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Rank: Ensign
Current Assignment: USS Darmok-9764
Full Name: Jonathon Joseph Wolf
Year of Birth: 2375
Place: Houston, Texas
Parents: William and Maria Wolf
Education: Starfleet Academy and Tactical & Security Training School 2391-2397
Marital Status: Single
Quarters: Deck 6, Quarters 7
Service Awards: N/A

**includes summary updates through SD 922045.48 (2415)**
Starfleet Career Summary

Professional Assessment: Report of Starfleet Academy Commandmant.

Admitted to the Academy at the age of 16, after successfully passing the Starfleet Early Entrance Exam, upon admittance to the Academy Cadet Wolf has shown an incredible skill and understanding of security and tactics showing a unique ability to predict the outcome of any combat situation. During his first year at the Academy he showed exemplary skill and knowledge in ground and space tactics.

By the end of his 2nd year Cadet Wolf had signed up and successfully completed several advanced courses including: Basic Self Defense, Combat Strategy, Demolitions, and History of Starfleet.

Cadet Wolf before completion of his 3rd year was nominated for Academic Honors for successfully completing the listed courses: Athletics Program, Federation Law, First Contact, and Historicaal Perspectives on Military Tactics, Klingon Politics, Logic, Moral and Ethical Issues, Small Unit Tactics, and Simulation Scenarios.

Cadet Wolf graduated 2nd of his class, in Academy year 2395.
He then was transferred to the Starfleet Tactical & Security Training Combat School finishing out master courses in those fields. While attending he took Advanced Self Defense, Advanced Combat Strategy, Advanced Military Tactics, and Advanced small unit tactics.

He has also taken over the course of the years several various forms of martial arts including the Klingon style Mok'bara, Earth Martial arts Aikido and Anbo-jyutsu, Vulcan style K'asumi and Kareel-ifla. He graduated top of his class and was temporarily assigned to the USS Seminole as Security Officer.

Transfer request received and approved by Starfleet Operations, Ensign Wolf is hereby to report to the USS Darmok for assignment.

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