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Name: Theseus James Mardil
Rank: Lieutenant
Post: USS Darmok
Position: Acting Chief Of Security and tactical.
Age: 35
Birthdate: 236006.2
Gender: Male, Char
Species: Andorian
Martial Status: Married
Birthplace: Boston, Earth
Height: 7'4
Weight: 330 pounds
Skin Color: Blue
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: White
Physical Status: Excellent
Shelerib: 55 year old Shen. A Notable accountant. Close and caring Mother.
Talas: 55 year old Zhen. A writer of science fiction. She and Theseus
shared a deep passion of books. Probably the closest parent to
Thoris: 55 year old Char. A very famous professor in war fare. He was
always close to Theseus and taught him everything he knew about
Andorain warfare and combat.
Thelin: 55 year old Than. A long time ambassador. All Theseus's life
He’s been extremely cold to him. He hasn't spoken to him since Theseus
decided to join Star Fleet.
As Andorain, They are all very close to gather and love each other very much.
Tarah Mandil: A 35 year old Shen doctor on board of the ship,
Graduating college and Starfleet alongside her husband, she is perky
quick witted, and extremely fun loving.
Thiva Mandil: ((Deceased)) A 30 year old Zhen philosopher, A conserved
and elegant woman. She can sometimes be confusing with what she says.
But usually its just to mess with you. She died in a pirate attack.
Azhlin Mandil: ((Deceased)) A 30 year old Than Xenobiologist , A kind and
carrying man. Devoted to his work and his family. He died in a pirate
Triennia: ((Deceased)) 12 year old Zhen. She is a free spirited child.
She is extremely gifted with complex equations and problems. She
Wishes to join Star fleet as an engineer. She died during a pirate
Blake: A 15 year old Shen. Blake was always attached to Theseus. This was heightened after the attack that took so much away from her. She never left her father side for the longest while. Though over time she was able to heal and has since become a very independent young woman.
Cathryn: 14 year old Shen. A strong willed girl who has not let her past weigh her down. After the death of half her family she was consumed with grief and rage for some time. Theseus however was able to channel her anger into martial arts. She has quickly been mastering everything that he teaches her.
Seth: ((Deceased)) 8 year old Char. A kind and gentle child. He is
Extremely curious about everything and anything. He died durring a pirate
Athena: 34 year old married Zhen. She's a Lawyar in New York and 5
kids. She is most likely the closest to Theseus and they keep the most
in touch.
Erin: 36 year old married Shen. Has 4 kids
Dwane: 30 year old married Than, has 3 kids
Blake: 31 year old married Char, has 4 kids
Trisha: 33 year old married Zhen, has 5 kids
Thalia: 32 year old married Shen, has 4 kids
235909.12 A group of 4 Andorian partners immigrate to earth.
Soon after their first child is born.
236006.2: The Mardils have their second child, A Char. His name is
Theseus James Maridil. After Theseus of Athens.
236306.3: Theseus and three other Andorians, Tarah, Thiva, and Azhlin are paired.
236509.6: The 7th and last sibling of Theseus is born.
237001.5: At ten years old Theseus was well versed in every subject.His
Favorite subject was human history, warfare in particular.
Theseus took pleasure in getting into fights. He thought of them as exercises for tactics.
His most proud achievement was taking on 12 boys. After only ten minutes he had knocked them all out or forced them to surrender.
237803.12 Theseus, Tarah, Thiva and Azhlin graduate high school. Enroling in college
Theseus double majors in history and
Sociology. Tarah goes into premed, Thiva Takes Philosophy and
Azhlin takes Xenobiology
237905.1: Theseus and is group have their first child, naming her Triennia.
238010.29: Blake is born
238102.12: Theseus and Tarah, Thiva and Azhlin gains their bachelors degrees. Theseus then
enters a Sociology masters/PHD, and Tarah goes into medicine. Thiva studies philosophy while Azhlin went into Xenobiologie
238109.2: Cathryn is born.
238208.5: Seth is born.
238606.10: Theseus, Tarah, Thiva, and Azhlin all graduated at the top of
there classes and gained there PHD's. Theseus and Tarah then applied
for star fleet. Accepted Thiva Got an offer at a university and Azhlin got a job at a
Research lab.
238912.5: As new officers Theseus was assigned as security/tactical
officer and Tarah was medical officer on board the U.S.S Odyssey. Thiva and
Azhlin join them on board the ship as civilians.
238905.19: A new ensign joins the Crew named Jecht, Nelson. Theseus became quick friends with
him after working together to free the ship and having each other's backs multiple times.
238907.5: Lieutenant commander Charles Lescoe comes on board the ship to be
the Chief of security and tactical. Bonding quickly, they both became
best friends. Charles soon saw Theseus’s potential and gave him full
reign over the Tactical division of the Odyssey.
238909.20: Theseus is promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade after his
Thrilling achievements.
238912.31: Captain Cerlak retires after a 14 year tour on the Odyssey.
After a very teary good bye he left the odyssey.
229001.1: Rear Admiral Ariell Bethan and a number of other crew including
Dr. Sandra Paige Nickles, Lt. Commander Tyrne, Steve and Ltjg Jenn
Dawn joined the crew.
239002.5: During a schedule leave to the Adorian home world
. His Shen wife Tarah and two of his kids were left on board of
the Odyssey. During the trip pirates attacked attempting to capture the
ships crew. When they tried to disable the ships engines they struck
The hull, horrifically injuring everyone on board. Theseus was able to
send a distress signal calling the odyssey to pick them up.
When the odyssey arrived Theseus was the only one able to cling
Onto life. But was able to recover in a very short amount of time. With
much persistence Theseus was able to go back to his post soon after the
239003.21: Two new doctors arrive Ensign Dakota Hunter and Ensign Query.
239004.1: A new security officer arrives, Ensign Jennifer Davis.
239004.9: The battle of star base 4 occurred. Tracians attacked the Star base with 20 ships while
the Federation only had 5. Outnumbered the Federation ships were losing with 2 ships having their
shields failed with a third adrift. To guarantee that the battle was not lost Jecth rigged the scanner
net that he and Theseus created to explode. Theseus felt that it specifications where not enough an
d at last second he adjusted the specifications to emit a larger blast. When detonated, the entire
Tracian fleet was either destroyed or disabled. But the two federation ships that had lost shields
were destroyed killing over 1300 people. The deaths of those people forever hang over Theseus

239004.11: Theseus is promoted to Lieutenant and is awarded for his work on the scanner net.
239004.13: Theseus seriously considered leaving star fleet but is convinced otherwise by admiral Ariel.
239005.5: After suffering constant loss and witnessing untold destruction by his very hands. He makes the descion to leave Starfleet taking a professorship at Boston University.
239611.10: After much time had passed, most of Theseus scars had healed. He had regained a drive to return to space. He contacted Starfleet submitting his request to reenlist.    
As an Andorian is extremely proud and honorable. He is well composed during combat and always thinks the ship and its crew first. He also tries his best to do what he feel is right. Pushing his commanding officers when he feels truly deep about something but always respecting his commander’s orders. He loves his kids extremely deeply and Is extremely close to his wife. He is a avid reader, reading books from a countless amount of authors from all over earth history. Since is from Boston he has a thick Boston accent. Theseus Is also very avid about exercise and training in the martial arts. He also loves taking back a few drinks now again. His favorite type of drink is whisky and is known to put Syntha-Whisky in everything.

After the he loss of his wife, husband, and two of his children, and the deaths of over 1300 Starfleet crewmen and civilians. All caused by Theseus altered Scanner net detonation. The constant sight of death and destruction in the void of space quickly broke Theseus very will down. Adding dealing with the near death of his son Black. Theseus has come to know the face of death very clearly. Though Starfleet feels he’s mentally sound and ready to handle duty again. Theseus however isn’t so sure if he can handle more loss.

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