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  LtJG Dean Spearhorse & Nurse Grace Drew, SD
Darmok Sickbay 201806.08

Darmok - Nurse Franklin in his element

Red Alert sounded. Patients were being beamed in -- in level 10 confinement, The doctor was out of the bay. It was just
him and Nurse Drew.    

Grace, the head nurse, had stated that she believed the fast action with the epi shot may have saved Dr Shadow’s life considering her vitals were dropping so fast when she arrived, They had worked quickly to get him onto a biobed and into status So Dr T could treat him properly.

Once the status field was intact Grace turned to Ben, I am going to stay here with Dr Shadow till Dr T arrives. I need you you take over Price’s care.” The later was still unconscious. “Start with a full head to toe assessment in case he has other internal injuries.”

Up until now, Franklin worried that he had overstepped his authority when he administered the lifesaving shot, Usually that was the head nurse’s job in situations where the doctors were not present.

The doors hised open and Dr. T. led a troop of people into the sickbay and all the attention was focused on Shadow.

Ben working on Price as directed was completely in the background. It seemed he worked best this way, He could focus all his efforts on the task at hand.. Prices’ vitals showed improvement. His oxygen saturation was up and his heart rhythm was stable.

Redressing the wound he opted to close it with the dermal regenerator, He was sure Nurse Drew has cleaned cleaned it before their latest arrival. Higgin’s body lay on the bed behind him under a sheet, He dreaded the thought of the upcoming autopsy.

Higgins had been his roomate, Yesterday they had celebrated his 21st birthday. So much for that St Christopher medal he got him. His namesake hade failed to protect the traveler in the last mission. He hoped Price would recover quick enough to participate in the crewmans wake. They all needed the closure.

Price moaned and shifted, his eyes fluttered open. “Higgins? Did he make it?” He croaked to Franklin but slipped into unconsciousness yet again before the nurse could answer his question.
At least his vital signs were slowly returning to normal.




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