USS Darmok Mission Brief
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Mission Status Update, SD 201806.08



*** NOTICE ***

The Darmok crew unanimously voted to change the sim's Time Slot to start at 9:30 pm Eastern Time (a half-hour earlier) and end one hour later at 10:30 pm Eastern Time. As always, we ask you sign online and log into the chat room a little early if possible, and if you know you'll be absent, try to let your CO and XO know as early as possible so we can work around your absence.


.  The Darmok is currently parked inside a medium-sized asteroid where we had been conducting experiments in making holographic interface with the "soul spheres".


.  Major Patterson, Lt. Spearhorse, and Gunnery Sgt. Price have recently returned from an expedition to the Orion Outpost where Sgt. Higgins was killed by Mr. David Bonali.


.  Mr. Bonali is currently held in the Brig while some …… interesting …… claims he has made are being verified.


.  Lt. Cmdr. Relok and Doctors Thibodeaux and K'Trevala made contact with an entity from one of the soul spheres. It has not gone as well as expected as it appears the entity has taken possession of Dr. K'Trevala's body and attacked Dr. Thibodeaux! There is a fight taking place in Holodeck One at the current moment.


.  The debris from the destroyed Monte Cheraz cargo ship is drifting among the asteroid field. Lt. Xiva has considered recommending a tractor beam be used to clean up the mess, but the Darmok will have to leave the asteroid to do so.


------------------------------ =/\=  ------------------------------


STATUS: Condition Green (standard operations); Parked inside an asteroid

.  The Darmok is parked inside an iridium-lined asteroid some quarter-billion kilometers (2.5 AUs) from the Orion Outpost. Debris from the Monte Cheraz is drifting among the asteroids. We don't think anyone noticed the fight …… so far at least.



.  All personnel are present and accounted for aboard the Darmok. The body of Sgt. Higgins is in stasis in the morgue.



.  We are not expecting any arrivals or departures at this time.



.  Command: There is an incoming message from SFHQ coded "Captain's Eyes Only" waiting in the Captain's Ready Room. Confirmation of Mr. Bonali's claims need to be made. A path forward needs to be determined.

.  Security/Tactical: We have a guest in the Brig. He has been accused of Murder, Attempted Murder, and a variety of other crimes. Please keep him secure and safe until his disposition has been decided. There was a firefight not far from us and it could have been noticed by unfriendly eyes.

.  Science: The interface with the soul spheres was a success, though the results were not as expected. We still need to figure out what to do with them, and how to free them.

.  Medical: Gunnery Sgt. Price is recovering though is still in guarded condition. The body of Sgt. Higgins is in the morgue. The CMO and AMO are fighting each other in Holodeck One, and there could be more injuries on the way.

.  Operations/Engineering/Other: Please keep our ship running smoothly while all hell breaks loose around us. You never know when we might need to bug out and high-tail it out of here. There was a firefight not far from us, and it might have been noticed by unfriendly eyes. Keep an eye out.


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