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[JL Deniaud/Salieri] Game Night Rumble

USS Aldrin Personnel Recordings

by First Lieutenant Marielle Deniaud & Lieutenant Gideon Salieri
[Stardate ]

Login AUTHORS’ WARNING: The story involving Marielle Deniaud and Gideon Salieri involves adult situations and themes. It is designed to be read by adults and not intended for children. Caution is advised if any of the above is offensive. WARNING TO THE WARNING: You’ve been warned.

[Deniaud/Salieri] Collaboration Log
Stardate: 1703.29 [29 March, 2017]
Game Night Rumble

“One can say everything best over a meal.”
- George Eliot [Adam Bede]

“That’s utter bull!” Marielle exclaimed as she threw her cards on the table. She huffed as Sreagon grinned at her, his arms wrapping around the pot as he pulled the chips towards his growing stack. The engineer’s fork sliced into her pie with a bit more force, the metal hitting the porcelain plate with a loud and annoyed CLANK!

Gideon chuckled softly as he shook his head. “Did you really just miscount?” he asked with amusement. It was widely known that the engineer could do the math necessary to count cards, but the security team welcomed it to have her along. The half-Betazoid lifted a frosted mug to his lips, sipping the handmade sarsparilla gingerly.

She shrugged, her thoughts meandering aimlessly as she watched Cana shuffle the cards. Her mood was significantly calmer than her normal jovial levels. “Guess my head’s not in the game,” Marielle offered weakly as she slipped the bite of blueberry tequila lime filling into her mouth.

Cana snickered as she began to deal out the next hand. “Because Norwood Chase asked you out by means of singing telegram today?” She only laughed as Marielle groaned in response. Her brown eyes moved to meet the questioning gaze of the table occupants - Ryan Winnetka, Jessie Jessup, Jonathan Battey, Sreagon, Gideon Saleri. The nurse leaned forward as she placed five cards, face down, on the table. “Apparently, it was an acapella rendition of ‘Brown Eyed Girl’.”

“Pretty sure your eyes are green, Ellie,” smirked Jessup as he stated the obvious.

“That’s what I told him! He gave me some weird science mumbo jumbo about how my eyes could be brown depending on how our retinas perceive colour.” The men laughed as Marielle groaned and covered her face with her hands. After swallowing, her tongue darted out to wet her lips. “I can’t take it any more,” she muttered softly. “It’s like this entire ship has gone off their rockers.” Her hands dropped as she picked up her cards.

“Well, say you’re dating someone and it should stop,” Gideon said. He smirked over his cards at her, raising his brow in challenge.

“I should,” Marielle rolled her eyes as she stared at her cards. “I wish Erik was still around. He’d would scare the living daylights out of anyone even if I didn’t ask,” she laughed softly as she shook her head, “I think he’d actually enjoy it.” The engineer took another forkful of pie, silent until she swallowed.

Sreagon peered at her hopefully. “I’d be your boyfriend, Ellie.” He set his cards face down on the table and groaned softly as he placed his hands in his lap as he thought of kissing the engineer.

“Pfft. I’d do a better job of scaring them off, Ellie,” Jessie interjected as he shyly looked at Marielle. “We’d put on the whole act. Even take you out for dinner. To keep up appearances”

She threw in two chips into the pot before leaning forward and pointing a finger at Sreagon and Jessup. “Tu ne durera pas une minute avec moi. (You wouldn’t last one minute with me.)” Her eyes narrowed as she released a furious volley of words in French. “À quel genre de jeu jouez-tu, hein? Tu penses vraiment que je ne me rends pas compte de ce que tu fait? (What kind of game are you playing, huh? Do you really think I don’t realize what you’re doing?)” Marielle turned attention to the Rigelian. “Tu en particulier. Tu penses vraiment que tu agisses comme mon petit ami? Pfft. (You in particular. You really think you can act like my boyfriend?)”

“Harsh,” Gideon replied with a chuckle. He had no idea what she said but it sounded bad. In truth, he’d picked up a couple words, just based on how close they were to his native Italian and the lessons he’d been taking in French.

Jessup blinked. “Sorry?” he offered weakly.

The Rigelian blanched as his head fell onto the table. “Oh Gods,” he whined softly. “Make her stop. Wait. Don’t make her stop.” He shifted in his seat.

Cana laughed as she patted Sreagon’s back. “There, there,” she mockingly soothed. “Is Little Sreagon having a hard time?” She erupted in laughter with the rest of the security team.

Marielle sighed as she watched Cana flip over a card. She leaned over to Gideon, who consoled her with an arm around her shoulder. “I’m glad for the break though. Engineering has been a mess since we returned from that weirdo observatory.” She shifted in her seat so she could comfortably lean against his shoulder.

“I’m always a call away,” Gideon whispered to her.

The annoyance melted away instantly and she chuckled as she turned her head to look at him. “Yeah, but I hate to bother you,” she replied.

“You know better,” he chided her tenderly, winking as he dipped his finger into the cream topping of her pie and dabbed her nose with it.

The engineer giggled softly as her thumb came up to wipe the tip of her nose clean. The digit was put into her mouth, and she hummed at the taste of the freshly made whipped topping. “Can’t be helped,” she replied. “I know you’re busy.”

“I might like to be interrupted,” he said playfully as he squeezed her shoulder gently.

“You should be careful for what you ask for, Gideon,” Marielle warned with a shake of her head. She turned her attention to her cards as she continued to lean into the man by her side.

The nurse was still a bit sore that the betting pool had done nothing to bring the two together. It was growing by leaps and bounds every day. Cana rolled her eyes and looked down at her plate, fingers gripped at the bite-sized tart and flung it in Marielle’s direction. “Okay, lovebirds. Let’s keep the mush out of the game.”

Marielle gasped as the tart hit her on the head. The lemon curd filling falling onto her hair before it bounced and hit the floor. The engineer sat up, pulling away from Gideon’s side as she dropped her cards on the table and her hand came up to scoop the small bit of lemon curd off her hair. “What the hell, Cana?!”

The security officer tossed Cana a frown as he shook his head. “Really, Cana? Are you five?” Gideon reached up to pull a stray bit of the lemon dessert from Marielle’s black tendrils.

The nurse shrugged as she laughed behind her pitcher of beer. “What? You guys were getting all cutesy. It was sickening. Just bone and get it over with already.”

The engineer just glared at the nurse. Suddenly, she stood up and leaned over the table’s edge. Her hand came up just under the bottom of the pitcher as Cana was drinking, and Marielle tipped it up. She smirked as the nurse sputtered and stood up quickly, her chair tipping back as soon as her knees hit the edge. “Oops?”

Sreagon watched with widened eyes. “Catfight,” he whispered hopefully.

Cana’s arms were wide apart as she stared down at her dripping uniform. “Oh you’re so getting it!” The nurse’s hands moved to her sleeves as she attempted to pull them up.

Gideon swallowed away his embarrassment at Cana’s earlier comment and reached up for Marielle’s arm. “Hey, let’s get back to the game.” His eyes found Battey and motioned toward Cana.

“Bring it, Lush!” the engineer hissed as she shook her arm from Gideon’s grasp. With her free hand, she grabbed the remaining portion of her pie and tossed it at Cana. It hit the nurse square in the face. “Ha!” she exclaimed in triumph.

Jonathan stood up, laying his cards down to approach Cana. He paused as the food flew.

She cleaned her face with one swipe of her hand. Cana surged forward, hopping the table and leaping straight at Marielle just as the engineer jumped onto the table. The two became a tangled mess of limbs as they scratched and pulled hair.

Gideon stood up, staring at the two as he waited for an opportunity to break up the fight. If he wanted to break up the fight. He wasn’t sure just yet.

“I am so tired of your comments!” Marielle grinned triumphantly as her hand grabbed the pie from Battey’s plate and pressed it down Cana’s shirt.

Cana’s legs wrapped around Marielle’s waist as she flipped her over. The nurse growled and reached over to grab the large slice of key lime pie that Sreagon offered her. “Thank you, babe,” she winked at the Rigelian before turning her attention to the engineer between her legs. She lifted Marielle’s shirt and smeared the pie over her stomach. “My comments are hilarious, you wench!”

Rico Suave moved to stand next to Sreagon. “Is this really happening?” he breathed in as Marielle tore Cana’s sleeve.

“I- I’m so happy,” sobbed Mark Huntsman as he stood next to Ryan Winnetka.

“I’m a happily engaged man. I’m a happily engaged man. I’m a happily engaged man. I’m a happily engaged man,” Battey muttered to himself as he watched, frozen in place otherwise. He winced to himself and turned suddenly, walking quickly from the lounge.

“Prenez cette! (Take this!)” Marielle growled as she reached for the untouched pie on Gideon’s plate. “Aujourd’hui n’est pas le jour de gâcher avec moi! (Today is not the day to mess with me!)”

“Oh Gods,” muttered Sreagon and Suave at the same time, their mouths dropping open as they stared at her.

“Ryan!” Gideon shouted as he reached for Marielle. The half-Betazoid hoped that Winnetka would come to his senses and help him pull the women apart before things devolved further.

Marielle spun on her knees as Gideon’s hand grabbed her. Without thinking, she stared at him with a heated gaze. “J’ai dit de ne pas gâcher avec moi! (I said not to mess with me!)” she belted out as she smooshed the pie slice into his face.

The lounge was silent, everyone simply watching as Gideon stared up at Marielle. No one really knew who said it. The words had simply tumbled out from someone’s lips. “Food fight!” Immediately, bodies hit the deck as food was thrown.

He’d just been staring when Marielle shouted at him in French. Gideon barely had time to flinch his eyes closed before the pie engulfed his face. He’d let her go, his hand slowly coming up to wipe cream from his eyes so he could blink up at her. The security officer couldn’t decide if he wanted to smear the topping on Marielle or grab her and run.

She remained kneeling on the table as food flew past her. Her chest heaving as she stared down at him, dark green eyes focused on him despite the mess of action surrounding them. After several long seconds, her smile pulled at her features - warm and bright, but mischievous. The impish glint created happy wrinkles in the corner of her eyes. “Whoops?” she giggled softly. Marielle released a soft squeal of delight and she slid off the table and ran behind the display of untouched pies, ducking as a cookie flew over her head.

Bihraos jumped out of the kitchen, leaning against the bartop as he watched in horror. “No, stop that!”

Gideon flinched as a bit of errant pie hit him in the chest, shocking him out of his stupor. He blinked, looking around as he shook his hand free of excess cream. The security officer was able to simply follow Marielle’s laughter to seek her out. He glanced at the other officers in the lounge, shaking his head as he fought an inner struggle with himself. Bilbo would throw them out for sure. He wanted to stop the madness, but he knew it was already too far gone. So instead he wanted to keep Marielle from getting into trouble.

The engineer laughed softly as she kept the table between herself and Gideon when he approached her. She was covered in pie filling - blueberry, key lime, lemon cheesecake, strawberry, peach. She had gone all out for game night that night. Whipped topping clung to her hair and her uniform, pie crust crumbles topped her like sprinkles. “You weren’t eating your pie?” she offered weakly, giggling.

He looked her up and down, his hands on his hips. Gideon reached his hand down to her. “I got a bite thanks to you.”

She giggled as she tried to take her hand from his, stepping back as Gideon moved around the table. “You sure?” she laughed as filling hit her shoulder. With a cupped hand, she scraped a bit of filling from her arm and took a small step forward to press the mixture into his neck and cheek until it pushed into his mouth, her fingers lightly dusting over his lips. “Tasty, right?” she giggled softly.

He nipped at her fingers, licking his lips before surging forward and wrapping his arms around her. Gideon pressed himself fully against Marielle, wiping her face with the cream on his.

“Ack!” she giggled madly. She gripped at his uniform with one hand to pull herself to him while her face pulled away. Her eyes were squeezed shut as she released a warm lilting laugh. “Gideon! Ack!”

The Betazoid mix pulled back with one hand, his other arm still secure around the engineer’s waist. “Are you done?” he chuckled softly as he leered down at her. “There’s gonna be trouble,” Gideon warned.

Her breath stilled. Her tongue darted out to lick her lips, and she tasted a mixture of blueberries and lime. Briefly, her mind considered adding blueberries to her key lime pie recipe. Shaking her head, the engineer looked up at him challengingly. “Nope,” she childishly popped the ‘p’ to her answer. She reached to the table beside her and lifted the untouched pie and attempted to bring it up to smash into his face.

He couldn’t help but laugh as he leaned back, his free hand coming up as the pie hit him partially in the face. He managed to redirect the dessert, shoving it back in Marielle’s direction.

“Ah!” Her head turned to the side, laughing as the partially smashed pie pressed into her cheek. Her foot slid back as she tried to twist away, and the engineer found her footing unsteady as she stepped into a pile of filling on the ground. “AH!” she called out as she fell back, her laughter following her. Marielle fell with a loud OOOMPH!, and she grunted as Gideon’s weight knocked the wind out of her lungs. “Oh Gods,” she breathed out. “Heavy.”

Gideon had tried to land so that he didn’t end up on top of her, with all of his weight, anyway. “I’m sorry!” he said quickly as he shifted, straddling her hips as his hands felt her over for hurts. “You all right?” He hadn’t noticed his accelerated heartbeat as his eyes warmed upon looking down at Marielle. The security officer spread his knees wider as his hips pressed against hers. “Yes, I’m fine,” the engineer shook her head as she looked up at him, a bright smile making her food-covered face glow. Marielle’s chin lifted, her head turning so she could watch food fly overhead. The world was upside down for her from that position. Her attention returned to the security officer who pressed her firmly to the ground. She looked up at him, the expression in her eyes changing for a second. Her head lifted and shifted to the side as her tongue darting out to lick the filling off his face. “Mmm. I love my blueberry tequila lime pie,” she muttered, her tongue darting out to lick her lips clean.

His eyes had widened at the lick, cobalt irises darting to her green. Gideon pulled his knees together slightly to be sure she didn’t feel anything she might not want to. He groaned softly as a flush crept up his neck. The half-Betazoid was frozen, suddenly wanting nothing more than to crush her in his arms and taste the pie from her lips.

The darkness in her hues seemed to disappear almost instantly, vibrant green eyes remained locked on the richness of his blue. She said nothing for a long while as she listened to the beating of her heart as it overwhelmed her ears. Her thoughts were a jumble, and her eyes darted to his lips. “On a scale of one to ten, where am I on the trouble scale?” she finally asked after she cleared her throat. Her voice was soft, filled with unknown emotion.

The question jolted him from his thoughts and Gideon blinked down at her. Glancing around before he sat up and pulled Marielle into a seated position in front of him, the security officer whispered for her. “Forty-two. We need to make a break for it.”

She chuckled softly. “You’d run away with me and leave your men?” the engineer asked as she sat up and took a moment to look around. Her green eyes landed on the Andorian behind the bar, guilt easily surging at the troubled look that graced his blue features. “Man. Food fights when you’re a kid are far more fun when you’re not as worried about feeling guilty,” she sighed.

He’d been about to answer when his eyes followed hers. Frowning, Gideon nodded as he looked back at Marielle. “Looks like we need to face the music.” He leaned back, pushing himself to his feet before helping the engineer to her feet.

The Andorian raised his hands, trying to get someone’s attention. “Security!” he shouted. “That’s it! You’re done!”

At the sound of the Andorian’s booming voice, the food fight and laughter stopped.

“Aww! Bilbo!”

“Come on! It’s not that bad!”

“Say it ain’t so, Bilbo!”

“No!” Bihraos belted out, his blue complexion growing purple with his frustration and rage. “No! No more! I can’t take it anymore! No more game nights! No more security!”

The security team stared at each other, unsure of what to do.

“Bihraos,” Marielle’s arms were out as she carefully walked towards the Andorian at the bar. Her eyes were trained on the floor as she avoided the large globs of filling on the ground. “Come on, Bihraos.” She slipped and landed on her behind just as she reached the bar, and the engineer released an embarrassed laugh.

Gideon hissed toward the guys that just stood there milling around. “Start cleaning up!” He shoved at the nearest officers, Sreagon and Jessup, pushing them into motion.

The Andorian peered over the bar counter, watching as the engineer lifted herself back up to her feet and began walking around the bar to reach him. “Oh no! You can’t sweet talk your way out of this one!”

Marielle only giggled softly as she reached the clean ground behind the bar. She took a tentative step and was happy to see that her boots had enough friction to keep her from sliding. “Come on, Bihraos,” she urged again, her tone almost cavity-inducing sweet. The engineer’s hands clasped behind her back.

Bihraos crossed his arms over his chest. “No.” He flustered at the engineer.

The Andorian was only a few centimeters taller than her, so Marielle bent her back a bit to look shorter. She took a small step to close the distance between them and looked up at him through her lashes. “Come on, Bihraos. It’s me. Ellie. You adore me. Love me, even. What can I do to make this up to you?” she asked. “Aside from cleaning up this mess.”

“And, there she goes,” Cana chuckled as she picked up a plate and placed it on the table.

“Every one of you is on notice,” Gideon glared toward each of them in turn. His finger found Cana. “Yours is final.” The half-Betazoid picked up a pie tin.

The nurse turned to Gideon and shrugged. “Fine, Giddy. Fine.” She slipped a bit but caught herself with a table. Cana turned in time to see Marielle hugging the Andorian behind the bar. “Huh. What I would give for that sort of power.”

His gaze wandered over the guys as they cleaned up what they could. Gideon watched Marielle and the Andorian, wondering what they ended up agreeing to.

Marielle leaned back, her hands on Bihraos’ shoulders as she leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek. “You’re an absolute gem!” she giggled softly.

The Andorian huffed as he turned his head to the side, his face flushed purple. “Yeah. Yeah. Remember. Three nights a week. For a month! At least!” he called out to her as she made her way from the bar to the food-covered security officers.

The security officers stared at the engineer as she made her way to them. They looked hopefully at Marielle as she slid along the floor, in a graceful manner oddly enough. “So,” Winnetka started slowly.

The engineer bent over, picked up two plates, and stacked them together. “You guys still have game night,” she reassured as she continued picking up plates. She giggled at the resounding cheer that filled the lounge. “Come on. Let’s clean up.”

“What’s three nights a week?” Gideon asked cautiously.

Marielle straightened, thanking Steven Klein as he took the small stack of plates from her hands. The engineer turned to Gideon as she shrugged. “He asked for dance lessons,” she replied softly so that the others couldn’t hear her. The Andorian was already cranky, and she didn’t need the other men snickering. She had a feeling it’d just send Bihraos over the edge.

The raised his brows, glancing quietly toward the kitchen before glancing back at Marielle. “You didn’t have to do that for us.” Gideon stepped closer, his hand finding her shoulder and rubbing along the back of her neck to rest across her other shoulder.

She shivered at the movement, her face flushing pink briefly. Marielle only shrugged. “I escalated things,” the engineer explained. “It’s the least I could do.” Her eyes swept over the security team, watching as they laughed while they cleaned. “Beside,” she started softly as she looked up at Gideon, “game night is important for you.” Especially after Malahakir. The words were left unspoken.

He squeezed her shoulder gently, leaning down to kiss her forehead. “I’ll make it up to you,” he said quietly.

The engineer grinned up at him. “Great. No brig time then. Okay!”

Gideon’s expression hardened slightly and he shook his head. “You’re on notice too, young lady.” A wink revealed his attempt at lightening the mood. He watched as she giggled and pulled away to help the rest of the team clean, following her lead. “Although, I think I started it,” he muttered to himself with a devilish grin.

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