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  Lieutenant Commander Desiree Thibodeaux, SD
Deep Thoughts DL: Dr. Desiree Thibodeaux
Deep Thoughts
DL: Dr. Desiree Thibodeaux

Desiree stacked the PADDs on her desk in a neat pile before shoving the stack to the far side.  She glanced at the string of carved river rocks that where scattered over the center of her workspace before scooping them up and dropping them back into their bag.

I can't make sense out of any of the stones I've drawn.  She thought frowning.  That disturbed her.  Her grandmother had taught her the way of reading the stones over 40 years ago and in all those years they had never failed to provide her counsel.  Desiree hadn't always liked the answers to the questions she had asked the stones, but she had always been able to discern their meaning.  Until now.

She started to reach back into the bag and pick yet another one but stopped herself.  Instead, she opened her desk drawer and slid the bag in way to the back. 

Overall, the doctor viewed the stones as a tool with which to connect with her own subconscious and as a method which could offer insight into a situation while giving her a bit of distance and objectivity.  Deep inside a part of her saw the set of smooth stones as a metaphysical connection to her long-deceased grandmother and a way to glimpse into the otherwise hidden knowledge of the future.

But at times like this Desiree did her best to disregard her superstitious underpinning and to focus on hard science.

She was beyond frustrated at her inability to get a handle on how they might be able to release the life-essences trapped within the spheres.  Outside in the main area of sickbay she heard Shadow....her AMO Dr. K'Trevala...singing softly to the stones.  They responded by rocking slightly in unison. At times, Desiree thought she heard a faint musical response but not having any aptitude for the telepathic arts, she wasn't sure that her perceptions were more than wishful thinking.

There was an old Earth saying that "Musick has Charms to sooth a savage Breast..." So, she softly hummed the melody along with the other physician in hopes that Shadow's songs similarly soothed the beings inside the spheres.

She jumped slightly as her computer chirped with an incoming message.  "Play incoming comm." she told the device.

"Hello Dr. Thibodeaux, this your requested reminder for your scheduled holodeck session."  The pleasant voice replied.

"Thank you." Desiree answered as a matter of form before she tapped her screen and deleted the message.

She unfolded her legs from underneath her body, stood and stretched.  In the holodeck, a special program awaited her.  Her promotion to Second Officer of the USS Darmok had come as a surprise and when she considered even the slight possibility of being in the center seat of a starship set her heart racing out of a combination of  anticipation and fear.  So far, she had focused her entire career on medicine and healing  and had excelled in her field.  But the last time she had been in command of any ship was when she sat for the Kobayashi Maru test at the Academy. 

Time for a refresher course.  She thought as she left her office, nodded to Dr. K'Trevala and made her way to the holodeck, where the Command of the Darmok awaited her.


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