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Sweet Melody. SL by LtCdr Marielle Deniaud and FstLt Gideon Salieri

USS Aldrin Personnel Recordings

by First Lieutenant Gideon Salieri & Lieutenant Commander Marielle Deniaud
[Stardate ]

[Deniaud/Salieri] Collaboration Log
Stardate: 1703.31 [31 March, 2017]
Sweet Melody

The late hour on any starship was often silent, but a soft melody swept through the quiet hallway of the slumbering ship.  Despite its muted sound, it filled the air without effort.  It permeated the quiet corridors with a heart-filled piece that spoke of hope and desire.  The sweeping music vibrated from within, joined by an ethereal mezzo soprano.  

The chief of security walked the corridors in silence, his thoughts haphazard as his gaze moved over his surroundings.  It had been a slow day and there were no more reports to look over or incidents to investigate.  Gideon had an hour before the end of his self-assigned shift and decided to do a quick patrol of the Aldrin.  His hands were shoved in his pockets, shoulders slumped forward slightly as he walked.  As he turned the corner, the sounds of the instrumental song became louder and permeated his thoughts.  The half-Bajoran furrowed his brows as he glanced left and right down the junction before moving to the left as the music was louder from that direction.

The voice quivered, veiled torment that found hope in the power of the strings.  There was harmony.  The muffled combination of sounds - of voice and of the celebratory strings - were muffled as they vibrated against the bulkheads.  It crescendoed, piercing and penetrating the air with a demure passion.

Gideon shook his head as the music got louder.  He hugged the right wall, his fingers moving over the surface of the bulkhead as he felt the rhythm.  After a few steps, he stopped, noting that the sound was getting softer as he continued to move.  The Betazoid mix turned and studied the panel, his fingertips pulling at the access into the Jeffries tubes.

It’s the way I’m feeling, I just can’t deny..
But I’ve gotta let it go

Her voice weaved with the sensual sound, a plea carried in the confident declaration.  It vibrated against the metal of the jefferies tube, airy yet booming.  The crisp mezzo soprano added the depth to the smooth strings that filled the inner workings of the ship.  It trembled slightly despite its strength and hinted of emotions unspoken.

We found love in a hopeless place.  We found love in a hopeless place.
We found love in a hopeless place.  We found love in a hopeless place.

He set the panel aside and knelt on the floor.  He ducked his head into the access as he looked for the source of the music.  Realizing he wouldn’t be able to see, he lowered to the ground to investigate.  Gideon crawled inside the tight space and moved forward on his hands and knees as he searched for the next junction.  The sound of her voice drew him closer.  ‘Now what is this?’

Her body swayed with the movement of her arm, the bow delicately held between her fingers and her jaw resting on the chin rest of the violin she held.  Her fingers played the strings, fingertips pressed into the wood to change the notes on a whim.  Marielle was dressed in a cream tea dress with butterflies covering the hem, her stilettos abandoned to the corner of the junction.  The painted butterflies seemed to float with the movement of her kicks as she danced around the ladder of the jefferies tube junction.  Her eyes were closed, her emotions etched in her features.

Shine a light through an open door.  Love and life I will divide.
Turn away ‘cause I need you more.  Feel the heartbeat in my mind.
It’s the way I’m feeling I just can’t deny.  But, I’ve gotta let it go.

‘This is not the same woman I saw earlier.’  Gideon watched quietly, his feet pulled underneath him as he sat cross-legged within one of the tubes leading to the junction.  His elbows rested on his knees, his fingers clasped in front of him as he simply stared.  His cobalt irises took in every detail and a serene grin pulled at his lips.  ‘Is there anything she doesn’t do?’

There was a peaceful smile that settled on her lips and a soft serene glow to her features.  Despite the nervousness and anxiety that seemed to linger at the very edges of her thoughts, the soothing sounds of the strings vibrating in the jefferies tubes kept her grounded.  She kept her focus on the violin as she moved around the open junction, her bare feet pressing into the metal beneath her feet.  The chill under her skin kept her rooted to the music.  The richness of her voice kept her mind focused, her emotions left unhindered and free.

Yellow diamonds in the light.  And we’re standing side by side.
As your shadow crosses mine.

His lips formed a line as he straightened and stood up.  Gideon suddenly felt like he shouldn’t be there.  He was intruding on a personal moment and would only scare the daylights out of her if she noticed.  But her song called to him, her smile beckoned him closer.  He stepped into the open space of the junction.  His hands parted to rest on the wall of the service tube as he debated leaving.

A thin layer of sweat clung to her temples as she danced with her violin, her hips and her body fluid in its movement.  Her background in ballet made it easy to move the instrument, her body reflected the music that she played.  The melody filled her, her heart beat had long changed to add the percussion to the ancient song.  Her smile grew as she imagined his smile and his eyes.  A warmth filled her - a deep rooted affection blended with the desire and confusion.  Her voice crescendoed, fueled by the affection that suddenly overwhelmed her.  Her arm swept to one side as she played the last note, but her mezzo soprano carried the last verse.

We found love in a hopeless place.  We found love in a hopeless place.
We found love in a hopeless place.  We found love in a hopeless place.

“Jeffries tubes are pretty hopeless,” he murmured in jest.  Gideon had been so entranced in her emotion that the words came without thought.  His brow raised as he watched the engineer for her reaction to his presence.

“AH!” she screamed as she jumped back, her back pressing firmly into the cold wall as her head bounced lightly against the metal.  Her hands gripped the bow and neck of her violin with a death grip.  “Ow!” she bemoaned as she wrinkled her nose at the ache that moved through the back of her head.  Her heart had jumped, speeding up and slowing as realization settled.  “Gideon.  Geez!”

The security officer frowned and he’d leaned forward momentarily before realizing he wouldn’t be able to do much to help in the confined space.  Gideon shook his head as he clasped his fingers behind him, his shoulder resting on the wall.  “Well, when you’re on patrol and hear music coming from in the walls, you have to investigate, El,” he explained with feigned exasperation.

“I didn’t think anyone would be able to hear me,” Marielle gave him an embarrassed laugh.  “You know-  With the ship being empty and all.”  The engineer remained pressed against the wall of the junction, her fingers still tightly wrapped around her instrument as she held it to chest.  Flawless and vibrant emerald irises found themselves lost in the richness of his blue, and she wasn’t sure if her lightheadedness came from the enclosed space or his presence.  Dinner had been pleasant, almost romantic considering the setting of candlelight and the sudden rainfall outside the farmhouse.  “How long have you been standing there?”

“Couple minutes,” he answered quickly.  The security officer leaned forward again to move closer to the engineer.  “What on earth are you doing in here?”  Gideon seemed to recall they’d met in a Jeffries tube once before.  ‘So long ago.’  A peaceful smile pulled at the corners of his mouth.

She gave him an embarrassed smile.  “Therapy,” the engineer explained softly.  The Draconian had been hesitant to offer the suggestion, but he’d insisted that she needed to overcome her fears of enclosed spaces for her own sake, especially with the changes that were happening aboard the Aldrin.  The idea of playing an instrument had been his, and it was her first attempt.  Her breath had been steadily increasing, but the engineer kept the panic at bay as her fingers continued to keep its hold on the neck of her violin.  Her fingertips moved over the strings to keep her mind focused on anything but the walls that surrounded her.

His brows furrowed as he offered a hand in her direction.  “Are you done?  You’re about to have a meltdown.”  Gideon shook his head.  “Unless that’s my fault, should I leave you be?”  The hand remained outstretched to her despite his offer to go.  He didn’t really want to leave her - whether it was because of the state she was in or the fact that it was Marielle, he couldn’t discern.

“Meltdown, yes,” she muttered as she stepped towards him, not reaching for his hand but unknowingly seeking out comfort in his warmth.  “Your fault and leaving me be, no.”  She pinned her lower lip with her teeth as she steadied her breath.  “You’ll have to deal with me- uh- playing though.  Are you okay with that?”  Her fingers continued to play with the strings of her instrument.

“Please,” he said quietly, his hand sweeping toward her as if he could give her permission to continue.  The security officer leaned back against the wall and slid his hands into his pockets.  Her movement toward him hadn’t been overlooked, but he knew that the engineer wouldn’t be able to focus on herself if he held her.  He wondered if this was therapy suggested by Erik and Gideon shook his head at the thought.  ‘Has no idea what this does to her if he told her to do this.’  He reached up and touched his badge to turn the device off so it wouldn’t disturb Marielle.

Her fingertips tapped lightly on the neck as she tried to think of her options.  While she had no issues of playing the instrument in front of the security chief, it was technically an attempt to get over her fears.  Ultimately, Marielle decided that if she was to endure the enclosed space with someone, she’d rather it be Gideon.  She pulled the instrument up to her jaw, just under her earlobe.  She moved the bow gently over the strings and began playing a soft melody, full yet mellow that imitated the human voice.  “I’m not pulling you from your duties, am I?” she managed finally.

“You’re my only concern right now,” he replied softly and with an encouraging smile on his features.  The ship was still quite empty so his last lap of the decks had simply been to keep him occupied while the hour ticked away.  

A blush settled on her cheeks, her eyes dipping to the floor.  ‘There he goes again.  Stubborn flirt.’  Marielle chuckled softly as she shook her head slightly at him.  “That doesn’t sound like something the Chief of Security should say,” she retorted in teasing.  “The whole ship should always be your concern.”  The engineer took another step closer to close the gap between them, her body moving with the motions of her arm.

He chuckled quietly and shook his head as he raised his arm toward her.  He took a couple steps forward to meet her and his fingers gently brushed against her shoulder when she reached him.  “I won’t tell if you don’t,” he whispered with a wink.  Gideon let his fingertips caress her upper back to soothe her.

She shivered slightly at the touch and her tongue moved over her lips when she suddenly found them dry.  The engineer chuckled through the all too familiar fluttering in her stomach.  “I don’t think you’re suppose to play favourites,” she chastised lightly.

Gideon smirked and shook his head.  “I guess I missed that chapter in ‘Being Chief of Security for Dummies,’” he quipped.  He could feel her tension melting away and he was glad to think that he had some part in her comfort.

Marielle’s lilting laugh filled the jefferies tube, the dulcet tones echoing against the cold metal.  “I suppose I should be thankful that I’ve got an in with the man in charge, hmm?” she winked at him playfully as her bare feet carried her away from him, her body still moving as her emotions resonated in the stringed instrument.

The security officer nodded as he raised his fingers to scratch at his chin.  “Yeah, actually.  I can think of at least one time you should have gone to the brig.”  Gideon grinned as he stepped into the open area of the junction.  He circled with her, moving opposite the engineer as if dancing with her.

“Are you allowed to throw your superior officer into the brig?” she asked with a soft laugh.  Marielle curtseyed to him, nearly falling low to the ground before lifting to her feet.  She continued to play the darkly stained violin in her hands as her feet fell into a steady traditional step.  The engineer moved around the edge of the jefferies tube as if to continue the dance, the hem of her dress lifting with every twirl and sway of her hips.

He scoffed in response and his brow raised to her as he nodded in affirmation.  “Of course I am.  Bit of a thrill, too,” Gideon chuckled as he stood in the middle of the junction with his feet turning so that he could watch Marielle spin around him.

“A thrill?” she asked with a raised brow, a devilish grin pulling at her lips.  Without thinking, her hand worked the strings to a rapid vibrato to create loud and powerful notes before it turned playful as she leaned towards him.  “I’m a thrill now?”  At the thought, it was hard to hold back the smile that pulled at her features.  Flawless emerald irises turned darker at the idea.

His hands raised in innocence as he leaned back slightly.  Both brows raised as he blinked.  It was as if she’d attacked him, but she hadn’t really.  Gideon grinned sheepishly as he chuckled and nodded again to explain.  “Adrenaline rush while you’re in the process, then the second-guessing after it’s done.  Watching your career flash before your eyes and all.”  The security officer winked at Marielle.

She chuckled lightly as she spun quickly, her feet kicking up and the quick staccato filled the jefferies tube as her fingertips began to pluck at the strings.  With her back to him, she began to sway away from him.  “There are better ways for that rush, Gideon.”  The engineer shook her head slightly, the long strands of her hair shimmering under the dim light that filled the jefferies tube.  She was finding it easier with him there - the walls didn’t seem to crash around her and the darkness didn’t seem as ominous.

“I’m sure there are,” he mused as he recalled their swordfight just days before.  His chin tilted as he watched her move with the music she made.  Gideon smiled as he felt her seem to relax and he again selfishly hoped that he was the reason she seemed more at ease.  “Like playing the fiddle in a dim JT junction,” he offered offhandedly.

The engineer hummed softly as she continued to play the stringed instrument.  “I love the violin,” she revealed softly.  “I think it’s one of the few instruments that mirrors the human heart so well.”  Marielle turned to face him.  Her steps allowed her to walk backwards as she danced, her toes pressing into the metal before her heel.  “Anger.  Sorrow.  Pain.”  She easily worked the bow to illustrate her point, the sound changing with the simple pull of her bow.  Her body moved with the strings, as if to illustrate her point.

“Love,” he suggested with a lopsided grin.  Gideon had been ready to tell her that any skilled musician could provoke emotion from their instrument, but the idea seemed to fizzle when he thought of the feeling that Marielle hadn’t mentioned.  He knew that he loved her, but the definition of the word to him was probably different than it was for her.  He couldn’t chance revealing it and possibly losing the engineer as a friend.  The half-Bajoran knew he had to be contented with the diminutive woman however she chose to be with him.  It was much harder in practice than in theory.

There was a slight stutter on the string that she couldn’t hide, but the engineer easily changed the sweeping tone of her instrument to illustrate his mentioned emotion.  The sound moved in near crashing momentum, a sweeping sound that eased into a serene near breathy brightness.  The melody was complex, laced with demure passion and subtle heartache.  “Love,” she agreed with a slight nod.  

“Love is a many splendored thing,” he quoted, the smile growing on his features as he recalled the musical.  Gideon slid his hands into his pockets as he watched for the engineer’s reaction.  It wasn’t something many knew of him, but the bohemian play was one of his favorites.  “Love lifts us up where we belong; all we need is love.”

Her head leaned to one side as she looked at him.  Her own smile - warm and bright - grew with his.  She scraped her teeth lightly over her lower lip before her tongue darted out to lightly moisten the dryness.  Chuckling softly, her bow lifted off the strings and her arm fell to one side.  Marielle stared at him, her eyes growing brighter in the dim lighting that surrounded them.  Her eyes fluttered shut as she took in a quiet deep breath and she brought the bow to the strings.

He chuckled to himself as he disappeared into the musical and his voice lifted to sing quietly.  “All you need is love.”  His cheeks turned pink as his gaze flickered away from Marielle, hoping that she wouldn’t harass him for his singing voice.  He suddenly felt very much like the male lead, falling for the woman who was unattainable.

She wasn’t sure what had happened, but her breath and her heart seemed to meld together as her body moved in the same sweeping motions as the notes she played.  Marielle couldn’t remember the last time when the emotions swept through her with such force, and she used it to give warmth to the vibration of her strings.  Slowly, her body moved around him as she continued to play the violin.  Her back brushed against his arm as she turned to face him, and her eyes opened.  “You think people would have enough of silly love songs,” she sang softly, winking playfully.

Gideon smiled with glee, his hands reaching for her shoulders as he looked around the junction with animated motions.  “I look around me and I see it isn’t so, oh, no.”  It made his heart race to think that the engineer knew the musical he was attempting to sing.  His voice never managed to hit the right pitch, but there was emotion in his tenor.

Marielle giggled softly despite herself, ducking playfully from his reaching hands as she danced away.  “Some people want to fill the world with silly love songs,” she sang softly as she looked at him from over her shoulder, her arm still moving the bow over her strings.

“Well, what’s wrong with that?” he asked as he sidestepped closer to her and then moved past her to the ladder.  “I’d like to know.  ‘Cos here I go again!”  Gideon jumped onto the rungs of the ladder, his hand sweeping out toward Marielle theatrically.  “Love lifts us up where we belong!”  Her violin punctuated the crescendo of his words, her body moving with the force of his song.  “Where eagles fly on a mountain high!”

“Love makes us out like we are fools.  Throw our lives away for one happy day-”

“We could be heroes,” he interrupted her, a twinkling glint in his eye as they played out the scene.  Gideon was completely lost in the moment, no thought given to how much of a fool he was making of himself.

She smiled brightly at him.  This was not a part of Gideon she’d ever seen.  The security chief always seemed the epitome of masculinity, almost to the point it was almost too much.  It was wonderful to see another creative side.  “You-  You will be mean-.”

“No, I won’t,” he disagreed as he jumped off the ladder and walked toward the engineer, his head shaking.  He was still lost in the moment as he envisioned that they were simply playing their parts in the bohemian musical.

“And I’ll-  I’ll drink all the time.”  Marielle shook her head at him theatrically as she attempted to hide her smile from him.

Gideon slid his arm around her waist and twirled her gently.  “We should be lovers,” he sang without care.

“We can’t do that-”   Marielle’s breath stilled, her bow suddenly stopped against the strings of her violin as she pressed into the jefferies tube wall.  She stared up at him, and she hadn’t realized how her chest heaved heavily.  His words had pulled her out of the music, his proximity instantly making her mind hazy.

His hands steadied her as the loss of the music pulled him from the play.  Gideon stood in front of her, his shoulders lifting and falling with his exhilaration.  His smile wavered for a moment before he nodded and leaned closer.  “We should be lovers,” he whispered as he pressed a kiss to her lips.

It’s the way I’m feeling I just can’t deny
But, I’ve gotta let it go

Time stopped.  It was the only thing she was sure of in that moment.  The weight of her violin pressed to her side, the back brushing against her bare skin of her leg, and barely registered to her senses.  Her fingers gripped the bow lightly and almost lost their hold as the electrifying sensation numbed her fingertips.  Her eyes fluttered shut, her heart became silent, and her breath simply stopped.  ‘Gédéon,’ she called out to him silently, in want or despair she couldn’t decide.  

When she didn’t pull away, one hand lifted to her jaw and cupped the smooth skin of her cheek in his palm.  The fingertips of his other hand caressed her arm as he held her bicep and pressed closer.  His chin tilted to deepen the pressure he placed on her mouth.  Gideon slid his tongue gently along the seam of her lips as he begged entrance to taste of her.

She sighed contentedly against him before her senses returned to her.  Marielle hesitantly pulled away by turning her head to the side.  She took in deep breaths to fill her lungs.  Her mind was a mess of memories - all of Gideon and their friendship, filled with laughter and playful banter - and her heart a tangle of emotions.  Desperate to pull away from an awkward situation, the engineer laughed slightly.  The sound was hesitant and delicate.  “What will the guys think if they knew their chief liked musicals, hmm?” she offered softly as she hid her eyes from him.

His hands lifted from her to press against the wall behind her and his body leaned forward to press his forehead against the cool bulkhead.  Gideon turned his head away from her, his eyelids still closed as his mind raced, both berating himself and questioning Marielle’s response.  He swallowed harshly and forced a chuckle from his throat.  “Guess we’ll only find out if you say anything,” he murmured.  He lifted his forehead and dropped it gently against the wall before pushing back and stepping away from the engineer.

“Your secret’s safe with me,” she whispered softly.  Marielle watched him carefully, her chest still heaving heavily with the force of her breaths.  Her eyes closed tightly as the walls seemed to close in on her immediately.  Her jaw clenched desperately to quell the impending panic.  Quickly, she moved towards the opened violin case, and she reverently placed the instrument into the velvet lined case.  Her hands were shaking as she lowered the cover and clasped the locks.

He lifted his hand to reactivate the badge on his chest, freezing as he realized that he’d just broken a couple of his own rules.  The device chirped almost immediately.

“Battey to Salieri, dammit, it’s been nearly half an hour.  Where is he?”

Gideon groaned quietly before responding.  He turned slightly so that he wasn’t facing Marielle.  “Salieri here, go ahead, Battey.”

After slipping her stilettos quickly over her feet, Marielle grabbed the case and made a hasty retreat while Gideon was preoccupied.  She pushed the case along the floor as she made her way down one of the jefferies tubes.  It didn’t matter that it led to a different section of the ship that would take her nearly fifteen minutes away from her quarters.  She simply needed to move.  The panic had set in with full force, the walls nearly clawing at her skin.  “Breathe,” she whispered softly to herself.  “Breathe.  It was just-  Just swept in the moment.  It doesn’t change anything.”

“Commander Nazir has been looking for the latest munitions report and your dumb ass locked your office.”

Shaking his head, the security officer looked toward where the engineer had been.  He was shocked to see her gone.  “Cazzo.  Che cosa hai fatto e andato questa volta, Gid? (What’ve you gone and done this time?)”  He raised his hands to run his fingers through his hair, sighing at the confused voice on the other end of the communication device.  “Yeah,” he answered Jonathan Battey.  “I’m coming, I’ll be right there.”  Gideon turned and slapped his hand on the wall before ducking into the service tube to return to the corridor from which he came.

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