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  Commander Suavek, SD
Executive Officer's Log Stardate 201812.3
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Commander Suavek
Executive Officer
Stardate 201812.3

                Commander Kato relieved me at the tactical post to resume his duties. Apparently, the modifications he made bore no effect toward the relief of our situation. By that time we had received multiple reports throughout the ship that ghost-like manifestations of the crew were appearing at random. Along with him, I was monitoring the security communications. There was a point where an image appeared next to him that looked exactly like him, except mildly translucent and levitating. I could not hear what he was saying but Kato could. He was very apprehensive in his own way about the image, but the Captain advised him to stay calm and continue to communicate with him.
                The image told him that our scans were harming him and his people. They appeared to be some sort of race that is able to manifest themselves as some sort of noncoporeal type of being with certain coporeal properties to their existence. We are still in the midst of finding more about this mysterious race. For now, we have also determined that they have the ability to manipulate our technology. They had admitted destroying the Mariposa as well as turn off our scans and Kato's console in the process. 
                Perhaps the more we find out from the aliens will aid us into determining our next course of action in this situation.
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