USS Darmok Mission Brief
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Permanent Command
The Voting Host Core graciously granted Captain Zak Taylor a Vote of Confidence and approved his assignment as the Permanent Host and Commanding Officer of the USS Darmok sim, effective SD 201806.15.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the Crew of the Darmok for their support, and their enthusiastic dedication to the recovery of the Darmok. I could not be more pleased with you all.

I would also like to specifically extend my gratitude to Fleet Captain Cersei Naal not only for her support of the Darmok sim, but also for me, personally, as its Provisional Commander, resulting in my acceptance as its official permanent Commander. Thank you, Captain, for your efforts.

On a side note, Fleet Captain Naal is also facilitating much of the efforts in the restructuring of the USF High Command, and doing an excellent job at it. Thank you again for that, Captain.

I look forward to continuing to sim with the Darmok, and hope to live up to the expectations of you all, and to fulfill the legacy of this proud ship.

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