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Quick Briefing After A Pickup

USS Aldrin Personnel Recordings

by Commander Suavek & Lieutenant Commander Kato Ty
[Stardate ]

Quick Briefing After A Pickup

Joint Log By Commander Suavek and Lieutenant Commander Kato Ty

                  Suavek was standing in the observation lounge which was completely vacant after a short meeting of the senior staff. He agreed to stay there and wait for the arrival of the ship's new chief of security and tactical since Lieutenant Morgensen had to suddenly take an extended sabbatical from Starfleet, one that required him to officially depart from the crew and in effect, open his department head spot. Suddenly he heard the door at the back end of the room open. He turned around as he stood by the window then saw two people walk in. One was Ensign Duray and the other was a young Bajoran with solid brown hair and a chiseled jaw. 
                  "Commander Suavek?" said Duray, who was a Kobliad female in her early twenties who was an engineer but was one of a few emergency helmspeople on the crew for relief, "Lieutenant Commander Kato."
                 He looked to the Bajoran, nodded, then looked to Duray, "Thank you Ensign. You may go now." she acknowledged his command, turned around and walked out of the room.
                  "Lieutenant Commander Kato Ty, reporting as ordered, Commander." said the Bajoran, going to attention with his bag over his shoulder.
                  Suavek nodded, "At ease, Commander Kato," when he saw the man go to ease, he extended his hand to his new subordinate, "I am the executive officer. I apologize for Captain Shayron not being present to greet you for your arrival. She was required to make some communiques that were essential to the success of our upcoming mission."
                  "I understand, sir." Kato told him.
                  "If you would please sit down, Commander," said Suavek, gesturing to the chair next to him. He took the seat across from him which was also closest to him, then folded his hands, placed on top of the table as he continued, after Kato took the seat across, "First I wish to say welcome to the Aldrin. I appreciate the haste you made in getting here after our captain put in a request for a new department head."
                  "Thank you, sir."
                  "I trust your trip aboard the Baxter was smooth?"
                  "Yes, sir. Thank you."
                  Suavek nodded, "I will briefly explain the basis of our mission, Commander. We have received a distress call from the USS Mariposa. Are you familiar with that ship?"
                  "No sir, I believe I am not."
                  "The ship was conducting studies out of a nebula in sector 4082 within the Gavari Expanse. The distress call stated that there were some sort of beings that took on the forms of some of the crew and caused certain dangerous situations within the ship. It did not go beyond that, but we did get some of their preliminary sensor data. They felt it was as result of their proximity to the nebula. We have been ordered to investigate and if possible, save the crew and of course, preserve the vessel. Do you have any questions, Mister Kato?"
                  The young Bajoran took a deep breath in, then exhaled, "No, sir. As an experienced tactical officer I'd make any number of assumptions on what you've given me already. Of course, without being there or going over all the data myself, I can't really give you any possible solutions yet."     
                  "Sir, this brings up something I read during my days at the academy."
                  "Commander?" Suavek said curiously.
                  "Well, I read that during one of the first missions of the Enterprise-D, they traveled very far and I mean really far, due to some sort of mishap that occurred on the part of a warp specialist and his assistant when they were conducting tests to optimize the speed output of their warp drive. When they did their first trial, they traveled a speed that apparently was way faster than multiple times the velocity of transwarp and ended up not only out of our immediate galaxy, but past two others into another."
                  "Go on." 
                  "Not long after they got there, they tried getting back here and when they first tried, they couldn't duplicate the initial trial and ended up just traveling at standard warp speed into a part of that galaxy that was some sort of nebula that caused something along the lines of what you're telling me. Those manifestations, if handled incorrectly, could have caused a lot of danger for the crew. Fortunately, they weren't affected that badly and obviously were able to get back here in the end."
                  Suavek raised an eyebrow at him, "So... you believe this could be a likely similar scenario?"
                  "Of course not, sir," Kato insisted, "I wouldn't ever come to such a conclusion without more analysis.... But it sounds like this story is too similar to not consider as a possible explanation for the Mariposa. If I may make an immediate suggestion? To potentially at least increase our chances to minimize the possibility of that happening to us."
                  "You may." Suavek said out of curiosity.
                  "I went over the sensor data that was made available in the LCARS database archives to work on a static shielding thesis for my advanced tactics class during my junior year at the academy. I feel that if we use a certain reverse modulation of the protonic ions used in the power emissions from the shield grid, we should be able to deflect such transmissions into any organic neurons. That way we can be able to effectively discount them from being mental manifestations like they were to the Enterprise-D crew."
                  "Curious...." Suavek commented, "To use a reverse polarity configuration in a shield grid would require a re-modulation of the anodes in the power grid that links the ship's deuterium injectors with the shield array. That could take hours. Plus you would have to show me your computer simulation results before I could even approve such an action."
                  Kato took a PADD out of his pocket and gave it to Suavek, "I have thought of that, sir. I used the information I had for the Aldrin and computed that into a simulation I conducted before I left the Odyssey and put the results in that document. I'm very familiar with your ship's systems. They're not that different than the standard Galaxy-Class ships, at least not when it comes down to their basic principle configurations. I can get the work done in an hour if I had sufficient help. Maybe one or two other engineers?"
                  Suavek looked over the data, then when he heard Kato stop speaking, he looked at him with a slight pause, then put the PADD down, "Very well. From what I can see from how you calibrated the anode circuitry complexes, I believe it won't affect power on the rest of the ship or how other systems operate. I will inform the Captain of your.... ere of caution. In the meantime, go to main engineering and use whatever staff you need once there. Our crew is quite efficient. Ensign Royo will be able to man the tactical station until you finish."
                  The young Bajoran nodded, "Aye sir."
                  "I must commend you for how thorough you work. Your record stated your level of efficiency was in the 90th percentile. I.... look forward to what you can contribute to the crew in the days ahead."
                  "I... appreciate that, sir. I hope I can live up to those words." 
                  Suavek nodded, "See that you do. Dismissed."

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