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The Plane (Vulcannis Two, Vol. 6)

USS Aldrin Personnel Recordings

by Commander Suavek
[Stardate ]

The Plane

By Commander Suavek

              Suavek was knelt in front of the shrine to the Vulcan god Omel. Omel was a god who was known for bearing a wisdom beyond any other god in the continuum. It was often him that Vulcans prayed to for guidance when they felt their logic was waning. He had done a considerable amount of reading from the texts of O'thia. Not even a month in, he had already learned more about Vulcan Logic ritual than he had in the past decade of his life. With his hands together in a steeple position and his eyes closed, he did what any other Vulcan would do when meditating, keep his thoughts clear. 
              "You have failed me again, Suavek." came a solid and clear deep-toned voice from some location. 
              He opened his eyes to look around and see if someone was there. The voice was eerily familiar. It took several seconds, but he could not help but realize that the voice sounded a lot like his father, Xenak's. After a visual scan from left to right, he raised a curious eyebrow, then closed his eyes and attempted to focus his thoughts again. He even took a silently deep breath, then exhaled in as quiet and gentle a fashion as possible.
              "Your sense of logic is so poor, that you cannot even regain focus when you meditate."
              Suavek opened his eyes again and looked to the left where one entrance was into the cave. There was no one there. Then he looked to the right towards the closer entrance and saw no one there. Then to the left of that where there was a third entrance. Suddenly, he saw a shadow moving towards him. He tilted his head in curiosity, then saw the image of a man emerge from it. It was none other than his father, Xenak. He was alive and well, dressed in a Starfleet fleet admiral's uniform. When he fully came into sight, he put his hands behind his back and folded them there. He could not help but furrow his eyebrows in complete surprise, "Father?"
              "Yes, I am here." said Xenak.
              "You are dead. I went with Mother and my children to say a prayer for you when you were in the morgue."
              Xenak shook his head, "Always thinking in completely linear terms. You still have not attained a firm enough grasp of corporeal vs non-corporeal existence within the universe?"
              He raised an eyebrow, "You are a non-corporeal manifestation of my father?"
              Xenak sighed, "You still have much to learn, Suavek," he tilted his head, "I blame myself for not paying closer attention to your studies of logic and the ways of our people. I should have been more stern with you. I should have brought more scrutiny towards your rearing from an earlier age. Instead I chose to minimize my contact with you since I felt you were far too emotional for my preference. It is not your fault why you have come here. But it is futile to place blame after events had already transpired. I will help you on this journey... as I should have a long time ago."
              Suavek raised both his eyebrows, again in curiosity, almost shock, "You will?"
              "Yes," his father nodded, "I cannot allow my son to allow himself to go astray from achieving peace any longer," he stepped closer towards Suavek and looked him directly into his eyes, "I will supplement the Vulcan Priestess's teachings, and-"
              "Suavek?" came the voice of T'Mir.
              He looked to his right and saw that she was standing there for some time but he did not realize how she got there without him noticing first. He almost was startled in his own way, but he tried not to show it even though that was pretty much true.
              "To whom are you speaking with?" she asked him.
              He looked to his left again and saw that the image of his father had disappeared as if he was never there. Even though he realized that his father's manifestation had disappeared, he could not help but feel that it was so real, as if he had really just spoke to him. He looked back to her, "I.... Must have had a vision of some sort."
              "Of your father?"
              Suavek nodded, "Yes."
              T'Mir nodded, "You have achieved a new plateau of logic. It is called the plane. When one starts to re-focus his or her own psyche, the plane is where they begin. You may experience some visions throughout the process, some of which may seem quite vivid. However, it is up to you how to interpret them and how to respond," she took the flame that was in her hand, then lit another cave wall light with it, then looked back to Suavek, "Though your path is still quite far ahead, this is a true notation of progress." then she nodded and proceeded out of the cave.
              All he could do as he watched her leave was raise an eyebrow.

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