowledgement, wondering at why the command team seemed so nonchalant about an escaped prisoner, but she decided not to rock the boat and focused on the task at hand. "Setting a course to Vulcan, sir?"

.  The Captain answered, "Yes, best speed."

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