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  Captain Mardel Shayron, SD
Captain's Log

Captain’s Log
Stardate: 201809.12

Well, today my new ship arrived: The USS Aldrin. It looked magnificent as the skeleton crew delivered her to the starbase. I was the first one on board and looked it over from top to bottom and back to the top. It not only looked amazing, it was amazing. I am very excited to be captaining this fabulous ship.
My new executive officer arrived. He’s very….enthusiastic about following each and every protocol. He actually made me rather nervous standing at attention and hovering over me. It reminded me of my first posting, I couldn’t even look my captain in the face and I was still blushing bright green and tripping over my feet. I don’t know how many times I was reprimanded for forgetting my shoes. Shoes are so confining. I’m better at it now, for the most part.
The other officers were checking in, making sure everything was how it was supposed to be. Then we got a call from the starbase. Ceti Delta III needed assistance immediately as they were under attack; our first mission as a new ship and crew. What a way to begin our service together. We left instantly; I’m hoping that we get a little more information sent to us before we arrive. I don’t like going into anything blind.
Our projected arrival at Ceti Delta III is twelve hours from now. I’m hoping the rest of the crew will show up via shuttle when we are there. This should be interesting to see how we all gel together.

Captain Out

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