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Lt Jg Dean Martin Spearhorse (bio)

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The recently promoted officer considered his time on USS Darmok. He had signed up as an ensign only a few months ago. He had been on so many missions that as time came for crew evals the  commanding officers realized they had actually overlooked him in the last crew evaluations. When he sat down with the executive officer he wasn't expecting much, especially with a new captain. The yearly evaluation went better than he expected. He walked out of the room with a pair of pips on his collar and a handshake.

Age 23 Dean is a hermaphrodite He has found himself questioning his own sexuality. He has recently found himself in a bit of an awkward spot. He has two parties interested in being his first love, an engineer and a nurse.
When he was eight year old he was grievously wounded and lost his left leg, left forearm and hand and his eye on the same side. He has been augmented several times but his equipment is outdated. The same two officers have been working on upgrading his cybernetic leg after equipment failure sidelined him on at least two away missions. So far the leg wiring has been uprated to prevent overloads in high radiation situations and his knee was replaced.

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