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  Lieutenant Commander Desiree Thibodeaux & Lieutenant Commander Relok, SD
From Mystery to Mission - JDL: Lt Cmdr Relok and Dr. T.

From Mystery to Mission
JDL: Lt Cmdr Relok and Dr. Thibodeaux
Once inside the turbolift, the doctor pressed the sphere she had been holding into Lt. Commander Relok's hands.
"Here, hold this please." She requested as she let the ball go. Desiree swept up several long braids that had escaped her fastenings and hastily twisted and pinned them back into place.
She then reached out, offering to take the sphere back.
"I'd imagine that you expected more formal greeting upon your arrival Commander." She said a trace of a smile. "You showed up pretty much concurrently with a profound escalation into the nature of these spheres we've found. We have just determined that they are not simply unusual round objects but some how, some way, contain a life force. So, from mystery to mission. There may be a need to save the lives inside and for all we know, this could be an unknown life form."
Relok reflexively accepted the object being handed to him, giving no consideration to what the object was, whether it was safe to handle, or what might have been inside it.
He glanced at the doctor as she wound the complex weave of hair back on top of her head and pinned it in place, then glanced back at the sphere as she reached for its return and spoke.
He hardly heard her words. The sphere seemed to tingle in his hands, not like static electricity, and neither hot nor cold to the touch, just ... something. For some reason, he resisted turning over the sphere, and found himself responding, again automatically, "Save them. Yes. We need to save them."
The doctor's eyes widened.  "You can feel them?"  She said in amazement.  "Or can you actually hear them?" She added in a hushed tone as if the presence within the sphere might be disturbed by raising her voice.
Relok straightened, cleared his throat and reached to hand the sphere back to the doctor. As he did he said, "I detected very strong emotions, multiple layers stacked on top of one another. As you can imagine, such can be quite ... disturbing to a Vulcan. My psyche withdrew from the contact rather quickly, but, yes, I felt ... something, and ... we do need to save them, though at the moment I am at a loss as to what we are to save them from."
As the turbolift doors slid open, he gestured for her to exit first and then continued as they walked, "As you know, many Vulcans can be strong telepaths, though I would not call myself such. With most Vulcans, our telepathy usually involves physical touch and a brief focusing ritual called the Mind Meld. My own capability is, frankly, quite minimal, however, whatever ... whoever ... is within this sphere, is a much stronger telepath that I. It seemed to ... latch onto my ability as if ... desperately seeking a way to communicate."
"Wow." She intoned as she strode ahead leading the way to sickbay.  "Your ability to connect might actually be a key to this lock." She hefted the sphere.  "We need to put our heads together and find out how to open it. "  She looked around.  "All of the spheres are being brought here...I'm going to make sure an appropriate place has been made ready for them..  Please, take your pick of laboratory space,make yourself at home in sickbay for now.  I'll ask my staff to report to you just as they would to me.  I'll be back as soon as I can."


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