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  Commander Suavek, SD
Executive Officer's Log Stardate 201810.22
Duty Log
Commander Suavek
Executive Officer
Stardate 201810.22

           I have continued my deliberations as a member of the away team I am currently leading at the now derelict ship while the relief effort on the planet continues. The Captain insisted I be the officer to coordinate this mission due to her assessment of the importance of knowing the source of our adversaries origin, despite the inherent dangers everyone on the planet surface faced during the current situation. As I had stated in previous log entries, I have taken five crewmen over to the ship to investigate and assess the wreckage of the destroyed ship. Once again to re-iterate, I have taken the following crewmen:

-          Dr. (Lieutenant) Veria ch’Shelliretten (Sciences)
-          Lieutenant Sy Maris (Engineering)
-          Lieutenant Portia Baum (Engineering)
-          Lieutenant Junior Grade Vyshokk (Security/Tactical)
-          Ensign Grimaldim 308 (Security/Tactical)


          We came to the higher corridor which would be, by our assessment, their equivalent of their main bridge, somehow consolidated with an armory. There were many firearms in the wreckage. All we needed was one so I began to run a metallurgical analysis on the weapons. Lieutenant Baum notified me of their warp engine system which also bore a similar configuration to our anti-matter/matter type of engine so she provided me a sample of the alloys from inside the engine chasm. I compared the two and found that they were composed of most of the same alloys and atomic makeup. Along with Dr. Veria’s assistance, we ran a full analysis on the two and found them to be of the same exact alloys and makeup. The complete results aren’t finalized yet, however I am going to see Dr. Veria in her office shortly after to confirm our findings.


           Once we come to a conclusion, we will immediately report everything to Captain Shayron. I believe the Captain has an indication of our next assignment which she will tell me once I bring the completed report to her. For now, we are maintaining our position over the planet.
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