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  Commander Suavek, SD
Executive Officer's Log Stardate 201809.17
Duty Log
Commander Suavek
Executive Officer
Stardate 201809.17

                The Aldrin arrived at Ceti Delta III and when the ship dropped out of warp, we found that the planet was being fired upon by an alien ship. It was a ship of an unknown configuration. The Captain told me to communicate with the planet and we became connected to the planet's governor. He told us that whoever they were, they just started attacking them without provocation or reason. They have attempted to speak to them multiple times, yet there has been no response. The governor also reported that their defense systems were obsolete compared to what the enemy ship was using. Their casualty list had been growing at a consistent rate in the time since they had begun their attack.
                The Captain gave the helmswoman instructions to place the ship on the other side of the planet away from the alien ship. Ops reported that we had not been detected in the meantime if our readings could be trusted, considering that the ship was unknown to us. Conveniently, Lieutenant Morgensen had already apparently covertly ran a full tactical analysis of the ship by the time Captain Shayron had given the crew instructions to keep all deliberations to a minimal so that we do not appear on the enemy ship's sensors or at least appear hostile. He was able to determine the ship's hull composition as well as the shield configuration. I will explain how the Lieutenant's ingenuity had catered to our benefit.
                First I wish to make a note that we had attempted to speak to the enemy ship and forge a diplomatic solution to which we can prevent any further attacks and bloodshed. They did not respond. I was going to suggest we use a pulse with a specific configuration through the main deflector, but Lieutenant Langley also had a promising idea to do something that would ultimately prove effective if permitted and it was by the Captain as well. 
                I had observed that the Captain has a tendency to be open to all my suggestions, however, she tends to favor the entertainment of the junior officers in a possible effort to appeal to their amount of cunning no matter what the level with each individual may be. The Lieutenant had a lot of suggestions, one of which I found to have some promise, even though grandiose in nature. We were pressed for time, however, so the Captain decided to go with them. I, of course, in my capacity as his own direct superior officer, made sure I voiced any concerns, but the Lieutenant assured me that any particular concern I had would be considered in his own actions. I decided ultimately to follow the example presented by Captain Shayron and let the Lieutenant carry out his plan. Fortunately, his instinct was sound during this situation. The enemy ship had been destroyed, especially when we had tried diplomacy, repeatedly. 
                The Captain had ordered rescue and relief teams to be sent immediately as well as alerting Dr. Nightwing to take on any injured individuals on the planet to tend to. I suggested we study the ship that now laid several thousand meters away from our port bow so the Captain had approved my suggestion to send an away team over for analysis with me choosing a small team, no greater than six crew, to ascertain more of what the ship was made of and possibly where it came from. I have chosen two engineers, two security officers, a science officer, and a medical officer. While the majority of the crew is carrying out the relief, along with myself included, the away team is about to proceed towards the enemy ship's wreckage, with the instructions to report anything immediately out of the ordinary to me, otherwise present everything to me in their reports after they return.

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