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  Lieutenant Commander Desiree Thibodeaux, SD
Progress Report DL: Dr. Desiree Thibodeaux
Progress Report
DL:  Dr. Desiree Thibodeaux

Dr. Desiree Thibodeaux slid into her desk chair and activated her terminal.

"Computer, contact Lt T'Rin in Science Lab 2 please."   She asked as she settled in.

Initiating the requested contact Dr. Thibodeaux.   The computer responded.

Almost immediately her screen came to life with the face of the young Vulcan computer programmer.

"Greetings Dr. Thibodeaux."

"Greetings to you too lieutenant.  Do you have some good news for me?" She asked.

"If you are asking about the status of the holodeck simulation upon which I am programming on your behalf, I can report that the work is 81.937% compete at this time."

"Yes, that's exactly what I was asking about T'Rin. But 82% is NOT complete is it?"

The Vulcan nodded.  "You are correct doctor, the program is not ready for use, it is lacking 18.063% of the requisite functionality. I was merely using vernacular terminology when describing my progress."

Desiree chuckled.  "At ease T'Rin.  I'm just pestering you because I'm looking forward to giving it a test run."

The young woman replied with a raised eyebrow.  "I understand your eagerness.  I would like to request the opportunity to be present for your testing phase.  It is often useful to observe whether such a complex program performs as the user anticipated when discussing and outlining what it needs to do with the programmer."

"T'Rin!"  Desiree exclaimed in mock shock.  "That almost sounded like you were admitting that you might have some bugs to work out once it's field tested."  She winked.  "But I know better.  I't s going to be perfect.  And of course, you are welcome to join us in the holodeck when we test it and when we use it."

"Thank you doctor." T'Rin replied.  "I will apprise you of my progress tomorrow."

Desiree nodded.  "I will be looking for your report."

She sat back in her chair and pulled two long pins out of her hair and let her braids dangle.  Desiree then put her hand into the small bag on her desk and removed a single stone which she placed in front of her.

The smooth stone revealed a simple engraving of the jagged outline of a mountain range.

The Mountains....  she thought ....goals can be reached, but only after putting in a lot of work and making sacrifices.

She sighed.  Grandmother's Stones can sure provide illumination...but it would help have some idea just where to shine the light.


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