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Lt Dean Martin Spearhorse
USS Darmok
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USS Darmok Rosters, Biographies, Specs and Data

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by Ensign Dean Spearhorse
201710.23 0336.05

LCARS file # 459763
For: Dean Martin Spearhorse
Rank: Lieutenant
Current Assignment: USS Darmok
Since Stardate:201710.22
Personal Info:
Name: Dean Martin Spearhorse
Age: 24
Species: Human    
Gender: Hermaphadite (male)
Date of Birth 199410.31
Place of Birth Botney Bay Colony (Xenex, North Continent)
Mother: Doris
Father: Al
Siblings: Ted (deceased), Mark (27)
Personal Background
Born with both sex organs
Raised as a Male
Age 9 critically injured by a landmine younger brother killed in incident.
Age 17 entered the Academy
Age 20 training cruise on USS Columbia 201506.02 -201508.28 Cadet 3rd Class (helm)
Age 21 served as guard on USS Crazyhorse 201606.10-201609.05 Caedt 4th class (guard)
Age 23 transferred to USS Darmok as Sec officer SD 201710.22
         promoted to LtJg and Sec/Tactical officer SD 201805.07
Age 24 Promoted to Lt and ACSec/Tactical Officer SD 201808.17
         Awarded Beta Cluster =B=    
         Awarded Commanding Officer's Accommodation -O-    

Hight 6' 2"
Weight 190 to 195lbs
Species Human (though born on Xenex Colony)
Bulid thin
Eyes Grey
Hair Black
Skin tone: European

The recently promoted officer considered his time on USS Darmok. He had signed up as an ensign only a few months ago. He had been on so many missions that as time came for crew evals the commanding officers realized they had actually overlooked him in the last crew evaluations. When he sat down with the executive officer he wasn't expecting much, especially with a new captain. The yearly evaluation went better than he expected. He walked out of the room with a pair of pips on his collar and a handshake. He had earned Lt Jg status with all the perks.

At age 23 Dean is a hermaphrodite He has found himself questioning his own sexuality. He has never beenintmate with anyone for that reason. He has recently found himself in a bit of an awkward spot. He has two parties interested in being his first love, an engineer and a nurse.

When he was nine year old he was grievously wounded and lost his left leg, left forearm and hand and his eye on the same side. He has been augmented several times but his equipment is outdated.    

The same two officers have been working on upgrading his cybernetic leg after equipment failure sidelined him on at least two away missions. So far the leg wiring has been uprated to prevent overloads in high radiation situations and his knee was replaced.    

While serving on the USS Darmok under the command of Zackery Taylor LtJg Dean Martin Spearhorse was promoted to full Lieutenant with all the ranks and privileges therein on SD 201808.17. He continues to serve on the bridge manning Tactical and overseeing the alpha shift security personnel.            

He was recently promoted to Acting Chief of Security, when he noted that the majority of his non-commissioned officers were not filing proper reports he called a meting and used the marine contingent as a model for his fleet personnel to strive for. Some of his personnel feel he is a hard taskmaster but he has gained their overall respect.        

He was on a mission where one of the marines was killed. He held the dying man in his arms vainly trying to keep from bleeding out. Though he was not the officers commanding officer he was so moved to write a note to the family to be sent on with the marines personal effects.    

During a cruise to Risa most of the senior staff were infected by a man made bug picked up at a previous stop on Vulcan. He remained on the bridge during the crisis to maintain the overall security of the ship.    

On SD 201809.07 Dean was awarded with two medals, The Beta Cluster for extended service in the sector, and The Captain's Commendation for exemplary service and attention to detail.

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