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  Lieutenant Kelly Xiva, SD
Operations: Gamma Shift Report


Gamma Shift Report

Stardate 71851.1

“Computer, begin recording.”  Kelly settled further into the chair in front of the Operations console and reached up to rub the drowsiness from her eye.  She was entering the second hour beyond her normal shift and was actually quite surprised at how poorly she was handling being up for so long.  …˜I'm a young, healthy woman.  I shouldn't be affected like this.'  The hybrid shook her head at herself.

“Gamma shift passed without major incident.  Security reported all calm. Engineering is running smoothly.  Medical saw no new patients. Science is optimal. Tactical reveals no new contacts.  Power output is normal and nightly diagnostics have come back clean. The Darmok is still under Grey Alert, using minimal resources to remain hidden from the Orion starbase.”

Her gaze moved over the console as she kept an eye on the power usage while different departments were running simulations and tests on the pods.  She paused from the recording to tap on the surface and send a message to Sickbay, directed to Doctors Thibodeaux and K'Trevala.

The recent test performed is causing a spike in power usage.  This surge could make the Darmok known to nearby vessels if experienced for periods longer than five seconds.  Consider waiting at least thirty minutes before attempting the test again.

She quietly cleared her throat and continued dictating her log.  “The captain requested my presence in a meeting regarding the life pods.  I gave my input and was informed that I've been transferred to Alpha Shift.”  Kelly sighed quietly. “Save recording as Gamma Shift report, today's stardate.  Submit to Captain Taylor and file in the database with a copy to my personnel folder.”

The half-Klingon straightened in her chair, stretching her back in an effort to force some life into her limbs.  “Egh. Raktajino is not going to cut it,” Kelly whispered to herself. She blinked and focused on the readings as they updated in real time.

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