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  Commander Devon Xiaoyen, SD
USS Darmok Roster Stardate 201711.24

C r e w R o s t e r 

(Friday's, 10:00PM EST/ 7:00PM PST) 
USF Webchat

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Updated: Stardate 201711.24


1. Please welcome Marine Captain Travis Patterson to the crew! He will be our new Reconn Intercept Officer. He has a heavy background in security and Marine tactics which should prove valuable in the future. Please make sure you all add him to your mailstrings when you post things and distribute copies to the crew.
2. Along with that, Commander Kato has agreed to switch departments into the Reconn Information Systems department and take on the position of Reconn Systems Officer. Now the dome will have two people to occupy it for the first time in years. Looking forward to what you two can bring to the table in this capacity now.
3. Please don't hesitate to bring any questions, concerns, or ideas to the Admiral or the XO. You should know our email addresses by now.
4. Think about doing logs. They help give the crew insight into your respective character(s) and help develop them along the way, allows you as the simmer to explore creatively every time, and even counts towards promotions! Remember, this is not a writer's guild. We're here to feed off the creativity of your writing, not edit and critique it.

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Command Staff: 

Commanding Officer (CO): Vice Admiral Ahrele M. Johannson (F/Betazoid) =X= >+< =$= =O= #G# =$= #B# *CCC* *50* 
Executive Officer (XO): Commander Devon Xiaoyen (M/Human)    

Second Officer (2O): Lieutenant Commander Kato Ty (M/Bajoran)

Bridge Crew: 
Operations Officer (OPS): Lieutenant Commander Heather Redhawk (F/Human)
Helm Officer(HELM): OPEN
Chief Tactical Officer (CTAC): OPEN

Reconnaissance Systems Staff: 
RECONN Intercept Officer (RIO): Marine Captain Travis Patterson (M/Human)
RECONN Systems Officer (RSO): Lieutenant Commander Kato Ty (M/Bajoran)

Science Department: 
Chief Science Officer (CSO): OPEN
Asst. Chief Science Officer (ACSO): OPEN
Science Officer (ASCI): Ensign Zoril Sehl (F/Andorian)
Science Officer (ASCI): OPEN

Security And Tactical Department: 
Chief Security And Tactical Officer (CSEC): OPEN
Asst. Chief Security And Tactical Officer (ACSEC): OPEN
Security Officer (ASEC): Ensign Dean Spearhorse (H/Human)
Security Officer (ASEC): Ensign Mason Jaylex Storm (M/Human)

Engineering Department: 
Chief Engineer (CEO): OPEN
Asst. Chief Engineer (ACEO): OPEN
Engineering Officer (AEO):  Ensign Bevin Sile MacArdry (F/Deryni)
Engineering Officer (AEO): OPEN

Medical Department: 
Chief Medical Officer (CMO): Lieutenant Commander Desiree Thibodeaux (F/Human)
Asst. Chief Medical Officer (ACMO): OPEN
Medical Officer (AMO): Ensign Shadow Wind K'Trevala (M/Tayledras)
Medical Officer (AMO): OPEN

Counselor: OPEN

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     >+<                         Distinguished Service Medal (heroic performance at risk of own life) 
     =O=                         Captain's Commendation (discretionary to CO) 
     =!!=                 Commander's Commendation (discretionary to XO) 
     =V=                         Purple Heart (wounded in combat) 
     #G#                         Gamma Cluster (long-term service to the Federation in the Gamma Quad) 
         #B#             Beta Cluster (long-term service to the Federation in the Beta Quad) 
     =#=                 Silver Medallion (exceptional attendance) 
     =$=                            Gold Medallion (exceptional log writing) 
     =/\=                         Starfighter Award 
     =(O)=                Anastas Medal of Achievement 
     =|X|=                        Andorian Battle Star 
     =\*/=                 Citation of Conspicuous Galantry 
     =|**|=                Cochrane Award 
     **<>**                Grankite Order of Honor 
     \\\{}///                 Karagite Order of Heroism 
     \\\*O*///                    Starfleet Medal of Honor (highest decoration) 
     \\***//                     Starfleet Medal of Valor 
     =(<>)=                    Shuvalis Medal of Recognition 
     =/*\=                    Federation Peace Medal 


     *25*             25 Sims attended 
     *50*             50 Sims attended 
     *75*             75 Sims attended 
     *C*                    100 Sims attended 
     *CC*             200 Sims attended 
     *CCC*             300 Sims attended