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Decision To Make (Starbase 561 Part 2)

USS Aldrin Personnel Recordings

by Commander Suavek
[Stardate ]

Decision To Make

By Commander Suavek

             Starbase 561 was a square-shaped starbase that was in the middle of space. It wasn't orbiting any planets but had multiple docks throughout it where starships were getting serviced. When the Odyssey docked, he bid farewell to Captain Markson then disembarked. He walked in to the main habitat level where there was a plethora of activity with people from different species going about their business throughout the place. He knew his meeting with Admiral Vokaren was in ten minutes so he made his way there in true Vulcan-like haste.
             When he arrived at the door, he tapped the door chime that was under the little sign that said, "Rear Admiral Mya Vokaren, CO". In a moment, the doors opened. He entered and walked into the office which was not huge by his experience, but it was definitely in a place where there was a sufficient vantage point where she could see a huge chunk of activity outside the starbase. The Admiral was a Kobliad female, athletic in build and almost as tall as Suavek. She had her hair in a ponytail and had a very almost regal presence about herself with a steady face.
             He stood at the other end of her desk, then went to attention, "Commander Suavek, reporting as ordered, Admiral."
             The Admiral was standing at her window when he walked in. After he said his address, she turned around, arms folded, then nodded to him, still not changing her expression a bit, "At ease. Please, have a seat, Commander," when she saw Suavek sit down, she took a seat as well across from him and folded her hands, "First I'd like to welcome you to my starbase."
             "Thank you."
             "I am fully aware of the Vulcan discord for pleasantries, so I'll get to the point. I spoke to the primary flag officers within the admiralty today before your arrival and usually I ask them to tell me a little about you before I give out things like assignments. Your records is pretty impressive, I must say."
             "I appreciate the kind words, Admiral."
             She nodded slowly in return, then activated her computer console and read a few things on it, then looked back to Suavek, "In fact.... They've told me they want to offer you a new posting. They're making the last additions to the new Outpost LX-9 in sector 1394. She needs a new Captain."
             He tilted his head for a moment, "If memory serves, sector 1394 is close to the Rin-Tetrati Expanse."
             "That's right. You will be responsible for all the traffic that goes in and out of that sector and you'll have a science team that can properly study that expanse as what we have on it is so little and the neighboring systems either have uninterested inhabitants or inhabitants who don't have the technological capability to study it. This outpost will be fully-equipped with all the latest tech Starfleet science can get and you'll be in command of some of the highest rated Starfleet scientists there are."
             He tilted his head to the other side, "This is a most appealing offer."
             "It is. It's not every day we get this kind of deal for an officer straight out of his first tour of duty as an XO. Not that you don't qualify but usually we in the flag ranks prefer our command level officers get more seasoning if you pardon the Earth expression, before we find them suitable for such a commendation, regardless of who they may be."
             Suavek nodded, then took a moment again to think about it. Then he started thinking back to the conversation that he and Captain Xiaoyen just had some time earlier that day. He analyzed all the possibilities as well as the risks and benefits of taking a promotion to Captain and handling a Starbase of some kind. However, if he were to stay in the XO's chair somewhere on a starship, he would not only be exploring space like he mostly has until this point, but he would also be honoring a concern of Captain Xiaoyen's, who he also regards as a friend as well as a former officer he regards honorably. 
             The Kobliad admiral leaned forward with a curious expression on her face, "Commander?"
             He looked to her with his full attention again, "I must.... respectfully decline, Admiral."
             She leaned back into her chair with a surprisingly not surprised look on her face, "Oh?"
             "Though I appreciate the faith you and the rest of the Admiralty who have found it within their experience and good intents to don upon me such a prestigious posting offer, I believe the logical course of action to take with the direction of my career is to perpetuate what you have told me about the generality of those in my position. It would be more prudent for me to take a posting as a first officer elsewhere and gain more experience in the meantime."
             The Admiral didn't look amused, but she broke out in a light smirk, and leaned forward again, "Very well," she reached into a drawer to her right and took out a PADD, "I was told you might decline. So here is your alternate assignment."
             Suavek took the PADD from her and started to read it, "First officer of the USS Aldrin."
             Vokaren nodded, "Yes. Captain Shayron will be arriving here not too long from now. Upon her arrival, you will meet with her and she should have your first assignment."
             "I understand."
             "I believe I have covered everything. Do you have any questions, Commander?"
             "No, ma'am."
             Vokaren nodded, "Very well then. Good luck, Commander. Dismissed."

THE END (To Be Continued in Sim)
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