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Starfleet Personnel Record:    
Lt Commander Desiree Erzulie Thibodeaux
CMO USS Darmok

Physical Statistics

Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age 46
Height: 5'9”
Weight: 160
Eyes: Amber, Exotically almond-shaped
Hair: Rich chestnut, worn in very long, thin braids which are usually twisted onto top of her head
Skintone: Coppery brown
Build: Shapely & muscular
Voice: light and lyrical with the trace of an accent.

Biographical Information

Homeworld: Nouvo Haiti
Parents: Lupina and Timson Thibodeaux, deceased
Siblings: None
Martial status: Single, never married
Children: None
Languages: Standard plus a dialect of Haitian Creole, basic Klingon, basic Vulcan.
Off Duty Pastimes: Gardening, Herbal Medicine, Cooking, Meditating & “Drawing the Stones”
Distinguishing Marks: Several tattoos


Nouvo Haiti was settled by humans from Earth over the course of several waves of space colonization. Desiree was raised on Nouvo Haiti until her parents' deaths from a mysterious illness when she was eighteen. After they passed away, she decided to move to Earth and study medicine. She attended University of Miami for pre-med & did her medical residency at JFK Medical Center in Atlantis FL (West Palm Beach).    

While at the University of Miami, she made friends with several students with Starfleet connections and decided to apply to SFA when she completed her residency.

At Starfleet Academy Desiree was allowed to transfer many of her credits in order to graduate from SFA in two years.

Starfleet Career

Graduated from accelerated program at SFA as an Ensign
Assigned to Deep Space Seven as an AMO for 5 years
Promoted to Lt jg & transferred to USS Franklin, over a term of 4 yrs she was promoted to 1st Lt.
Served as an AMO at Starfleet HQ on Earth for 7 yrs
Current Posting: Transferred to USS Darmok as CMO and promoted to Lt. Cmdr.
Assigned as Darmok's Second Officer

Additional Details:

Desiree works efficiently, knows her job well and has a good bedside manner. As a CMO she tends to give her staff ample autonomy and while she doesn't hover and micromanage she is always happy to answer questions.

Desiree is quiet, but not introverted, and she appears to be both comfortable being on her own as well as being quite friendly in social settings.    

She is trained in the herbal folk medicine practices of her homeworld and uses her skills in this along with standard medical treatments when and where appropriate. (She has planted a variety of Nouvo Haitian herbs and other plants in Darmok's arboretum so that she can replenish her stock as needed.)

Passed down to Desi by her by her mother's mother is soft grey pouch containing a set of engraved river-rocks used in a traditional Nouvo Haitian form of scrying called “Drawing the Stones”. She considers the stones to be family heirloom as well as a method of connecting with her higher self. The pouch is usually kept in her office on her desk.

Updated 5/18/2018

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