USS Darmok Mission Brief
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Mission Status Update, SD 201806.15


*** NOTICE ***

The Darmok's sim time has been changed to start at 9:30 pm Eastern Time (a half-hour earlier) and end one hour later at 10:30 pm Eastern Time. As always, we ask you sign online and log into the chat room a little early if possible, and if you know you'll be absent, try to let your CO and XO know as early as possible so we can work around your absence.

The Darmok is cloaked, hiding in the asteroid field a couple AUs from an Orion Outpost.

The second Holographic Interface with the "soul spheres" is still running in Holodeck One. The Reconnaissance Artificial Intelligence, MAX, is linked to that program and cannot yet cleanly disengage.

Dr. K'Trevala is in stasis in a coma after a psychic battle with one of the occupants of one of the soul spheres, Inzari Jostumal. Inzari assaulted Dr. Thibodeaux, and while she wasn't seriously injured, she is recovering in her own right. LtCmdr. Relok is also recovering from the psychic battle. All three are in Sickbay, along with several of the Medical Staff.

The Medical Staff, including Dr. T, are dividing their attention between K'Trevala, Dr. T herself, the recovering Gunnery Sergeant Price, and the body of Sgt. Higgins awaiting autopsy.

Mr. David Bonali, an assassin for the Orion Syndicate (and, unbeknownst as yet to most of the crew, a double agent working undercover for Starfleet) is currently held in the Brig.

The debris from Bonali's destroyed ship, the Monte Cheraz, has been collected via tractor beam and transporter in one of the Cargo Bays.

------------------------------ =/\= ------------------------------

STATUS: Condition Grey (under cloak, minimal power signature); Holding position in the asteroid field

The Darmok is currently cloaked among the many asteroids of the system's asteroid belt. There do not appear to be any other ships in the vicinity, though the nearby Outpost does have significant traffic.


All personnel are present and accounted for aboard the Darmok.


We are not expecting any arrivals or departures at this time.


Command: Captain Taylor has exchanged a few words with Admiral Blakely of Starfleet Headquarters regarding the status of Mr. Bonali. The Captain has not yet shared this conversation. Major Patterson has had a separate conversation with Captain Winford of Starfleet Intelligence, but also has yet to share the results.

Security/Tactical: Mr. David Bonali is our guest in the Brig. He has been accused of Murder, Attempted Murder, and a variety of other crimes. Please keep him secure and safe until his disposition has been decided.

Science: The holographic interface for the soul spheres is still running in Holodeck One. The Captain has ordered it be shut down, but the process needs to be carefully monitored so as not to damage any spheres, release any more potential hostile "spirits", and to disengage MAX so that his programming doesn't suffer any damage.

Medical: Dr. K'Trevala is in stasis and comatose. Gunny Price is stable and recovering from his head wound. Higgins' body is in the morgue. Dr. T has a few scratches and maybe a few bare spots where her hair has been pulled out. LtCmdr. Relok remains in Sickbay as well, though he has no evidence of physical damage.

Operations/Engineering/Other: The ship is currently operating under a reduced power signature, under cloak. Work with Science to shut down the holographic interface and free MAX to return to his usual network pathways in the Reconnaissance Core.

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