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Nightmares. SL by Lt Gideon Salieri

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by Lieutenant Gideon Salieri
[Stardate ]


Gideon Salieri groaned softly as the black faded away, pushed out of his mind by the light streaming in from his bedroom window.  The sigh he released was followed by the fluttering of his eyelids as he tensed, staring at the unfamiliar wooden slats on the ceiling overhead.  Gideon gave a confused grunt before blinking again and sitting upright suddenly, his head swivelling to take in the foreign space.  Cobalt irises focused on the woman sitting quietly in a wingback chair before the half-Betazoid let a ragged breath pass his lips and he relaxed.  “I had nightmares,” Gideon said quietly, more a statement than a question for the elderly Bajoran.  “I’m sorry,” he muttered, reaching up to grip at his sweat stained t-shirt.  He didn’t remember using the hypospray of luenalin, but knew that he was experiencing the waking affects of the drug.

The white haired woman only smiled warmly as she shook her head.  “You are not to apologize, hear me?”  Treska Bacna Salieri arched her eyebrows as she leaned forward slightly, her hand reaching out to rest over her grandson’s.  At his nod, she nodded as well.  “What do you dream of?” the Bajoran asked quietly.

The security officer furrows his brows as he tilted his chin toward his grandmother.  “Why would you want to hear about it?”  Gideon had a tough enough time telling Erik Vaeros what was going on in his head, especially since the Draconian could already see it all.  For that small reprieve, Gideon was glad Niels Rocha was certifiably incompetent.  The half-Betazoid had no desire to be in his own head, let alone bring anyone into the darkness with him.

“It’s how we heal, Gideon.”  Nonna squeezed her fingers over his and then leaned back into the chair.  She folded her fingers together and rested her hands on her lap.  “You were having a hard time, I came in and watched over you, used the hypo that you mentioned last night.”  Bacna motioned to the injector on the nightstand.  “Is El the same woman we talked about so many months ago?”

Gideon slid back down so that he was resting on his side, the comforter pulled up and gathered under his chin.  He nodded once and sighed softly as he explained.  “There was a woman who saw to my wounds, they murdered her in front of me for helping.  She looked like Marielle.”  The Betazoid mix closed his eyes as he shook his head.  “I saw Marielle in her, in the kindness she showed me.  I couldn’t-”  He swallowed at the lump growing in his throat, a soft sigh steadying his voice.  “After I got back, I couldn’t see Marielle without seeing Morha, I had to ask her to stay away because seeing Marielle just sent me over the edge.”

The Bajoran woman hummed softly as she listened.  “Must have been hard asking someone you love to stay away.”

The security officer sputtered, sitting up quickly as he shook his head.  “Whoa, we’re friends- I think.”  Gideon frowned, his eyes tracing down to the comforter before glancing back up at Nonna.

“You can love your friends, Gideon.  It’s allowed,” she replied with a wink.  The Bajoran stood up from the chair.  “Get up, get dressed.  We’ll have breakfast and then we’re going to the vineyard today.”

Gideon’s eyes followed her as he gently tossed the covers aside.  “Yours?” he asked cautiously.

Nonna shook her head, calling over her shoulder as she stepped out of his childhood room.  “The Salieris.”  An audible groan filled the space behind her and Bacna chuckled softly.  “I know, kid,” she whispered.  “We’ll get it out of the way and be back here before you know it.”  She sighed softly as she eased down the stairs.  Her ex-husband’s family were not pleasant people, but they deserved to see Gideon after what had happened and the shuttle ride to and from would provide plenty of opportunity to talk with her favorite grandson.
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