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PL - Back To The Ranch

USS Aldrin Personnel Recordings

by Lieutenant Jordan Kim
[Stardate ]

PL - Back To The Ranch
Written By Lieutenant Jordan Kim

Note From Author: This log takes place right after the Captain left to go to sickbay.

Jordan was sitting at his console on the bridge, monitoring the ship's propulsion systems and running scans of his own like any helmsman would at a time like this. He started to think about things randomly like when he used to be on his ranch in Wyoming on Earth. If there was one thing he loved to do it was to be there in the wide open spaces. It was in a way the polar opposite to him being on a starship. He loved the tranquility and fresh air just as much as he did being in space piloting ships. He couldn't help but think about it since his mind had a free moment.

Last year.....

He opened his eyes and looked up. It was chilly as it was February and the temperature was between 15 and 20 degrees farenheit. He loved it though. He slept in shorts and a tee-shirt even though he was under two thick blankets. He stretched greatly, immersing himself in the pleasure of his being in that place, then he sat up. Looking out the large window to his right, he had a fantastic view of mountains which peered themselves above a treeline of pine trees that rose highly. Beneath it was the landscape of grass, dirt, and some cows, which his mother often used to provide steaks of all types and she did a great job raising them organically. When they weren't there, they had an Aldeveran named Gall and a few of her cousins watch the ranch and tend to everything. She also had a small business from whatever was done there so she never took profit from it, she just paid them whatever latinum she earned from providing meat, eggs, and taking care of the cattle and animals there while they were gone on duty or something. It was a fortunate arrangement as Gall was a very reliable woman. It was something to see when someone gets paid handsomely and still goes against a promise for it. 

Jordan smiled at the sight he saw, then he hopped out of bed and placed his slippers on. He walked out of his bedroom and went into the kitchen area. It was so peaceful and quiet in the house, he loved it. He went to the coffee maker at the back of the kitchen and started making coffee. If there was another thing he and his mother enforced, it was that when they were there, they did everything organically as far as food was concerned. The replicator they had in there was almost never used. Coffee was also natural and so were things like orange juice and even butter. Fortunately, Jordan didn't have to do much to get used to replicated stuff because he was raised on both, but he surely could tell the difference though. He looked out one of the windows while the coffee was being made and saw his mother riding horseback on Stella, her prized horse. She was wearing winter clothes and classic ugg boots but she didn't look like the cold fazed her at all. Stella's light brown coat and white mane showed gracefully as they went through the wind at different speeds. That made him smile to see her so happy.

He stepped over to the coffee machine and grabbed a mug then placed it under the dispenser for a brew. After the mug was mostly filled, he put on a jacket and walked outside onto the porch. The big wave of cold air didn't seem to faze him that badly. It seemed to wake him up almost as much as the coffee. He stood by the top of the five-stair staircase that led from the porch to the ground from the front of the house and leaned against a wooden pole that rested atop the handrails that spanned each side of them and took a sip of the coffee. When he saw his mother make eye contact from where she was, she waved to him. He smiled and waved back to her. Then he looked around and just took a few seconds to take all the sights in. The mountains, the trees, the sky, even the air that was cold, he took a deep breath, then exhaled, spewing out a little steam from his nostrils. The breath he had taken was so big, his shoulders rose up as he inhaled, then slumped when he exhaled, but he was so comfortable. That's how being out there felt to him. He always knew that whenever he would retire, he would go back here to live, even if it meant to live with his mother again like when he was little all those summers throughout his childhood. It was his resting place. It was his place of peace.

Present Day.......

"Lieutenant?" came the voice of Ensign Galiladra, sitting in at ops for Elkhorn, who was now sitting at the command chair for the time being. She was a Palladian. She was the gamma-shift part-time relief at ops, but primarily she was an engineer. She was looking at him curiously, "Are you alright?"
"Huh?" Jordan said cluelessly, "Oh, what can I do for you, Galiladra?" he asked, giving his attention back to his helm console.

"I was asking, do you think First Lieutenant Deniaud will be okay? I realize you have become kind of friendly with that small group that came from the Hermes a few months ago. Maybe you'd have a better idea of how she'd respond to whatever it is that's going on."

"Honestly I don't know," Jordan confessed, "I'm not really close with her or Lieutenant Salieri to be blunt. I'm actually just starting to be friends with Lieutenant Elkhorn though. We've sat at the front two consoles here the whole time she's been aboard so it helps two people who do that get to know each other indirectly if not directly."

"Oooh," Galiladra said in a slightly teasing fashion with a teasing kind of smile, "Is it-"

"No, don't even think about insinuating anything," he looked back to glance at Elkhorn who was looking at something on the Captain's console, occupied, then back to Galiladra, "That's an order."

"Got it...." Galiladra said, then she looked forward, but broke out into a smile after a few seconds, "Lieutenant..." 

He looked at the Ensign again, then back to Elkhorn, then back to her, and then back to his console slowly, shaking his head.
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