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PL - First Cosmetic Alteration

USS Aldrin Personnel Recordings

by Lieutenant Jordan Kim
[Stardate ]

Login PL - First Cosmetic Alteration
By Lieutenant Jordan Kim

I can't believe it, my first big away mission.....

Jordan had to really think about what this has done for him. Not many have gone for a few years without going on a big away mission. He's gone on leave and has monitored progress from his console or aided on a mission from an engineering standpoint, but never really was he a main player in an away team. When Commander K'hevok asked him to join the away team so nonchalantly before he entered the turbolift, he looked to the Captain, then stood up, in shock, then tugged on his uniform jacket, and waited for Lieutenant Junior Grade Carmi Randle to relieve him. She was his primary relief at the helm. She was almost Jordan's age, voluptuous, and of African-American descent, hailing from Detroit on Earth. She was a very capable helm officer and was known to pilot the ship through a few tight spots when he would be off duty effectively. She smiled at her superior as he went to join the rest of the away team at the turbolift. Being in his position, some of the away team members were giving him a hard time about finally being a main player on the team, but it quickly subsided when he took the jabs with subtlety. 

He stayed quiet the whole turbolift ride and corridor stroll down to sickbay. Everyone was socializing with each other. K'hevok with Naal, Winnetka with Elkhorn, and him to his own thoughts which was good. He couldn't help but be excited as well as nervous because of the role which he was about to play. He hoped that blending in on an ancient-ish planet that supposedly was almost a whole millennia behind the Federation's level of progress, would be a high enough challenge to really make him realize why he joined the service. 

When they entered sickbay, he saw a very frantic Deniaud talking to Salieri in a corner and they were greeted by the doctors. He in an uncharacteristic sense of duty, stepped up first, "Doctor, I'd like to go first for my... Alterations." he looked to the rest of the group who were looking at him with approval, but surprise, then he looked back to them and nodded with a nervous smile. Within a short amount of time, he had red skin, yellow eyes, and yellow high hair. He sat out of the biobed, then made room for Commander K'hevok who was next to be altered, then he looked at Le Kimannera, a Kobliad medical assistant. He was also Jordan's age, and had come aboard the same time he did when the Aldrin first had their maiden voyage some time ago. 

Kimannera came out of the med lab and took a look at him, then looked at him wide-eyed, "Whoa..."

Jordan looked at him, "What?"

"You look.... Funny." said the Medical Assistant.

"Well, these are aliens we've never encountered before, so....."

Kimannera tilted his head at Jordan, then turned around to look for something, then he went to the back shelf of the main sickbay and picked up a mirror and brought it over and handed it to him, "Here, look for yourself."

He took the mirror and held it up to his face. When he saw what he looked like, he also looked at himself wide-eyed, "Whoa..... I do look funny...." he started rotating his head and checking his teeth and hands, and must have really gotten to the point where he got lost into his look so much, he didn't even realize other people in sickbay were staring at him or gawking at him while they walked by. He realized that this was his first alteration ever as well and that he then hoped he could carry himself well down on the planet once they were there. It was unreal.
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