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The Spirituals

USS Aldrin Personnel Recordings

by Captain Dion Xiaoyen
[Stardate ]

The Spirituals

By Captain Dion Xiaoyen

              "Oh, he is great. He is good...." chanted the group.
              "How great and how good is he?" said Izan.
              "He is the greatest and he is the best. We love him!" chanted the group in unison in response to his question.
              "Then rise, my friends. Rise and be well and peaceful as we always have been in the eyes of his great and everlasting and endearing love. May you all thrive continuously in the basking of peace and prosperity that he has created us to live in. Let our love for each other go on to make certain that he will always be at our side, forever and ever." Izan added.
              "Amen." said the rest of the group.
              Izan was an old man of approximately 120 Earth years. He was slim and very gentle. His hair was short but still high up as most of the people on this planet had their hair, but it was white. He moved slowly as he walked and was so soft in his demeanor, that no one would expect anything but gentleness could ever come from him. He looked around at the large circle of over twenty, perhaps twenty-five other children of god proudly, then smiled and nodded and watched them rise from their pose of kneeling and extended his arms and hands widely as they all dispersed. He turned around after they spread apart, then continued on his way to his tent. 
              Parem and Jovo were his two apprentices. They were young junior sages who were taught constantly by Izan to take his place, being less than a third of his age each. Such quiet and docile young men, they were both being groomed for the past few years to eventually take over when Izan would pass away, leaving the colony to be open to more interpretation to what the gods demanded of them. Religious sanctity was a huge purpose of their lifestyle and that was something they had to always consider when going out and spreading the good word. They walked alongside him even then, to his tent.
              "I have prepared your evening ritual, Zealot." said Parem.
              "And I have composed tomorrow's sermon." added Jovo.
              "Excellent," Izan replied, "You two have been very good to me over the past eight years I have been mentoring you. It is good there will be two men who will be zealots instead of just one, in case one of you would succumb to something. God has made us fortunate enough to keep me alive and well all these years. But you know, my time grows short. My life may end not too long from now."
              "What?" said Jovo, not liking what he heard from his mentor.
              "Zealot, you will live on for many more years, I'm sure you-"
              "I'm an old man," Izan said, interrupting Parem in his insistence, waving his hand dismissively, "Our lifespan roughly reaches what, a hundred? A hundred and five even? I will be a hundred and twenty the next turn. Anything can happen and if God feels it's my time to meet him personally and be at his side with the other past zealots of time, such as my mentor, Atol, and his mentor, Mimet, I will gladly welcome it. But that is why, my children, you two will be fine replacements for me when the time comes. Note that what you are insisting at this point is just anxiety towards what is to come," he stopped walking and the two shortly did after they stepped two steps after him and turned to look at him curiously. When they turned around to look at him, he extended his hands out again, "Parem, Jovo, please bow your heads down and receive this blessing from me," he saw them look at each other curiously, then hesitantly bow their heads. Then he put his hands on the tops of their heads, closing his his eyes and nodding as well, "Parem, Jovo, you two have many years ahead of you, far more than I. May your strength, wisdom, and other gifts continue to lead our pursuits prosperously and continue to promote the way of life that has successfully caused us to thrive the way we have," then he opened his eyes and took his hands off their heads, smiling, "Go. Go you two, in peace. I can conduct myself from here on."
              Jovo looked at Parem, who looked at him again, then raised his eyebrows at his mentor, "I do not think that is wise, Zealot. I have been tending to you for so long, I-"
              "Parem, you too. I insist." Izan added.
              Parem looked to Jovo, then nodded, patting the more insistent Jovo and ushering him away by putting his hand on his upper arm and guiding him away. Jovo looked back at his mentor with high concern, then the two proceeded off. 
              Izan kept his smile as he watched the two walk away. Then he continued toward his tent. When he entered, he began doing his evening routine which was to say another prayer, groom himself, and then get ready to go to sleep. It was almost the midnight hour and the sun had gone down. When he changed into his bedtime attire, he placed his slippers on the side of his cot, then proceeded to sit down slowly as his demeanor dictated of him. Before he could swing his body around and lay down, he heard some rustling in the cloth that was his wall by his hung mirror. He looked to that direction to see the cloth part, only to reveal that it was another young child of god who was not Parem or Jovo. He was a little older than them and had high green hair. The young man looked at him without saying a word, but Izan didn't seem scared of him at all. Izan just kept his smile, then nodded to him. The young man nodded back to him as well, then closed the cloth and left. 
              His smile then became larger, then he blew out the candle between his cot and his mirror, then swung his legs around to a laying position, and proceeded to go to sleep.
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