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The duty logs, weekly status reports and sim logs of the USS Darmok.
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  Lieutenant Kelly Xiva, SD
Duty Log, Supplemental

Duty Log, Supplemental

SD 71925.4

She glanced around the Bridge after the turbolift doors closed behind the captain.  There was no point in moving to the center chair when there were still things that needed looking after on the Operations console.  Kelly opened up a duty log and started typing in her entry.

…€Â˜The second attempt to communicate with the souls within the spheres was also a success, though there appeared to be some trouble with one of them.  I could only hear a scuffle in the holodeck before the communication ended. Power usage was less of a strain and with the return of the Cerberus, we're not using so much to hide.  The asteroid is proving to be a good buffer. There's a prisoner in the brig. I'll have to speak to the captain about using the tractor beam to push the debris from a shuttle away from our location.  It may bring some attention that the Darmok doesn't need.'

Her hazel flecked violet irises shifted to the communication panel on her console.  She hummed quietly as she noted an incoming transmission. Kelly tapped on the communique and raised her brows.  “Captain's eyes only from SFHQ,” she murmured to herself. “High priority.” The half-Klingon woman shook her head and forwarded the message to the captain's ready room.  Curiosity flared but she kept her questions to herself. The operations officer tapped her badge. “Captain Taylor, you've received an urgent message from Headquarters. Your eyes only.  I've routed it to your ready room for your convenience.”

She closed to communication and then tapped on the console to save her log and file it away.  Exhaustion was not far from her thoughts but she forced herself to push through. Kelly knew that sleep would come easily at the end of her shift.

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