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  Captain Zachary Taylor, SD
Sim Summary, Holodeck, SD 201806.01


.  Lieutenant Commander Relok, Chief of Sciences; Lieutenant Commander Doctor Desiree Thibodeaux, Chief Medical Officer; and Lieutenant Junior Grade Doctor Shadow Wind K'Trevala, Assistant Medical Officer; were in Holodeck One, making the second attempt to interface with the "soul spheres", as they'd become known.

.  Doctor Thibodeaux glanced over at Relok and asked, "Are you sure you want to do this again, Relok?" She was remembering what had happened last time, with the emotional overload the Vulcan had suffered. She scanned him with her medical tricorder for something like the fifth time.

.  The Vulcan raised an eyebrow as he answered, "I don't plan on touching one this time, but we must repeat the experiment. That is fundamental to the scientific method."

.  His commbadge chirped and the voice of Lt. Xiva at Ops came through, "You're clear to run another test. Everything has checked out."

.  Dr. T smiled and nodded, "Well, there's your green light."

.  Relok simply tapped his commbadge and responded, "Thank you, Lt." He then turned on the pressure wave generator, dialing up the frequency slowly this time.

.  As the frequency slowly built up, Dr. T stepped back, keeping a close eye on both her teammates and fiddling with her tricorder settings in an effort to hone in on the energy signatures of the spheres.

.  Shadow held a hand above one of the spheres, trying to read them with his telepathy. He smiled at Relok and said, "They are excited about this!"

.  The Vulcan raised an eyebrow, flicking open a tricorder to take readings of the spheres. "They are?" he asked.

.  Dr. T looked at Shadow, "Are you sensing something ... specific …… from the occupants of the spheres, Shadow?"

.  He answered her, "It's like they can tell we are trying to help them and are wanting to press forward to tell their stories."

.  In seconds the spheres had reached the resonance frequency and began to levitate, and the tell-tale shimmer began in the center of the holodeck.

.  Dr. T said in a hushed voice, "Here we go …… this is where it got interesting the last time."

.  And then a voice came from the shimmer. "What's that? Am I out? Who's there? I can't see!"

.  Relok adjusted the controls on the holodeck interface to generate more intensity, or more focus.

.  Shadow and Dr. T responded almost simultaneously to the shimmer's voice. Shadow said, "It's a projected image of you, and we're friends that are trying to help you, however we can." Dr. T said, "Can you hear us? We're friends."

.  The voice from the shimmering cried out, "Help! Yes, help us! Let us out!"

.  This time it was Relok who responded, his calm, emotionless voice saying, "Unfortunately, we don't yet know how to get you out of the sphere, except to project you here. But, this ... incomplete form is the best we can do right now. "

.  Shadow added, "We're doing the best we can, and if we cannot, we'll take you someplace that might be able to do more."

.  Dr. T asked, "What should we call you? Can you tell us who did this to you?"

.  The voice seemed to stammer a moment, "I am ……", there was a pause, then, "I'm ……", another pause, and then an exasperated cry, "I don't remember my name! What happened to me?"

.  Relok adjusted the controls to bring a bit more intensity, hoping to make a better connection. Warning lights began to flash on his interface.

.  Dr. T continued, "It's okay, we're trying to help you. Can you remember anything at all?"

.  Seeing the difficulties of their holographic interface, Shadow sighed, and prepared himself for telepathic communication. He said, "If you want to use my body as a temporary residence to tell what you know and want to know, I am willing."

.  Suddenly, and with great speed, the shimmer surged forward and engulfed Shadow. If the man had not been sitting he would have likely been knocked over. Dr. T lurched to her assistant's side, scanning with a tricorder in one hand and with her other hovering over her commbadge.

.  Warning buzzers began to sound as once again the holographic interface began to overheat. Relok flinched and said, "We have to cut this short." He began to dial down the power and the spheres slowly settled back to the floor.

.  And then Shadow sat up and said, "Who are you, strange beings? I think I once looked like a mauve version of you, " he pointed at Relok, "only much smaller."

.  Relok stared at his teammate, "You …… what?"

.  Shadow continued, "I think we are much alike, but different sizes, and colors."

.  Relok stood and scanned Shadow with his tricorder. He announced, "You are not Dr. K'Trevala."

.  Shadow, or at least the body of Shadow, answered, "No, I am not the Shadowed One."

.  Relok, seemingly confused, asked, "The Shadowed One?"

.  Shadow's voice answered, "He is all right, but is letting me use his body to talk. Is he not called Shadow?"

.  Relok caught up. "Oh! Oh, yes, right. He invited you to use his body ..."

.  Shadow's voice asked another question. "But you, large cousin, how came you to be here?"

.  It was at that moment a chirp came through on Dr. T's commbadge. It was Nurse Grace Drew in Sickbay. "Dr. T? We have incoming casualties."

.  The Doctor drew a deep breath and stepped back and whispered into her commbadge, "Stabilize them and I'll be there ASAP." She returned her attention to the discussion going on in front of her.

.  Relok answered the voice using Shadow's body, "I am in service to Starfleet. I am the Chief of Sciences on this vessel."

.  Shadow's arm lifted and waved towards Dr. T. "And your friend of the midnight ropes, why is she here also?" He reached out to feel the Doctor's hair and skin.

.  Relok's face remained impassive as he said, "Please refrain from making contact with our people ... for now. We're not certain that we have all the details of our interface worked out. We'd hate to lose our connection so quickly. In fact ... I'm not entirely certain you can leave the holodeck. But, then again ... I'm not entirely sure how you are ... inside ... Dr. K'Trevala.

.  Shadow's body sighed. "So cautious. Where is the fire for knowledge that we are known for?"

.  Relok gave a small shrug and said, "Please, give me just a moment. I'm sure the Captain would love to meet you." The Vulcan tapped his commbadge, "Relok to Bridge. We've made contact."

.  Lt. Xiva's voice came back, "I'll inform the captain. He's gone to the hangar bay to meet with the XO."

.  Relok answered, "They're back? Good. But …… we may have a situation here as well."

.  Xiva answered, "I noticed the power spike, but it was within acceptable levels. What's going on?"

.  While Relok was speaking to Xiva over the comms, Shadow's voice said, "He invited me to come along for the ride and I intend to do just that. Look to your own histories, large cousin, others have shared bodies in the past so why not now?"

.  Suddenly, and without warning, Shadow's arms grabbed the Doctor and pulled her to him, kissing her hard on the lips while holding her by the hair!

.  The Doctor pulled away roughly, "I didn't invite you to do that!" She backed away.

.  Snagging her by a hand, Shadow pulled her back closer and caressed her face, a bit roughly. "Females always say no when their hearts scream 'YES!!!'" He kissed her again, even harder.

.  The Doctor grimaced and kneed Shadow in the groin. "Back off!" she shouted.

.  Relok shouted, "Holodeck safeties on! Force field on Dr. K'Trevala!" But, the force field didn't have as much affect as he wanted because Shadow's body lunged forward and fell on the Doctor. The Doctor bit and fought and the Vulcan grabbed one hand to drag her out from under her attacker.

.  Only Shadow's hand had grabbed the long braids of Dr. T's hair and was trying to use it like a game of tug-of-war. Relok shouted at him, "Release her at once! This is not appropriate behavior!" He reached to apply the Vulcan Neck Pinch but Shadow slammed a fist into the Vulcan's chest and sent him sprawling into a wall.

.  Shadow's face split into a wicked grin and his voice changed from Shadow's usual melodic tenor to a gravelly baritone. "Who gives a flying fart about what is supposed to be appropriate behavior when you've been cooped up in that ball for who knows how long?" He groped for the Doctor once more.

.  Dr. T yelled, "Let me GO!" and bashed Shadow's head with her tricorder.

.  Then the Vulcan did something completely out of the ordinary for his race. He jumped back to his feet, snarling, a fierce look in his eye. "I am a member of the Order of the Sehlat! You want a fight, you get one!"

.  The entity inhabiting Shadow's body snarled back, "Then go lay over in the corner, teddy bear! You can have her when I'm done!"

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