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  Lieutenant Magnus Morgensen, SD
DL Lieutenant Morgensen "This Isn't How I Left It..." Part Two
"This Isn't How I Left It..." Part Two
DL: Lieutenant Magnus Morgensen, Acting Chief Sec/Tac
SD: 201808.13

It had been an hour since he was beamed aboard the Hephaestus, and Magnus had mostly recovered from his injuries.  A few broken ribs, again, and a fractured tibia from colliding with the bulkhead, as well as a concussion.  Nothing too out of the usual for him, it would seem.  Still, he was concerned about the well-being of the rest of his crew, and that of the Ares crew as well.  Having finally been cleared medically, though restricted from any strenuous activities, Morgensen made his way through the familiar corridors of the Hephaestus and into the turbolift.  "Bridge..."  The computer still recognized his voice, it seemed, and the lift began to move.  It had only been a few months since he had last been aboard, and only a single rank different.  When he arrived, he stepped out and immediately straightened.  His former Captain was no longer in command, and the person who replaced him was someone he had only heard hearsay about.  He was about to speak, only to be interrupted by the Captain herself.  "You want to know where the rest of your crew, and the crew of the Ares is currently, is that correct, Lieutenant?  We haven't gotten an accurate report on injuries.  Many are still being treated, but do not worry.  We aren't far from Starbase 561.  In fact, we should be arriving shortly..."

The Captain of the Hephaestus was strikingly young to be a Captain, dark-skinned, petite... yet she had this undeniable presence.  An unmistaken aura that just projected a vulgar identity... as though she thought she knew everything about everything, and that she was always right...  Unfortunately, in this case, she was.  Morgensen adjusted himself gently, and stepped further onto the Bridge, leaning upon the railing between the Tactical and Science consoles, staring at the viewscreen as the Starbase, and the rest of the Fleet, was brought on-screen, but he couldn't help but to lower his head.  "... I need to find Fleet Captain Na'al... I have to report to my Commanding Officer."  "In due time, Lieutenant... would it not be better to report in person?"  Magnus could barely resist the urge to shout, or speak out against this prudish behavior, and he merely tightened his grip on the railing, turning swiftly and leaving the Bridge from the same turbolift he took to enter... but he knew not where to go.  Sitting down and leaning his head back, he felt alone, shrouded in doubt, anger, and sorrow... emotions he had already faced once with the Aldrin's crew...
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