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On The Spot Holiday Counselor

USS Aldrin Personnel Recordings

by Commander Suavek
[Stardate ]

On The Spot Holiday Counselor

By Commander Suavek

With Approved Cameo By Lieutenant Commander Kato Ty

Note: This is a side log away from the current plot. I didn't think the plot would be going into the holidays so I had this log typed over a month ago so please bear with me and treat it as a side story, completely. Thank you. - Commander Suavek

               Suavek looked at the chronometer on the side of the Captain's chair arm and saw that it was two minutes until the next shift. He looked back to the turbolift and saw the doors open and out walked the ship's new second officer, Lieutenant Commander Kato Ty, just minutes before the next shift would walk in. He walked over to him and stood before him.
               "Good evening, Commander," said Kato in a very firm but almost monotonous voice, "I'm here to take over."
               "Your shift does not begin for another seventy-two seconds, Mister Kato," he responded, then looked up at his face to see a slightly puzzled expression, "However, I will overlook this inconsistency in your current grasp of time."
               Kato pursed his lip, finally getting that Suavek had actually made a joke, or a Vulcan approximation of one, and nodded, "Thank you, sir."
               Suavek stood up, tugged down on his uniform jacket, and gestured to the chair, "All systems nominal," he looked behind him after hearing the turbolift doors open again, and seeing an out pour of crew come out, "Beta shift, you are relieved. Gamma shift, please take your duty stations," then he looked back to Kato again, "Science is currently running a passive sensor sweep. Do you have any questions, Commander?"
               Kato shook his head, "No sir."
               "Very well, then the bridge is yours," he nodded to the tactical officer, then turned around to head into the turbolift. His journey to his quarters was quick and quiet as always. When he entered, he walked to his replicator, "Lommeck tea, eighty degrees celsius," when the drink materialized onto the replicator platform, he took it, sipped from it, and took it over to his desk nearby. He started accessing reports and started to read them one by one. After sifting through a list, he raised an eyebrow. He looked up, "Computer, where is Lieutenant Nayeli Galvez?"
               The computer beeped, "Lieutenant Galvez is in on deck ten, Slap Shot Lounge."
               He stood up and decided to walk down there himself. When he entered, he looked around and saw that it was mostly empty, but he saw Lieutenant Nayeli Galvez, who is a team leader on Commander Kato's security staff, sitting at the back corner by a window, staring at a drink that seemed half-empty. Not really paying much mind past her expression, he approached her, "Lieutenant, if I may inquire something of you...."
               She seemed distracted. Nayeli Galvez was a young human female who, by her bio, resided in Miami, Florida on Earth. She was twenty-eight, tanned, and had long dark solid hair in a ponytail. After a few seconds, she looked up, "Huh? Oh, I'm sorry, oh, Commander," she straightened up her posture, "I was... lost in thought. What... What can I do for you at this hour, sir?"
               "I noticed your latest report on your team evaluation lacked detail on the status of their efficiency. I would advise you to add more details then re-submit it. You may at your earliest convenience. However, I will add that sooner is preferable."
               She nodded softly, "Aye... Sir...." she paused again, "I'm.... I'm sorry. Of course, I'll get on it. Right away, sir."
               He nodded to her, "I appreciate the assurance. Goodnight." he turned around and started back towards the exit.
               "Commander?" she asked him, causing him to stop where he was about fifteen feet away. When she saw him turn around, she gave a slightly nervous smile, "Can I ask you something?"
               "What is it, Lieutenant?"
               "Well, if I may.... Uhm...."
               Suavek saw her hesitance, then ultimately decided to walk back towards her, starting to become curious, "Is something troubling you, Miss Galvez?"
               She continued to slowly build her hesitance, but she eventually spoke, "May I have your permission to speak freely, sir?"
               He raised an eyebrow, then put his hands behind his back, "You may."
               "Well, I know Vulcans aren't big on.... You know, putting yourselves out there to date and pursuing the aspect of love and all that. I mean, Vulcans of course have their mating practices, but don't make a big thing about romance... And-"
               "Please," Suavek interrupted, "If you would get to the point of your question..."
               "Uhm," she exhaled. She looked from left to right, then leaned towards him and said in a low toned voice, "You see, Ensign Murellen 104 and I have been dating for the past three months. And.... s/he's been very.... Distant with me lately. I tried confronting hir about why and s/he got upset and told me s/he needed space. Now I don't know what to do because s/he is the best thing that happened to me in a long time. I mean, I've never been this happy... Then suddenly s/he wants to stop what we've got going? What should I do?"
               Suavek had to admit, he was surprised to get such a question from someone at all, regardless of race or gender. Still, he knew he had a duty to say something, so he did, "Lieutenant, I believe this sort of inquiry is best suited for a counselor. Perhaps I can contact Counselor Hinoyama for you and set up an appointment?"
               "I don't mean to put this kind of question on you sir, but it's just... It's the holidays... And to feel I have to go through Christmas and maybe even New Years without hir, it's something I can't seem to get off my mind at this time."
               "It still puzzles me to encounter the common Non-Vulcan predilection for romantic and or intimate consistency with a mate during this time of the year..." he said in a low tone to himself.
               "Commander?" she said, not completely hearing what he muttered just then.
               Suavek looked at her with an exhale, then took it upon himself to sit across from her at her table, folding his hands in front of himself, "Lieutenant, you may be surprised to find that I am more understanding than you would assume."
               "Yes. But I would rather not be the one to advise you on this topic. Once again, I am not a counselor."
               Galvez nodded slowly. Then her expression became serious instead of one of being in a daze, "You're right, sir. I shouldn't let anyone affect how I live, either as a person, and especially a Starfleet officer. I promise you, I won't give you a reason to question my productivity."
               "That is assuring to know," Suavek said, then stood up, "Now if there is nothing further, I will leave you to reflect upon our conversation. Goodnight, Miss Galvez."
               "Sir? May I ask you one more question?" she asked him before he could start back towards the exit again.
               He tilted his head, then nodded and said hesitantly, "You may...."
               "Are you married?"
               "Yes, I am."
               She gave a faint smile, "Must be nice. If there's one thing I've learned about Vulcan mating practices, it's about how the harmony works between husbands and wives. The understandings, the homeostasis of it all. I'm sure it's something to envy...."
               ".... I will say this. With bearing in mind the risk of delving too deep into my personal life, I can verify with confidence that my connection with my wife has always been consistent and strong. It does not work with all betrothals and marriages though. But that is for another conversation."
               "I understand, sir...." she told him.
               Suavek noticed a pause, then he chose to break it, "Is that all?"
               "Huh? Oh yes, thank you sir. I'm.... sorry for taking up your time. You've been very kind." she said with a smile.
               "You are welcome. Goodnight." he finally started towards the door again.
               "Oh, and one more thing, Commander?" she said as he was halfway across the room again. She could tell he was starting to get somewhat annoyed in a Vulcan way if that made any sense, with her, but she smiled bashfully anyway as he turned around slowly to look at her again with the same drab Vulcan expression, "Lieutenant Ryan is throwing a party in her quarters for Christmas tomorrow. Would you like to attend?"
               "I do not observe Earth traditions, Lieutenant. At least, not to that magnitude," he nodded to her, then turned around. As he approached the doorway to go back into the corridor, he turned around then looked to her again, "Thank you though." he said to her in a slightly raised tone so he could be heard. He saw her smile back, then turned around again and headed back on a path towards his quarters.

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