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Biography: Xiva, Kelly Marie

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Xiva, Kelly Marie

Serial Number:  XKM 68123


Rank: Lieutenant

Current Assignment: USS Darmok

Department: Operations

Current Post: Assistant Operations Officer

Commanding Officer: Captain Zachary Taylor (Acting)

Executive Officer:  Lieutenant Commander Travis Patterson (Acting)

Physical Description

Race: 1/2 Klingon, 1/4 Human, 1/4 Xercian

Age: 23

DoB: July 24, 2370   

Height: 178cm (5'10”)   

Weight: 63kg (138lbs)   

Hair Color: Dark brown (light wave, shoulder length)    

Eye Color: Violet with brown flecks    

Skin Color: Bronzed brown    

Distinguishing Features: Smooth Klingon ridges

Personal Background

Mother: Sandy Haran Xiva, 45

Father: Sean of House Mogh, MIA

Siblings: Christopher Ryan Xiva, 23 (twin brother)

Kelly Marie and Christopher Ryan were born on the USS Halifax, with a stillborn brother, to Sandy (then unaware of her Xercian heritage) and Sean of House Mogh.  Her parents split when First Lieutenant Sean was transferred to the USS Stealth and the siblings were also separated.  After Sean went Missing in Action, Christopher Ryan returned to live with his sister and mother while she served on Starbase Everest as Executive Officer.  Their lives were stable despite the constant moving of positions, including time on the USS Aldrin and Starbase 214.

Her hobbies include spelunking, amateur geology, contemporary dance, and dragons.  Kelly has an active imagination and spends much of her free time on adventures, exploring as much as she can on simulated worlds within the holodeck.

Starfleet Background

The twins joined Starfleet Academy with a letter of recommendation from their mother, who had achieved the rank of Fleet Captain.  Kelly's overactive imagination required focusing, so she took courses in Operations and Engineering, though she preferred the former.  She excelled in Helm courses as well, earning a spot in the Nova squadron and fighter pilot certification with the codename Senzalia.

Out of the Academy, Kelly was assigned to the USS Kanawha.  She served as an Operations officer and backup helmsman.  After earning the rank of Lieutenant, she was transferred to the USS Darmok and ran the Gamma Shift Operations department.  Upon the retirement of Vice Admiral Ahrele Johannson-Oliver, the interim commanding officer, Captain Zachary Taylor, requested she move to the Alpha Shift.

Psychological Profile

“Cadet Xiva has excelled in her classes and will be an excellent addition to any crew.”

  • Commander Exeter Marchoni, Counselor, Starfleet Academy

“Lieutenant Xiva has passed medical and psychological examinations for transfer to the USS Darmok.  Her service to the Kanawha has been exemplary and she will continue to excel.”

  • Lieutenant Commander Scarlett Green, Counselor, USS Kanawha

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