USF Personal Log
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201009.10 PL-Lt(jg) C.J. Langley [CENG]

USS Aldrin Personnel Recordings

by Lieutenant Junior Grade Cameron Langley
[Stardate ]


Lt(jg) Cameron Jamieson Langley

USS Aldrin

Personal Log


The doors parted with a barely heard whoosh of air. At first glance the quarters appeared much more than adequate.  The wall and floor coverings had that sheen of newness and the air had the faint scent of what engineers called Airwick, which was a throwback to a centuries old air fresher product.  Langley stepped into his new quarters and smiled.  These digs were awesome; they were in fact bigger than his private quarters on the Arizona.  Being CENG has its perks.  Grabbing his duffel that had been delivered from the transport, C.J. headed for the bedroom alcove.  First, he hung his uniforms up and his two casual shirts and his favorite pair of trousers.  C.J. was rarely seen out of uniform.  Tees, boxers and socks filled one of the four built in drawers.  C.J. traveled light. Besides, that’s what replicators were for anyway.  With a grin and a satisfied nod, C.J. checked himself in the mirror and smoothed down his often-troublesome cowlick. A quick tug on the uniform tunic and he was ready to head back to Main Engineering.  He could hardly wait.


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