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Derelict Ship Aftermath

USS Aldrin Personnel Recordings

by Commander Suavek
[Stardate ]

Derelict Ship Aftermath

By Commander Suavek

           Suavek was sitting in his XO’s chair on the bridge. Captain Shayron was on the planet evaluating herself the final assessments of the planetary relief’s status. He looked at the report he had just compiled at his console. After seeing that it was close to completion, he signed it off, then looked up, “Lieutenant,” he said to the helmswoman at the helm console, “I am going to science lab three. Please take command.”
           “Aye sir.” Said Lieutenant Nakia Johnson, who was a beta shift helmswoman.
           He came down to the science lab and entered. When he arrived at Dr. Veria’s office, he saw her standing in front of her display screen which was at the back of her somewhat small office. Dr. Veria was a very slender and tall Andorian woman who stood about 5’10 with long and smooth white hair that gave just enough room to show her regal antennae. From the quick glance of his view once he walked in, he could tell that she was running an amino acid series. Once she noticed he was there, her antennae moved, then she turned around.
           “Ah, Commander,” she began in a very calm and almost naturally sultry tone, “Good.”
           “Report, Doctor.” said Suavek, now taking his moment to walk through the doorway.
           She nodded, then turned back around to face the display screen, “If you recall, we had determined there were a lot of ribonucleic and molecular similarities between the composition within the power cells of the weapons of the assailant’s ship as well as with the weapons that we found in the wreckage,” she tapped a few functions to change a few screens, then zoomed into some of the sequences, “If you notice here, there is a 99.89% match in the ribonucleic sequence composition analysis as well as polymer comparative series.”
           Suavek raised an eyebrow, “So…. What you have surmised is that the weapons of the patient and what is used to power the weapons are made of the same exact materials of what composes the ship’s bulkheads.”
           “It would seem so, sir…” Veria said.
           “And you have confirmed this in entirety?”
           He took a moment to raise an eyebrow silently, "Please submit your report immediately once complete. I trust Starfleet Science will be fascinated as to your findings as I have already become. I must admit, on that note, I personally look forward to reading your final report. Good work, Lieutenant."
           She nodded lightly, "Thank you, sir. My report will be complete by the end of the day."
           Suavek nodded back to her, then left the lab. 

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