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Executive Duty Time

USS Aldrin Personnel Recordings

by Commander Suavek
[Stardate ]

Executive Duty Time

By Commander Suavek

               The Aldrin had been aiding planet Ceti Delta III for the past few days. Since Suavek had not had time to compose a full duty schedule since before they went underway to answer the planet's distress call, which was something executive officers were supposed to do quickly after they board a ship for the first time, he finally took the time to start working on his first official rounds as an executive officer.
               One of his first duties was to compose a completely formal duty roster as he had been assigning people daily based on his reasoning. He knew it would save time if he would compose schedules at least a month in advance so he decided keep the helmswoman he left in command up on the bridge and divert to his quarters to work. 
               The first thing he had to do was pick a department and check on their status. He was in a lower deck so he decided to go first to main engineering. When he entered, there were not a lot of people because several engineers on duty were still on the planet completing the last pieces of the relief process, sent by the Captain once the situation was cleared of danger. He remembered that Lieutenant Junior Grade Culler, a Bolian junior officer, was currently the engineering duty officer in charge. He was a capable officer who had a specialty in warp plasma manifolds, but he had a tendency to talk more than many others. 
               Culler was talking about something that was not work related as he climbed down from the second level onto the main level. When he turned around and saw Suavek, he seemed somewhat startled, but smiled nonetheless, "Oh, Commander, hello. What can I do for you, sir?"
               "I am here checking on the status of the department." Suavek told him.
               "Oh, well, I've just completed a survey of the ODN junctions all within the secondary hull."
               "The network is working at peak efficiency."
               Suavek paused for a moment, "..... I am not questioning the efficiency of your work, Lieutenant. However, I am curious as to what your definition of peak efficiency is."
               "Oh I'm sorry, sir. Yes, well, I have not seen any circuitry discrepancies. The connection is completely intact throughout the network. It will all be in my report to you when I'm done going over the circuitry network in the primary hull... Which I was just about to get started on, sir."
               Suavek nodded, "Very well. Did you work on the phase inducer manifold analysis yet?"
               "Er, yes, sir. Engineering teams three and six are working on that as we speak. Ensign Vaykos told me she was going to work on junctions 3-L through 9-B while Lieutenant J'kets is going to take the second lateral sets."
               "Well done. I look forward to reading your complete assessment. Carry on, Lieutenant." then he turned around and proceeded back out of main engineering.
               "Uh, Commander?" Culler said, causing Suavek to turn around to look at him curiously. When he saw he had his superior officer's attention, he smiled, "Coming to the Halloween Party tonight?"
               Suavek raised an eyebrow at him, "No, I am not."
               "Oh, I see. It's not very.... Logical, to observe such an occasion I guess..."
               He then took the time to face him completely and put his hands behind his back, "Lieutenant, though I can understand why you would make such an assumption, you assume incorrectly in my case. I have determined my tasks have been far too great in amount to make ample time to attend the party you mentioned. Believe it or not, I am quite aware of the predilection widely held by a very vast demographic of the general population to observe random occasions for various reasons. Such tradition often illicits levity and boosts crew morale. A reasoning which many within my race tend to not understand. I do not speak out of a smug mentality, just from my own sense of..... logic."
               The look went from a slight smile to a look of slight concern on the young Lieutenant's face. It was as if he felt he spoke out of turn and Suavek made him know it. He nodded immediately, "Right. Sorry sir."
               "There is no need to apologize, Lieutenant. I find the question... considerate," he nodded to him, "As you were." then he turned around and left again. Next stop for him was sickbay.
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