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Follow-Up With Dr. P'Trane

USS Aldrin Personnel Recordings

by Captain Dion Xiaoyen
[Stardate ]

Follow-Up With Dr. P'Trane

By Captain Dion Xiaoyen

               Dion had just gotten off the comm with Salieri. He looked around and then folded his arms, thinking. He didn't really get much of what was happening because Salieri did most of the talking, but from what he heard of the comm, he was worried. He was starting to think of the things that had happened to others around him on a telepathic level. Maybe that's it. He wasn't sure. He looked from left to right, then he looked ahead, "I'm going down to sickbay. Kim, maintain course and let me know if there's anything else that may cause us to deviate again from our current course. Elkhorn, you have the bridge until I or Commander K'hevok gets back on the bridge." then he walked into the nearest turbolift to head down there.
               When he entered, he looked at Salieri looking over an unconscious Deniaud like some sort of loving boyfriend or spouse, deeply concerned about possibly losing their loved one. He stopped once he saw them like that and realized that that was what Dana probably went through when he first was unconscious after that explosion at Starbase 39-Sierra when they first met all those years ago. He had to tilt his head at the sight of him because he then noticed also that maybe there was something more between the two of them or at least on his end. Any other security officer would stay with her and just stand there, but for him to look over at her like that with his expression, he could tell he wanted to hold her hand, to the point where Dion almost wanted to go over to him and tell him that it's totally alright to do so and that no one would judge him if he did. Still, he was intercepted by Dr. P'Trane.
               Variella P'Trane was an Andorian woman of thirty-five human years of age. She was slim but curvy and had her hair long and down past her shoulders, snowy white. Her eyes were sultry, but her demeanor was very direct. She was also very professional about her demeanor as well. Her semi-long neck showed her rank of lieutenant junior grade gracefully. She also looked somewhat surprised to see her new Captain so fast out of nowhere, "Oh, Captain, hello."
               Dion looked to her, nodded, then glanced back to the two, then to her again, putting his hands on his hips and talking in a low tone, still so that Salieri couldn't hear them yet either, "Hello, Doctor. I'm sorry we haven't had much time to get to know each other yet. Shame that it took something like this to get us to talk more extensively."
               "Oh that's fine, sir," she insisted, "I totally understand. I assume you came down here for a status report on First Lieutenant Deniaud?"
               "That would be nice." Dion said, somewhat sarcastically, but not condescendingly of course.
               "Well, I've found nothing wrong with her physiologically which is a good thing. However, I've noticed a thirty-two percent hyperstimulation in her temporal and occipital portions of her brain."
               "Meaning what?" Dion asked her, noting that he wasn't a doctor.
               "Meaning she is definitely seeing something and hearing something that we cannot see or hear. I have attempted to scan for some sort of low-bandwidth telepathy on my medical scans, but I've found nothing. Just as you came in, I was contemplating on conferring with some of the on board Betazoids, Napeans, and even Vulcans, if applicable, in determining if this is some sort of telepathic happenstance that can be detected by any telepath."
               "But, Deniaud isn't a telepath. She's full-on human. Unless.... She has some sort of hidden telepathic capability that we didn't see in her bio...."
               P'Trane shook her head, "No, Captain. She is a hundred percent human. I also tried to look for some sort of telepathic center of her brain that could enable her to talk to others mentally. She has none, so some sort of outside source must be attempting to talk to her that we don't know about," she glanced back at the two as well, then looked back to Dion, "It's just a matter of finding the source."
               Dion nodded, "You let me worry about talking to the other telepaths on the ship. I'll handle that personally. Are you able to revive her?"
               She took a deep breath, then exhaled, "I could, but I would rather find the source of what's causing these psychological episodes before I do that. For all we know, she can just get back into the whole loop of psychosis or whatever it is that's making her lose her objectivity at this point. I can keep her maintained around the clock. Doctor Higgs can always take over for me when I get off duty until you get the answer we're looking for. I'll say this, if we don't find out what's causing these episodes, I'll have to induce a coma so her higher brain functions could be preserved."
               "Okay," he said, "Keep me informed. I'll also let you know if there's anything I can add to what you're trying to do here." he looked to them again.
               P'Trane looked to where he was looking, then back to him, then back to the two, then back to him, "He is very devoted to her, isn't he?"
               Dion looked to her, then nodded, "Yes. Reminds me of a time my wife stood by my side when I was incapacitated once. It's nice to see it from an outside perspective. Okay, Doctor I'm off. See you soon. Remember, whatever you can do to help the Lieutenant, please do so by all means," then he left sickbay. He started thinking about all the people he looked over records for over the time he's been Captain. Then he thought of Vazla Ketten, a Betazoid who worked in stellar cartography. She was a young ensign who came aboard six months ago during their last trip to Earth. He immediately changed his route in the corridors accordingly. When he walked in, he looked and saw her sitting in the central dome, looking at the star charts of a specific sector. When she saw him approaching, she stopped, then attempted to stand up, prompting him to put his hand up, "As you were, Ensign," as she sat back down, he stood five feet from her, "I need your assistance on something."
               "Whatever I can do sir, please let me know." she said, face serious. She was petite and had her dark brown hair up in a bun. There was almost no blinking from her deep set brown eyes as she was somewhat shocked to see her Captain address her like that out of nowhere.
               "You're a Betazoid. So I'd like to know how well in tune you are with your telepathic capabilities." Dion said to her.
               She paused for a moment, "Huh? Uh... Oh, well, most of my race are usually fully in tune with them actually. Only less than two percent of my planet's population don't have the ability to use them like I can."
               "Good, so I need to ask you, are you able to sense anything that seems... odd to you?"
               "Odd? Like what, Captain?" 
               "Like, do you sense any unusual telepathic activity that you normally wouldn't sense on a regular day here? I mean something outer or outside that you think is kind of odd. Anything."
               "Oh, okay," she said almost eagerly, then she went quiet for a moment, then looked away for what seemed like almost half a minute, then she looked to Dion and shook her head, "No sir, I don't. Is everything okay?"
               "You sure?"
               She took another ten to fifteen seconds to do the same thing again, then she looked to Dion and nodded, "Yes sir, undoubtedly."
               He looked at her with somewhat of a skeptical eye, then nodded, "Very well. Thank you, Ensign. Carry on." then he turned around and headed back out of stellar cartography. When the doors closed behind him, he stopped for a moment to ponder about something, then he turned tot the right and headed back down the corridor to the closest turbolift. He tapped his badge, "Xiaoyen to Doctor P'Trane."
               "Go ahead, Captain." came P'Trane's voice over his commbadge.
               "I already tried Ensign Ketten. Nothing. Going to try a few more."
               "Hopefully I don't go nowhere with this...." he said to himself as he turned into another corridor to head to the closest turbolift.
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