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  Lieutenant Kelly Xiva, SD
Duty Log: Holodeck Shutdown

Dean had orders to shut down the experiments in Holodeck One.  He wasn't sure what he was walking into but it involved the spheres.  Feeling the need for some backup, he hailed Lieutenant C'Syounii from the science department and Lieutenant Xiva who had been working on the sphere problem herself.

“Please meet me at Holodeck One,” the security and tactical officer requested.

The operations officer glanced toward her console and hummed quietly at the request.  She tapped into the smooth surface to keep an open communication with Spearhorse. “I'm working through some theories here.  I'll help out from the Bridge. Comm's open.” Kelly started running quick simulations with MAX to see if there was any way to cut power without harming the souls within the spheres.

Spearhorse waited to hear from the the science officer.  “Why can't we just turn the thing off? Are the souls of of the confinement of the spheres - I mean other than the one that attacked our crewmember?” he mumbled. This was going to be a tedious task.

“Be down shortly Lieutenant.”  C'Syounii stepped into the turbo lift, “Deck seven.”  The trip was short between the two locations. With a glance around the room and a brief nod to Spearhorse.  “I see the spheres are still floating.” Moving towards the console, “Kelly, I will now attempt to dial down the pressure wave frequency to remove them from their current agitated state to start with.”

Dean moved toward one of the floating Spheres. “So can we communicate with them at this point?” he asked aloud.

“The holodeck can't be powered down because it may harm the inhabitants of the spheres, or cause a power shortage that could damage MAX.”  Kelly watched the power distribution from the Operations console, tapping to accommodate for C'Syounii's actions. She glanced back to the simulations that she was running and frowned when they all came back with negative responses.

“Technically.  Yes, we can. Would I recommend attempting so now?  No. Not until we get a better understanding of what happened during the last trial.”  C'Syounii started to slowly lower the wave frequency. “How does everything look on your side Kelly?”  She glanced over at the spheres to see how they were reacting. “Any idea on how we can shut this down?”

The security officer walked over to the nearest …€Â˜full' sphere and nealt down near it.  “How was the soul transferred in the first place. I mean I should be able to just start collecting them now if they are full, right?” he asked.

She swallowed her irritation at being addressed so informally.  While on duty, even her own mother called her by rank or last name.  It was so ingrained that it felt wrong to hear her first name while working.  Her gaze moved over the console and she tapped quickly to bring up the latest reports from Engineering.  “It looks like we could try a step-down type of program, cutting power in increments.” The half-Klingon brought up previous reports to see where the spheres had been stored previously.  “We might try beaming them back to- Sickbay for containment so the holodeck can be shut down.”

“I do not believe we have concluded how the …€Â˜souls' were transferred into the sphere.”  C'Syounii looked towards the security officer, “Although the singular sphere showed the ability to body hop; we do not know if the others possess similar abilities so I would like to refrain from attempting to contact them or touching them physically at the moment.  Until we get a better understanding of what occurred.” She tapped on the console making sure the spheres were ready for transport.

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