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  Lieutenant Commander Desiree Thibodeaux, Lieutenant Commander Relok, LtJG Shadow K'Trevala, SD
JDL: Shadowed Warring
Shadowed Warring
JDL: Dr Shadow Wind K'Trevala, Dr. Thibodeaux, Commander Relok, and the SPHERE

Desiree had been caught off-guard when "Shadow" launched an attack on her.  She quickly regained her senses and fought back as vehemently as she could. She knew that Dr. Shadow Wind K'Trevala's body was not under his control. Instead, it was one of the life essences which had been trapped inside a soul-sphere. The being inside had been somehow able to take advantage of their attempt to make contact with the sphere's inhabitants, along with Dr. K'Trevala's offer to facilitate communication by offering his body as a vessel for the "shimmer" had escaped an occupied the hapless doctor.

The CMO scratched, bit, smashed and bashed at the body of her good friend and associate.  She regretted having to be so rough with him but she had no intention of allowing this entity to have it's way with her.

Oh Shadow,  I hate to scratch your beautiful face....but once this is over, we'll see about patching you up as good as new.  Desiree thought sadly as she continued her struggle to break free.

Thankfully, Commander Relok had quickly ascertained what was happening and had entered the fray.  He tried trapping Shadow's body in a containment field and succeeded in getting her out of her attackers' grasp -- temporarily.  It was almost as though the being inside Shadow was able to use the strength of two and she found herself scuffling with Shadow once more.  Relok was tenacious and applied a Vulcan nerve pinch but it barely seemed to slow down Shadow's inhabited body.

Shadow did not want to release her but Relok forced Shadow to turn some of his focus onto the Vulcan. The two men fixated on each other for the briefest of moments and exchanged words.

Desiree tried diverting Shadow's attention further by kicking him in the shin and scratching at his arm.   She slipped her other hand into the medikit and wrapped her fingers around a hypospray.  Desiree then watched as Shadow's eyes were fixed on Relok who was snarling derisively at him and connecting with the closest body part of her attacker, slammed the hypo into him.

Grandmothers, help me banish this malevolent being back into his confinement!   She prayed silently adding a more pragmatic addenda. I hope I grabbed the right hypo...if I gave him a stimulant, this could escalate even more.

"Shadow" whirled back at her as the sedative began coursing through his system and did his best to try to slam her into the nearest wall, nearly raping her lips with his own as the powerful drug began to overwhelm his body's ability to stay active. Before he got more than a hard kiss with the stunning  physician, he was sinking to the floor, his body out for the count.

Yeah, Inzari Jostumal, you did it to us and now you're gonna wind up going back into that ball for the rest of eternity.

Shut up, you know that you've had the hots for that piece of tail since she got  on  board and  don't deny it. If we work together, I'll make sure that you have  her and any way you choose as long as I get her once in a while too.

Hell no, So'trekoth, If I feel she's ready for a relationship it will be on mutually agreed terms between us NOT YOU and your purile fantasies of sexual domination.

He split his focus for the last second of consciousness and sent a mental burst message to Relok and Des.

~To be free of him, you may have to kill me. If she doesn't get this message, talk to the Doc about the best way and tell her that I'm sorry for what happened.~ 

Even if the interloper Inzari heard that, Shadow knew that he could trust his friends.

Vulcans have a reputation as calm emotionless creatures of pure logic. But that reputation hides a deep secret. Vulcans were violent in their past, ruthless and bloodthirsty as any Human barbarian in recorded history. The instinct to violence remains in the Pon Farr, the breeding rituals where Vulcans claim their "blood burns" and they slaughter one another for the right to take a spouse. This was the reason why the great Vulcan teacher Surok embraced logic and proposed rituals such as the Kohlinar, the emotion-purging rites, to attempt to assuage the violent instincts buried deep in every Vulcan's psyche.

But some of the smaller groups of Vulcans, less civilized "tribes" far from the heavily-populated regions, embraced such teachings less than most. Relok's people were one of those. From a small tribe of Vulcans living in the planet's tiny tropical rain forests, Relok was one of a handful of elites that had undergone a ritual ordeal, and after its successful completion was accepted as a member of the Order of the Sehlat. He'd acquired that status at the age of only 12 years. But Relok had gone further. After another four years of training in martial exercises as well as control of his body and metabolism and the completion of quests of increasing difficulty, Relok was ordained a Sentinel of the Order of the Sehlat at the age of 16.

Some people once joked that a Sehlat was like a Vulcan Teddy Bear ... only one with 6 inch fangs and claws. They resembled the now-extinct Terran Saber Cat, or perhaps a Grizzly Bear, or some blend of both. Relok had fought one as a child and took one of its fangs.

Now, he growled in fury at Shadow, his eyes flashing and his blood burning. Logic had disappeared from his mind. All that remained was the drive to slaughter a trespasser. It was about to get ugly.

Shadow's body was laying on the floor, limp and unconscious, unable to defend himself from any outward attacks. But inwardly, however, it was a  battle royale as the malevolent spirit, the one Shadow called Inzari, fought for domination of the body and tried to kick the original owner out.

Shadow was  having none of that, thank you very much, and he was fighting back with all the mental skills of his people as well as the martial arts of a half dozen worlds that he had been learning while in Starfleet, trying to give Inzari the  heave-ho back into his receptacle.

The greatest wrestling matches on the vidscreens would pale in comparison to the mental battle that was going on  inside Shadow's body. Shadow did have the advantage for being on familiar turf and he used that slight advantage ruthlessly by trying to keep Inzari off balance and guessing what he was going to do next. Shadow knew he needed the others to help him break what was rapidly turning into a stalemate, or there was a good chance that the young doctor's spirit would be destroyed and that the malevolence that was Inzari would take over for good.

Desiree had heard Shadow's telepathic message but didn't know how to respond in kind.   There was no WAY she was going to kill her friend.  But judging from the glare in his eyes, Relok might not currently possess the same mindset.

"Relok!" She shouted.  "Shut down  the holo-program.  Maybe it will force  the entity to leave Shadow!"

Relok gathered his legs under him and sprang, a move highly reminiscent of the cat-like creature his Order was named after. Though he had no weapon at hand, his hands alone were weapon enough for what he had in mind. He pounced on Shadow, grabbing the man's head in his hands, with his fingers placed just so. Though the words were only a focal point for the psychic energies involved, and though the specific words had been changed for this altered purpose, his voice rasped through his clenched teeth. "My mind to your mind, my thoughts to your thoughts. My mind controls your mind, your mind is mine."

It was a modified mind-meld, not one intended to share cognitive abilities between two trained minds seeking to achieve a logical union to analyze some problem. Not one intended to embrace suppressed emotion in order to share the burden between supportive minds. This psychic contact was a powerful attack, a focused thrust of psionic strength meant to overpower and subdue an enemy, at least temporarily, to provide a way to overpower and subdue the body.

Granted, Shadow's natural telepathic abilities far surpassed anything Relok could present, and granted Relok wasn't truly in a helpful mood when he made the attack, his blood burning and his violent streak fanned to flame, but for Inzari, he now had two powerful psychic enemies assailing him simultaneously in a mind he was not yet used to. It was overwhelming, especially with a significant portion of himself still anchored to one of the spheres in the room.


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