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  Commander Suavek, SD
Executive Officer's Log Stardate 201812.17
Duty Log
Commander Suavek
Executive Officer
Stardate 201812.17

            As we held position, we came across what appeared to be a disabled shuttlecraft of unknown configuration off the starboard bow. I asked Commander Kato why he didn't detect that earlier. He had explained that the shuttle's power was deactivated. Combined with our lack of active scanning capability, it would be extremely difficult to detect a ship that doesn't have a power signature or a warp signature. He attempted to bypass the issues dictated by the ghost being that appeared by using only passive scans. 
            The Captain decided to order Kato to bring the shuttle in via tractor beam. Kato attempted to use the passive sensors, but they were not enough to guide the tractor emitters for targeting. He suggested to maneuver the ship accordingly with thrusters since our impulse engines were non-operational. Making haste, the Captain ordered him to work on it while I take a security team to the shuttlebay. I took team four.
            When I entered with the team, the shuttle somehow maneuvered on its own into the shuttlebay and landed right before us. It seemed to be carried by a team of at least twenty ghost-type manifestations of humanoid beings. They also somehow managed to get through our pressurization shielding. As the shuttle was left, they disappeared, leaving the security team and myself rather baffled. 
            We do not know whether it is safe to proceed with some sort of investigation into the shuttle yet. I had assumed Commander Kato had found a way to utilize the tractor beam without harming the aliens, but he said he had not even had time to attempt configuring it, let alone utilize yet. 
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