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The Master (Vulcannis Two Vol. 4)

USS Aldrin Personnel Recordings

by Commander Suavek
[Stardate ]

The Master

By Commander Suavek

              Suavek walked into the cave from the beamdown point when he arrived at Vulcannis Two. It was very quiet. The only illumination were candles that lined the sides of the walls as he progressed down and farther into it. It was a somewhat deep tunnel so he was very aware of how important such seclusion was in a place like this. As he came to the center of the inside of the cave, he came to a room where there was some sort of altar that had a shrine to the IDIC symbol. It was huge and draped in the back in solid but simple colors. He looked around quietly, then stepped closer to examine the shrine.
              "Curious about the shrine to IDIC?" came a voice from nowhere.
              He looked up, then around, wondering where the voice came from. It was feminine and well projected. The tone was also very solid but composed as he would expect. He had to admit, he didn't want to answer at first, but he did nonetheless, "Yes."
              There were two doorways on each side of the shrine. Out of the left doorway came a somewhat elderly Vulcan female, dressed in a minister's robes. She had to have been at least 150 years old. Her gait was so steady and poised, it was almost as if she was floating out towards him, ".... As anyone who ventures to seek its purpose. Certainly the purpose is logic or the pursuit of solidifying one's sense of logic."
              "That is my purpose." Suavek told her.
              "It does not take much deliberation to come to such a conclusion. I am T'Rel. I am a senior minister at this monastery." she said, raising her hand in the traditional Vulcan fashion.
              He raised his hand and returned the gesture, "I am Suavek."
              The lady minister tilted her head after she placed her hand down, "Suavek? Son of Xenak?"
              Suavek nodded, "Yes."
              She paced a little, "I knew your father. He was once a student of mine at a very young age," she looked to Suavek who seemed to give her some sort of fascinated expression, "He held a very passionate nature. His father told me it was one of the most intense of inner passions he had ever witnessed within an individual. After spending two years with me, I had determined he had finally re-asserted his sense of logic. He told me he had found his purpose. However, it was not with our people, but with Starfleet. Does your father fare prosperously?"
              He exhaled deeply but quietly and shook his head, "He does not. He was killed in an attack on Vulcan by two Tellarites, three days ago."
              The Vulcan Minister raised her eyebrow, then also exhaled deeply, but quietly, "That is unfortunate, as well as odd, considering there has not been a murder of any sort that has been reported on Vulcan for centuries."
              "Suavek, if may conduct a mode of supposition. Your arrival has something to do with your father's recent death?"
              He paused for a moment and without looking, he gave her her answer, "I do not know...."
              She tilted her head, "Curious...."
              "I..... My father and I never... corresponded much, and whenever we did, it was not a peaceful conversation. When he and I would meld while I was a child, the end results would always be antagonistic in nature. He never approved of me or my accomplishments. However, when I heard about my father's death, though I was composed at first, shortly after, I seemed to have begun to lose my sense of emotional control. I did not cause any problems that were catastrophic as a result, but I felt it the logical course of action to temporarily resign from Starfleet and retreat to a place where I can somehow regain it."
              "I see...." the Minister commented, "You have come to the correct place," she walked up to him and came face to face with him, "Before I proceed, I must have your thoughts," she saw him nod to her, then she put her hand on the side of his face and closed her eyes, "Our thoughts... one in the same. Together...." After several seconds, she opened her eyes and took her hand off his face, then put her hands back together and nodded, "Much of your father's characteristics I can see within you, Suavek....." she paused for a moment, giving him a narrow-eyed stare, ".... I will accept you. With my teachings, you will eventually re-establish your grasp on logic. It will be tedious, but I have no doubt you will commit yourself fully to the journey."
              Suavek nodded, "I understand."
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